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I finally understand what true love means. It means that you care for another person's happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be.


Name: Damon Salvatore

Nickname: None

Birthday: Some time during the 15th century

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black, straight

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Astrological Sign: Unknown

Relationships: Katherine Von Swartzchild

Parents: Giuseppe, Conte di Salvatore, mother unknown

Siblings: Stefan Salvatore, Narcisa Salvatore, And Annabell Salvatore

Powers: Crow form, wolf form, weather manipulation, mind manipulation

I am approximately 170 years old, and i have anItalian descent and is originally from Mystic Falls. It seems to have been a while since his last visit to the town. Giuseppe Salvatore, a widower, was always disapproving of his eldest son and was a vampire hunter.

I began hating my brother after Stefan talked about having sympathy for vampires with his father. It was then that Giuseppe realized Katherine must be a vampire. When Katherine drank Stefan's vervain-laced blood (after Giuseppe spiked Stefan's drink), she was captured by the townspeople. Damon blamed Stefan and never forgave him for it until Stefan told him he needed his help rescuing Elena after she was kidnapped by Anna. However, deep down, it's likely that he still loves his younger brother but has a hard time showing it as their attraction to Katherine got in the way.
At the start of the season, his personality is the polar opposite of his brother Stefan Salvatore, coming across as arrogant and selfish. He is said to possess sociopathic tendencies, being absolutely charming one minute and extremely dangerous the next, showing no remorse for the killings he has committed. He enjoys toying with people and causing grief to those around him (most of all Stefan) and, unlike his brother, he is very powerful and usually gets what he wants. It's possible that he learned to behave this way from Katherine.

However, as the episodes play out, we see that what Damon is really longing for is acceptance, which is something he never really saw during his years as a human. Having been on his own for the past 145 years, he has become very isolated and lonely, using a dark sense of humor to compensate for this. After he threatens to turn Elena in 'Children of the Damned', he refers to her as 'our girlfriend' in front of Stefan, which is a possible indication that he has some type of feelings for her.

There is further evidence of this in the episode 'Isobel' when he goes to visit Isobel and threatens her to stay away from Elena. Isobel later reveals to her daughter that he's in love with her. In the season finale, 'Founder's Day', Damon is captured along with Anna, Mayor Lockwood, and many of the tomb vampires, due to being exposed as a vampire by Johnathan Gilbert's device. Weakened by a vervain injection and placed in the basement of Grayson Gilbert's old business headquarters, he watches as John Gilbert kills Anna by staking her. After being rescued from the burning building by Stefan, Damon tells Jeremy that Anna is dead and says he wanted to save her. He also apologizes for what he did to Vicki, admitting that it was wrong. Jeremy tells him that Anna said that vampires can turn off their emotions in order to block out pain. Damon says it's true, telling him that life isn't any easier as a vampire - it sucks no matter what. He admits that he shut off his emotions for a very long time and life was a lot easier for him.

Later, as he's leaving the Gilbert house when "Elena" returns home, he admits to her that he came to the town wanting to destroy it but actually found himself wanting to protect it after everything that happened at the Founder's Day celebrations. He further explains that he's not a hero and doesn't do "good", saying it's not in him. It's reserved for Stefan, Elena herself and Bonnie. Bonnie helped Stefan rescue him as Elena wanted it, which means that she decided he was worth saving and thanks her. He kisses her cheek and then they kiss passionately before Jenna opens the door. They stop suddenly and Jenna tells "Elena" to come inside, as she casts a look at Damon. Once inside, Jenna asks her niece what she's doing and "Elena" says she doesn't want to talk about it. Outside, Damon looks at the door and touches his lips before leaving. However, it is revealed at the end of the episode that he actually kissed Katherine as the real Elena arrives home, telling Stefan that someone took her belongings from the school.

In the premiere episode, 'The Return', Damon finds Elena at the hospital and says that they should talk about what happened between them at the Gilbert house. It is only when Jenna shows up and tells Elena what she was doing that Damon figures out that Katherine is back in town. He feels hurt that he was duped and Elena later asks him why he would think that she would kiss him back. Much like with Elena, he is later rejected by Katherine in favor of Stefan. In a moment of rage, he tries to kill Jeremy, the attempt thankfully thwarted by John Gilbert's ring.

