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Are you Shape Shifter, Vampire or Human?
Are you thirsty (black eyes), Ready for another human (red eyes), Or Satisfied (golden eyes)?
I wanna another MAN :D
Who were you turned by? If you are a vampire...
Dont wanna be a vampire, honeeyy LOL But likely, I'd be like Rosalie. I'd hate be a vampire and never change.
What book are you on? Or are you done with the series?
Are you a fan of the movie? why or why not? How many times have you seen it?
Yes! Sure. I'm a big big fan. Because is... amazing! I can't to explain my love for thi saga. I don't now how many times I seen the movies.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? and why?
I have no Team, I love they both!

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At 11:30am on January 17, 2011, Joesy said…
Aww okey I´m sorry :( No he wasn´t then ^^ HAHAHA Yeah maybe he does HAHA LOL xD a long time ago I actually liked someone who was younger than me D: One year, but still D: But I agree, Love is blind xD


No, just "fallen angel", but maybe I should read fallen then! :D


Love talking to you toooo!!!!!! <3


Btw, have I said that I love that we have eachother on facebook? xD

At 11:30am on January 17, 2011, Joesy said…

Hiiiiiiii!!! <3


Sorry for answering so late, tf wasn´t really nice on me some time xD But now it is! lol ;D


Hahaha nooo problem hun ^^


Hahaha yeah I can understand that xD though everything is good now ;D We know who we are! LOL xD So you like having a page I guess? haha ;D Oooh that sucks :( Homework is s*** isn´t it? HATE IT. It only exists to destory your free time xD


Haha awwwww hunnie thank you ^^ <3 But you´re not alone :O When I could see pictures of you I was like OMG!! YOU´RE SO PRETTY AND BEAUTIFUL!!!! <3 Your skin is absolutely stunning, can you please give me? Haha ;D ^^


Hahaha yeees please ;D


HAHA that wasn´t my purpose!! promise xD Don´t you have an age limit or something? Or can you drink anyway xD  LOL ;D almost everyone drinks in my age in my school but I don´t ;) Do you think everything is funnier when you have drink something? LOL that would be funny xD


I HAVE NO IDEA!! LOL xD I don´t know if it´s right beacuse I don´t know what they say xD Gaah let´s leave it xD Doesn´t matter ;D Was just curius ^^ But thanks anyway ;D


LOOOL Maybe not xD Hmm... How do you say what the f*** in swedish... we actually say "what the f*** in english" xD But you could say; "Vad fan!" xD How do you say it Italian? LOL xD

Gosh, It´s so hard to try to teach å ä and ö xD The exercise I invented didn´t work as well as I´d thought, I tried it on my dad... I FAILED xD Maybe you can find some youtube video? I can send it If I would find one ;D


Hahaha hope you think they´re good xD  


At 9:46am on January 10, 2011, Kaname Kuran said…
Hey girl!  How are you ?  How's everything over there in Italy?  Still hopes and plans on traveling to Baltimore for school?   Let me hear from you, please.  It's been too long.  *smiles*
At 5:04am on January 10, 2011, Joesy said…

Haha I´m just saying bye here!! ;D


Yeah now we can talk on two places!!! :D


Sorry again for that!! <3


Byyye hunny kisses and hugs!!! Miss you, hope to hear from you soon,

Love ya!!


At 5:02am on January 10, 2011, Joesy said…

Continued... xD


OMG that would be awsome!!! :D I have my own italian teacher!! *CLAPPS HANDS* :D Yes ofc I can teach you sweden, but I don´t know how good teacher I am though! xD How should ve do? Write some sentences every time? That would be so fun!! Oooh I´m excited ^^ LOL xD

Hmm, when you sai "I´m good" you mean like if you feel fine, you say "I´m good" but if you feel bad you say "I´m bad" kinda. So you´re talking about how you feel anyway, when you say that right? Så maybe the right thing to say would be:

I´m good= Jag mår bra

I´m bad= Jag mår dåligt (or maybe) Jag mår inte bra

Haha okay I hoped that made any sense xD

oh god you don´t have to apologize!! xD hun <3

If you want I can maybe learn you at least one of the three letters (you don´t have right?) Å Ä Ö

I made up a little excercise how to make the sound of a Å! I just made it up right might now even work xD Beacuse I don´t know AT ALL how you pronounce Italian words and letters! xD

And I´m bad in general at say things in other languages :S I try to learn french in school but it doesn´t go that well xD


Hahaha LOL I have absolutely no idea wich book that is xD I don´t read much books of swedish authors, they aren´t that good really... They write so tragic things!! Have no idea why xD


HAHAHA OMG THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO FUNNY!!!!! xD Bad for you though but imagine the face!! LOL xD

HAHA I don´t doubt that!! LOL xD just kidding!! ....kinda.... xD


What!? He diiid? D: How much older was he? So sorry hun <3 Haha that´s good!! GO GIRL POWER!! xD




HAHA yeah okey well, I got some "beauty things" like nailpolish, hairthings etc. xD

ooooh I´m jealous!! Clothes from Milano *SIGH* Haha xD Oh I got a book too! "Fallen angel", It was really good! :D 




At 4:50am on January 10, 2011, Joesy said…

Hahaha noooooo!! That´s so horrible!!! D: I copy all the time too when I´ve wrote something long beacuse I accedently made it go away once.... And that was really, really annoying... xD LOL

