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If He's Not A Cullen!!!! He's Not Worth it!!!!

Profile Information

Are you Shape Shifter, Vampire or Human?
Are you thirsty (black eyes), Ready for another human (red eyes), Or Satisfied (golden eyes)?
black eyes
Who were you turned by? If you are a vampire...
Edward Cullen...
What book are you on? Or are you done with the series?
im done with the series...
Are you a fan of the movie? why or why not? How many times have you seen it?
Yes. because i love the story. ive seen it so many times
Team Edward or Team Jacob? and why?
Team Edward. because hes hot...

Me Reading Exsanguis - Sleeping Beauty was a Vampire


when I first beheld
your Gothic beauty
black hair shimmered
like a raven's wing
in moonlight

your ivory skin
waxed lucent
as if the moon herself
were trapped beneath
its pallid nakedness

your lips bled
a vivid red
like petals fallen
from the funerary rose
that lay across your breast

I kissed their sleeping supplication
awakening nocturnal eyes

whirlpools of endless night
spun from the depths of Lethe
to bestow hypnotic peace

onyx windows of propitiation
concealing a sepulcher of souls

thus I was benighted
and seduction followed

as we made unhallowed love
droplets of profane pleasure
flowed into rivers of rapture
denying fatal interment

then you quickened me
with unholy addiction
and brought forth
this demon of perdition

I am the chosen convert
our bloods burn as one
my will is forsaken

I am betrothed to hunger
for the forbidden fruits
of your affection

your lover
your savior
crying at your feet
for his eternal rest

The Vampire Fairy

In the red glow of the blood moon
The vampire fairy waits alone
A dark shadow only seen by some
She stands like a statue on it's throne
Ready to pounce at lightning speed
On her unsuspecting prey
She hunts only at night
Then rests during the day . . .

Beautiful Eyes, Beautiful Face

Beautiful eyes, beautiful face,
I'm shy to talk to you.

You're the eagle I must watch
No matter what I do.

You're the beauty, wild and free,
The mistress of my eyes,
Rolling through exultant air,
Alone in pristine skies.

I would take you for my own
Could I but have your wings,
Could I but go where night begins
And frozen sunlight sings.

Could I but have you for my love,
How might we fly together!
But I must watch you from below
And long for you forever.

But I must be the one below
And long for you forever.

By: Nicholas Gordon

Eternal Melody

Wherever I might travel to
how long I might ever wander
it always is around me
smoothing me with it's sweet melody

I can feel your melody
wherever I go
I know you beside me
even though your hand I can't feel

Whomever I might run to
how deep I might ever fall
it's always you beside me
possessing my heart with your sweet whisper

Whom I might ever be
how I might ever feel
it's always you in my heart
comforting me with your tenderness

I hum your melody
even though it hurts
I know you're there
even if your arms can't hold me

Wherever you now might be
whatever you now might be
it's always you I miss
crying silent tears into your bleeding heart

I'll never forget your melody
whatever might happen
I know your melody won't fade
even though you're gone

And an eternal melody
is carried with the wind
and hearts will open
hopefully their wings are real....

by Yuki

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel
Pure and white
Charcoal and resin
Fallen from the sky

From the heavens above
Wings scorched
Will she be able to
Take flight

Her wings are folded
Foetal position
Can an angel do as such

Do angels die
Can they
When they
Have had enough

By whose clammy hand
Must they be touched

Do Angels suffer
Do they take it upon themselves
The sins of their captors

When their pure light fades
Are they remembered
For their sins
As well as their innocence.

Angel! I cry
Where is thy face
Wait! Angel
You and I
I and you

What are you saying?
I cannot hear you!
Angel! Angel! Angel!
Speak to me!

Hold on! Wait!
What am I thinking
Aren't the angel and I one

Haven't I fallen from grace
Aren't my wings scorched
Over and over again

Aren't I hurting
Innocent once
Now I am scorched
Thrown violently upon the earth

Have I fallen from great heights
Been bought back down to earth
Dizzying heights

Careful, don't crumble those wings
Dust that halo
Recreate that heavenly glow

Do angels die
Or do they burn
Do they disappear
When they die
Turn into fluffy white clouds
Shooting across the sky

by ~Andrea~

Forbidden Love

It is forbidden to love a women like you
It should be a sin to have a love so true
In your arms I lay
In your arms I'll stay
In your eyes I drown
With your kiss you lift me off the ground
Your bite is paralyzing
But our love is strong
In my mind you'll stay with me
Even though its wrong
As life flows through your veins
Death flows through mine
You said you would stay with me
If you had the time
My last breath
I take our last kiss
The last time I look in your eyes.

by Jim

My Immortal Beloved

I set and I search the deep
dark depths of my soul
I see what lies within
My desires, my dreams, and my fears
The three are one
and that one is you
My heart cries out for your embrace
and embrace in which I dream of and I fear
It is not you I fear, my love
The feeling that burn inside of me
that is what I fear
Oh how I long to look upon your beautiful face
To look deep in your Emerald eyes
so you may see how I feel
I love you
That I can not hide
I see your pain and it saddens me
Come to me and you will find
what your longing for
A love that is true and waiting
here for you, My Immortal Beloved

by Jenna

No Fear

alone in the dying night, no fear to give,
No fear to take without this realms onward dream would fade,
like the petals on a black rose,
I can see the broken pieces and the worlds failing sins.
where its all gone wrong, and where it has to end

by goth_pet

Kiss Your Pain Goodbye

I look in your eyes and pain is what I find.
I wish to near you, wipe your tears,
Kiss away your pain.
But I'm too shy, and I walk away.
I look in your eyes and I feel like crying.
I feel powerless around you, and yet I feel alive.
I feel your pain, and I can't heal you,
I'm still afraid to try.
But I will try, someday, and I hope it won't be too late
To near you, wipe your tears,
And kiss your pain goodbye.