In the following episode, he visits Carol Lockwood and she offers him the position of the new head of the Founders Council, which he accepts. He later finds Jeremy at the school carnival and threatens him once Jeremy tells him he could very easily expose Damon as a vampire to the town. Caroline also shows up and tells Damon that she remembers what he did to her, which alerts him to the fact that she is now a vampire. She delivers a message from Katherine before pushing him away. He later tries to stake her but Elena intervenes, stopping Bonnie when she sets him on fire. Further into the episode, Damon finds Jeremy at the boarding house. Jeremy says he was going to stake Damon and laced his drink with vervain. By talking to each other, they find that they share something in common - both of them had fathers who hated vampires.

Even though he saves her by taking an arrow in the back in 'Bad Moon Rising', Elena continues to give him the cold shoulder but he gives her the information she's looking for. He eventually comes clean about what he did to Jeremy - he did not see the ring. She thanks him for being honest and tells him that he has lost her as a friend. Feeling used, he tells her that she has a lot more in common with Katherine than just their appearance.

After Stefan and Elena fake their break up in 'Memory Lane', he eventually cops on that it was indeed fake and reminds Stefan that they don't usually fight - at least not over him. He also tries to expose Mason as a werewolf but fails. In 'Kill Or Be Killed', he is poisoned by ingesting vervain mixed with lemonade, planted by Mason, and he and Stefan are shot by Sheriff Forbes and her deputies before being placed in the old slave quarters on the Lockwood estate. They survive after Caroline and Elena rescue them. In 'Plan B', with help from Bonnie, he captures Mason and takes him back to the boarding house where he tortures him with a fire poker and wolfsbane as he wants to know what Katherine is up to and eventually kills him by ripping his heart out. In 'Masquerade', he helps Stefan to apprehend Katherine and later seals her in the tomb, saying it's where she should have been all along.

Damon has a very complicated relationship with his brother. There is an implication that the pair of them got along alright in the past, but it seems that something - possibly Katherine - came between the pair. Stefan seems not to like Damon, while Damon in turn promised Stefan an 'eternity of misery'.[6] However, Damon also seems determined to bring out Stefan's darker side, possibly in an attempt to get his brother back.[7] In 'Fool Me Once', Stefan revealed that he knew why Damon hated him so much - it was because of him (Stefan) that Katherine was taken away, leaving Damon devastated. He apologised and Damon accepted his apology.

After Stefan is kidnapped by the tomb vampires in 'Let the Right One In', he puts aside his hatred of his brother for Elena's sake and they manage to rescue him only for him to become hooked on human blood again. In the episode 'Blood Brothers', after Stefan became a vampire he brought his weakening brother a young girl and urged him to drink from her. Initially reluctant to do so, he gave in and completed his transformation by drinking from her. Later on, he revealed to Stefan that he wished his younger brother had died as he wanted Katherine all to himself. In the episode 'Isobel', he confronts his older brother about Isobel's revelation that Damon is in love with Elena and tells him that history won't be repeating itself but Damon says that once he tells Elena the truth, he's there for her if she needs someone to talk to.

In the season finale, 'Founder's Day', he tells Stefan that the latter is probably worried as now that Katherine is out of the picture, Damon will go for Elena, but he says that Elena isn't Katherine. After Stefan rescues Damon from Grayson's building, Damon goes to visit Jeremy rather than be in his brother's presence and most likely without having thanked him for saving his life, which Stefan says is what he expected to happen.

In 'The Return', Damon reveals that he kissed Elena, even though it was really Katherine, and this angers Stefan. However, he tells his older brother that he won't fight him and that they have to stand united against Katherine. Over the next few episodes they appear to be very civil to each other, which has not happened for a long time. In 'Masquerade', they join forces to bring Katherine down. In the following episode, 'Rose', he joins forces with Stefan to rescue Elena, who is being held captive by Elijah, Rose and Trevor. Stefan later apologises for forcing him to turn, admitting that he didn't want to be alone when he turned.

In the episode 'Children of the Damned', through a series of flashbacks, there is a view of the relationship between Giuseppe and his elder son. Their relationship appears strained, as Giuseppe expresses his displeasure that Damon deserted the Confederate Army, but Stefan comes to his brother's defence, saying it was his choice. Giuseppe says they live in dangerous times and Damon gets him to admit that he's referring to the vampires. When Katherine is being taken away after ingesting the vervain that was in Stefan's blood, Damon tries to stop them and Giuseppe says that Katherine would have turned him. Damon admits that she should have turned him, possibly meaning that he would be free of his father's continous criticism of him.