So I know the feeling believe me! Don´t kill tf, I don´t want you to go to jaiL!! xD

I miss you too!! It´s freakkin amazing that we´re friends on facebook!! :D

And I´m so so sorry that I didn´t tell you it was me, I didn´t think about it!! You have to belive me!! After a few comments I realized that you possibly didn´t know it was me, and I felt pretty stupid for not telling you, but better late then ever right? LOL xD You know, when you recognize a person, or just someone you don´t think about that that person might don´t know it´s you, you know? Or maybe that´s just me LOL xD Well, if you did understand anything of what I´ve just said I´m glad but I understand if you don´t xD Never been good at explaining things HAHA xD So at last, I´m sorry <3 You should be really proud over your page it´s wonderful! ^^ <3

Oh, I just have to say!! Please don´t be scared of me for the pictures on my site!!! xD I have this thing that every time someone holds a camera at my face I can´t resist making a face! It´s so annoying!! LOL xD


Hahaha I understand, good that you had a good christmas though!! xD

OMG the food you ate at new years looks delicious...... O.O Send me? LOL xD

OMG do you drink? :O When did you start doing that? Hahaha glad you had fun!! xD


HAHAHA that would be hilarious if it wasn´t Italian!! xD It´s in new moon! right after she said "you don´t know a thing about his soul" well I don´t know if that´s exactly what she says in the Italian version but hopefully pretty similar xD

At 3:42pm on January 06, 2011, Joesy gave Stewie . a gift
Love ya hun!!!
At 3:31pm on January 6, 2011, Joesy said…

the third comment! LOL xD


Haha aww I love our comments too!!! I love to read them makes my day ^^ <3


Aww I´m glad you feel that way, I feel I can talk about anything with you too!! <3


My sweet KStew, I hope you had a great Christmas, tell me all about it!! <3

I´d like to hear about your family, do you have any siblings? ^^


I wish you a great 2011!!!


Love you, hope to hear from you soon <3


Baiiiiiii sweetie!! <3<3<3

At 3:28pm on January 6, 2011, Joesy said…

Hahaha that was kinda funny xD We had written to much!! LOL! xD


Yes, I have read Bree Tanner! I got it right after it was out! :D IT IS AWSOME! Love that you get another percpective!! Especially of the last "scene" with the "connection" between Edward and her, it got the scene so much more depth! :D But halfway through the book I was very sad when I realized I knew how the book would end... I cried! It was horrible loved Bree <3


Okay I can go on for that forever, book talk you know xD Sorry for the order of things btw! xD


HAHAHA you´re too funny LOL xD she did??? draw you a porn picture?? OMG HAHA xD Did you enjoyed it? LOL xD No, no please continue! Hahaha xD


Noo! What bastards!! I H.A.T.E. Rasist too! -.- Don´t get it.. We watched a movie in school, "Walking with cavemen", wich was about the human evolution, and they explaned that when humans got to the cold part of the world their skin paled (but they all had dark skin at first!) beacuse they needed to get more of the sun, and dark skin protects us from it. (I think I got the information right there!) So it´s like... just stupid of them to say that... We´re all humans, the skin colour doesn´t make us different in that perspective!! God it´s JUST SKINCOLOUR!!! God, sorry I just get so mad!!!! -.- Haha so no I´m not racist! xD I can assure you! ;D


HAhaha lol I think I really want to meet and Italien guy some they, I like guys with humour! ;D

Haha Taylor is hooooot!! Though Rob is hotter! Sorry ;D <3


Oh, why didn´t anything happen between you? If you don´t want to talk about just ignore that question lol! <3 I really like a guy now... Not sure if he likes me though... *SIGH* boys, they are weird things, aren´t they? LOL xD


Haha woopsie to much again! xD






At 3:10pm on January 6, 2011, Joesy said…

Hiiii Hunny! Oh my god you are godess to write long and funny comments! Love it! <3

Sorry it took such a long time I´m answering, but in the Christmas time I was so busy and everything and now I have spend time with my family that has been visiting! My two older brothers are 26 and 24 years old so the don´t live at home anyomore, you gotta appreciate the time you have with them ^^ And my oldest brothers fiancé wich I´ve practically grew up with is like my sister, it´s so great when they can visit :D LOL much talking about that, xD but I really agree with you, family is the most important thing, I´m really close to my family, especially my mom and my dad too <3 My brothers is so much older I actually don´t think of them as brothers in a way sometimes, when I was about nine or something I remember I accidently called the oldest one, "dad" xD

Hahah kinda embarassing actually LOL xD 


No, it´s not that line.. I can´t say what he says... I don´t know how it spells it would look stupid if I tried to write it LOL haha xD I´s right after Bella have said "you don´t know a thing about his soul" :D Hahaha, well then you are kinda powerful my lady ;D <3 I love Italian it´s so beautiful <3 Though, I actually can´t a SINGLE WORD! xD I might ask some more things some time! :D If it doesn´t bother you, I don´t want to be a pain xD

Haha yes you are! Nooooo kiddiiiiing!! xD (kinda.. LOL xD) 


Aww thanks hunny, My Christmas was wonderful ^^ <3 How was yours? What did you get?

I´d love to hear something about your family! :D <3


Oh, Now I too have to write in another comment! LOL xD





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