Elena is the spitting image of a girl named Katherine that the brothers used to know.[8] Damon seems interested in her, both because of her resemblance to Katherine and because it angers his brother. When Elena is involved in a car crash, he saves her and after a trip to Georgia he starts to bond with her. However, when Damon gets doublecrossed by both Elena and Stefan, he forces her to drink his blood and threatens to change her into a vampire to cause Stefan even more emotional pain. In 'A Few Good Men', he tells Alaric at the bachelor raffle that he met Elena's birth mother in North Carolina two years previously and Elena believes he was the one who killed her, which has caused her to hate him. However, in 'Let the Right One In', they team up together to rescue Stefan when he is kidnapped and being tortured and she turns to him for advice in 'Under Control' when she worries about Stefan's behaviour. In 'Miss Mystic Falls', Damon tells her that Stefan is drinking human blood again and when he disappears, Damon fills in for him by dancing with her. They manage to apprehend Stefan later on and lock him in the basement dungeon. In the episode 'Isobel' he warns Isobel to stay away from Elena and she later reveals to her daughter that he is in love with her but Damon admits to Stefan that he considers Elena the only friend he really has and once Stefan tells her the truth about her father, she can come and talk to him if she needs to.

In the season finale, 'Founder's Day', he confesses his feelings to her and even kisses her passionately but it is revealed by the end of the episode that he has actually kissed Katherine.

In the Season 2 premiere, 'The Return', he confronts her about their feelings for one another but when he tries to kiss her, she tells him that she will always love Stefan. Having also been rejected by Katherine earlier, he attacks Jeremy, apparently killing him before leaving Elena crying on the bedroom floor. When he tries to stake Caroline in the following episode, she intervenes as Caroline is her friend. In 'Bad Moon Rising', she continues to give him to cold shoulder while they are at Duke with Alaric but Damon gives her the information she has been looking for, while asking if they are still friends. He later admits that he did not see the ring on Jeremy's finger and she thanks him for being honest, but says that he has lost her as a friend. Feeling used, he tells her that she has a lot more in common with Katherine than just their appearance. In 'Masquerade', as he is sealing Katherine in the tomb, she tells him that Elena's in danger and he says that he will protect her. In 'Rose', he teams up with Stefan to rescue Elena and later visits her in her bedroom, where he returns her necklace and declares his love for her, but says he doesn't deserve her and compels her to forget what he said, before he leaves.

Katherine is a girl Stefan and Damon both knew in the past. The subject of her seems to be a very sore point between the brothers. In 'Lost Girls' it is revealed that she was responsible for starting the brothers' transformation into vampires (completed when they were shot trying to rescue her from the tomb) as she was one herself. In 'History Repeating', Damon maintains that he was never compelled by Katherine and he knew everything. In 'Fool Me Once', after failing to find her in the tomb Anna tells him that Katherine never loved him, which leaves him devastated. It's possible that Katherine had an effect on his personality, as they are both very alike. When he shows up at Isobel's house in the episode 'Isobel' he orders her to stay away from Elena and says that if Katherine wants the device she's to come and get it herself. He refers to her as a b****, which means his loyalty no longer lies with her but with Elena.

In the Season 1 finale 'Founder's Day', he meets 'Elena' as she arrives home when he's leaving the Gilbert house. He says that he doesn't do good and actually found himself wanting to protect the town from danger, after initially wanting to destroy it. When both Bonnie and Stefan managed to rescue him from the burning building, he tells 'Elena' that she decided he was worth saving and thanks her. He kisses her on the cheek and then they kiss passionately, before being interrupted by Jenna. Once 'Elena' is in the house, Damon looks at the door and touches his mouth before leaving. By the end of the episode, it is revealed that the person who walked into the house was, in fact, Katherine and she was the one who Damon had thought was Elena.

In the Season 2 premiere, 'The Return', Katherine goes to see him at the boarding house and seduces him, before he asks her for the truth. She reveals that she never loved him and that it was always Stefan, which leaves him devastated. In 'Masquerade', after Katherine collapses from the effects of the moonstone she is placed in the tomb and Damon confronts her, before she reveals that Elena is in danger and needs to be protected. Damon believes she's lying and locks her inside before walking away.

Damon has shown an interest in Caroline, initially playing hard to get, and then picking her up after the town's Night of the Comet Festival. While they do become intimate, it seems that Damon is primarily using her as a snack and to insinuate himself into Elena's life and to annoy Stefan. Even after he attacks her towards the end of 'Family Ties', it is shown in the following episode 'You're Undead to Me' that he can still control her mind as he leads her to the Boarding House to help him get out of the dungeon. In '162 Candles', he compels her again to organise a party for Stefan at the Mystic Grill and tells her to get his crystal back from Bonnie. When she fails to do so, he insults her and even labels her 'shallow'. She hands over the vampire compass in 'The Turning Point' when he goes on the hunt for the mystery vampire, who turns out to be Logan Fell. In 'Unpleasantville', she tells him to back off when he asks Bonnie and her for a dance at the school's 'Decade Dance'.

In the Season 2 premiere, 'The Return', he feeds her his blood to help her recover from the car accident and realises she's a vampire when she confronts him in the following episode, 'Brave New World'. She says she remembers what he did to her and then pushes him away as he attempts to grab her. He later tries to stake her but is stopped by Elena.

In 'Kill Or Be Killed' he appears to stick up for her after Sheriff Forbes is locked in the basement dungeon. Now that she knows her daughter is a vampire, she says she's no longer her daughter and Damon says she doesn't know how wrong she is about that.

Vicki is one of the few people to have survived an attack by Damon. He leaves her alive after attacking her in the woods,[9] though toys with her memories afterwards as a way to torment Stefan. When this fails, he wipes her memories of both that event and his attack on her, leaving her relatively unscathed.[10] However, after prolonged starvation, Vicki is unfortunate enough to be the first human he comes across after his escape, and he attacks her again. Vicki proves to be quite stubborn, and determined to cling to life, so Damon takes her back to the boarding house with him. Stuck in the boarding house during daylight hours because he doesn't have his ring, he decides to feed her some of his blood in order to help her heal so that he can pass the time having some fun with her. The pair seem to get along and certainly have fun, and Vicki proves to find the high from Damon's blood as addictive as drugs. During their time together Vicki reveals a lot of her woes and insecurities to him, which he seems to listen to and (uncharacteristically) doesn't try to shut her up while she expresses her troubles. He decides that the best thing for solving her poor self esteem issues would be for her to become a vampire, whereupon he snaps her neck, triggering the beginning of the transformation.[11]

In the Season 1 finale, Stefan tells Jeremy that both he and Damon were involved in her death and Damon later apologises to him, admitting that what he did to her was wrong.

The first time we see them come in contact with each other is in the episode 'Haunted'. After Stefan stakes Vicki, Elena asks Damon to erase Jeremy's memory, so he won't be suffering anymore. In 'Children of the Damned', he and Damon seem to get along over a video game and talk about Anna, with Damon declaring that 'Hot trumps weird'. In the season finale, after Damon attempts to get Jeremy to back off from Elena, Stefan admits that Damon turned Vicki and he staked her. Jeremy says that Damon shouldn't have made him forget. Towards the end of the episode, Damon goes to see Jeremy in order to tell him about Anna and to apologise about what he did to Vicki. When Jeremy asks if life is easier if someone is a vampire, Damon tells him that life sucks either way.

In the Season 2 premiere, 'The Return', Damon is rejected by both Katherine and Elena in favour of Stefan and when Jeremy tries to intervene after Damon forcefully kisses Elena, Damon remembers that he wanted to be a vampire and snaps his neck, leaving Elena sobbing over his body. Fortunately, he's wearing John Gilbert's ring, which brings him back to life. In the following episode, Damon finds him at the carnival and when Jeremy says he could expose him, he uses the ring as a way of threatening him. Later, Jeremy goes to the boarding house but instead of killing Damon, he finds that they share something in common - both of them had fathers who hated vampires.

In 'Plan B', he goes to see Damon with information relating to Mason and the moonstone. Damon is at first reluctant to get him involved but he insists that he can help. As Damon is later torturing a chained-up Mason for information, Jeremy informs him that he's found a plant commonly known as wolfsbane, which has toxic properties. Damon uses it to further torture Mason and Jeremy later tries to intervene but Damon grabs his neck, saying he'll be dead if he lets him get away with what he's done.

In 'Bloodlines', Alaric sees Damon for the first time when the latter sits down near him in the Mystic Grill. In a flashback, Alaric arrives home one night to find Damon feeding on his wife and decides to find out more about him. They talk to each other for the first time at the 'Decade Dance' in 'Unpleasantville' and Alaric asks some pretty intrusive questions, which makes Damon suspicious. Damon later tries to compel him after he has witnessed Noah's attack in the cafeteria, but unknown to Damon, it has failed as Alaric was holding some vervain in his hand.

In 'A Few Good Men', they meet again at the Mystic Grill and Damon grows even more suspicious of him. He asks Sheriff Forbes to dig up some information and before the Bachelor Auction, she gives him the information he wants - Alaric had a wife named Isobel, who went missing two years previously. Damon uses this to his advantage and during the auction, he reveals to Alaric (and the whole audience) that he met Isobel in North Carolina and describes her as 'delicious'. After the auction, Alaric confronts Damon in the boarding house library and a fight ensues with Damon admitting that Isobel came to him wanting to be turned. Alaric charges at him but ends up with his own stake lodged in one of his lungs. Damon tells Stefan that he was using self-denfence and after he leaves, Alaric comes back to life, thanks to the ring Isobel gave him.

In 'Let the Right One In', Damon and Elena enlist Alaric's help in order to rescue Stefan, who is being held captive by the tomb vampires. Both Damon and Alaric take down the tomb vampires while Elena tries to find Stefan, locating him in the basement. Alaric eventually figures out that Damon lied when he said that Pearl could help him find Isobel and later at the Mystic Grill, Damon receives a punch in the face after declaring that they were 'bad ass'. In 'Blood Brothers', Alaric phones Damon with information about Isobel's whereabouts. They decide to check out a house in Grove Hill, which was the last address she was listed at, but they find a vampire named Henry residing there and Damon recognises him from the tomb. They quiz him and he eventually realises that they aren't friends of John Gilbert's but when he tries to attack them, Alaric stakes him. Later, Damon and Alaric have a heart-to-heart and Alaric admits that he's done looking for Isobel. In 'Isobel', Alaric remarks that he can still see something human in Damon even though he kills people. In 'Founder's Day', he enlists Alaric's help in protecting the townspeople from the tomb vampires during the celebrations.

In 'Bad Moon Rising', they travel to Duke University with Elena to find out more about werewolves, which was part of Isobel's field of research. In 'Memory Lane', they organise a barbecue at the Gilbert house in order to expose Mason Lockwood as a werewolf. In 'Masquerade' he supplies Stefan and Damon with weapons so they can take down Katherine at the masquerade ball and in the following episode, he gives them a supply of vervain bombs so that they can apprehend whoever is holding Elena captive.

Damon first encounters her in the episode, 'Rose', when he and Stefan rescue Elena who is being held captive. He tells her to keep quiet while Elijah tries to get Stefan and Damon to expose themselves.

In the following episode, 'Katerina', Rose informs Elena of Klaus' plans and Damon tries to show-off to her. He later scolds her for crying over Trevor and she tells him about a friend of hers, Slater, who may have more information about the moonstone. Thinking he may be set up, Damon threatens her and she warns him that she's stronger as she's older than him. They find out a lot of information about the curse before the windows are smashed by Elijah's coins and panic ensues. Damon believes Slater is responsible but Rose says it's Klaus' doing. Later, they talk over a drink and agree to shut off their emotions, before kissing passionately. They end up having sex and Rose tells him there is no switch for shutting out a vampire's emotions. Slater phones with more information about the curse, asking if Damon can get the moonstone and he nods that he can.

Relationship Status: SINGLE

Whom: N/A

Species: Vampire

eye color: Black

Age: 20

Relationship status: In a Relationship

Whom: Anya C 

Species: werewolf

Eye color: black


Scarlet And Victoria Stallings


Species: human

Eye color: brown

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Skylar Winchetser

relationship status: single

Age: 18

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Kaylee Boone

Relationship status: single

Age: 17

Species: human

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Luciana Wylie

Relationship Status: Single


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Sapphire Stallings

Relatonship status:


Species: vampire

Eye color: blueish purple


Dean Winchester

Relationship status: single


Species: human

Eye color: haizel


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From a guys point of view:

We don't care if you talk to other guys.

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