by Cristina


Snow is the color of your skin
And the feel of it is that of a delicate flower
So unaffected you seem, by the world
Your lips, as red as a rose would ever be
The color matches what lies beneath the skin
Just out of my reach, but mine
A rose red fountain, just for me
My love is very giving, would do anything for me
My light in the darkness
My ease for pain
You are mine, as I am yours
So perfect is everything about you
From the tips of your toes, to the top of your head
You are beauty
You are perfection
I love you

by Masoch_Kat

Bloody Lips

I close my eyes
waiting for a sign.
No more prayers
too little faith left for them.
My body is worn out
I’ve fought too much.
But still I keep coming back
with a smile on my face.
Yet I am tired
so so tired.
But they wont win.
I refuse to let my light fade away in the night.
I refuse to go without fighting again.
I refuse to let them have their victory cry.

No I wont go back to the blood-like tears.
No I wont go back to the backstabs.
No I wont go back to the lonely nights.
No I wont go back to you.

I wont kneel. No I won't give away my pride.
Life wont break me down.
Love won't destroy me.
You won't destroy me.
I am stronger than the little girl you met years ago.
I will confront you.
I wont take it.
I am better than you ever thought I was.
I am more than your lies said.
Yes I am worth it.

Smile through the tears.
Yes a lie with sweet eyes.
A lie that was discovered.
A lie that broke your heart but not your life.

Throughout all the pain.
The lies.
Broken hearts and tears.
Shattered dreams and goodbyes.
I am still alive.

I close my eyes, feel my heart beating.
The noise slowly flooding my ears.
Feeling my senses awake till the point of going numb again.
Anger flowing through my veins.
Looking at this icy world with a smirk on my face.
Knowing I got to kick back twice as hard so they don't drown me.
Knowing I can't turn around or I’ll get a stab.
Crystal world long gone.
Bloody smile just waiting for more.

Twist my heart.
Give me your best punch.
Take me to hell.
Blow me away.
Give it a try.
Kill me if you can.
Tonight's all over.
Tonight my life will start over.
I've had enough.
I wont take anymore tears.
I wont take anymore screams.
No more pain.
This is your last shot try and take me away.
Bleed my heaven.
Tonight I’ll paint the sky red with your blood.
Tonight I’ve had enough.

Look within yourself.
Play deaf with those that love to judge you.
Play dead with those that want to hurt you.
Let the night caress your tears away.
There's always a new tomorrow anyway.
Let time kiss your wounds better.
Let oblivion give you shelter.

You scarred this soul.
You broke down this world.
You turned pure into unholy.
Damnation angel.
All that's left.
Your turn to remember how to bleed.
My turn to hear you scream.

by Singian

Bound To Darkness

I am left here as time passes slowly by,
Killing everything in its path,
It is a night of darkness evil stalks the earth,
Wisps of death fill the midnight air,
People walk with fear,
A timeless fear that has always been there
Since the beginning of Time,
Rivers of souls run down in to the earth leaving me here
To stand alone,
All you can hear is the beating of a heart,
The crying of a child where it mother once stood

by Nikolai

Children Fairytales

I still remember the fairytail of the dreamfairy
dancing through lonely childrens dreams
to make them feel loved and guarded
I still keep asking myself how they could forget
the abuses of their childhoods
and now laugh about things that comforted them these times

I look outside the window, seeing nothing
only a gray, cloudy mess of sadness and hate
with all the dreams and fairys gone
I look at the people and see nothing
but shratted hearts, griefing souls, lost in agression
eyes drowning in tears and fear

Can we ever return to the glory of love
can we ever forgive the murder of a child
can we ever forget a faded life
will we return to the innocence
will we trust in loving fate again
will we enter the world of fantasy again

I walk trough the dusty, almost empty streets
wondering where all the smiling and beauty has gone
even children, acting cold, with only hurt in their eyes
I walk into the dark, lonesome night
finding only the loss of peace and silence
where did the ancient worths go

I remember the nights I cried myself to sleep
but in the kingdom of happiness
all the abuses of the day were gone
I want to ask the so called grown ones
how they could stop believing into their dreams
pretending to never have gotten in touch, freezing inside

will we return the memorys
will we find the path of dreams again
will we go on in a better future
can we ever open up these ignorant minds
can we ever smooth this pain, with only a smile
can we ever bring the children fairytails back

this is about my understanding about the cold and ignorant behaviour of people nowadays...

by Yuki


As the days turn colder,
Though I don’t really care,
Tears of pain and sadness,
Mingles with me hair.

I long for you everyday.
I hope to see you everyday.
I always do,
but you…
Stand me up,
Make me feel down,
that’s why my tears,
Fall without sound.

To not let you know
how I feel.
‘Cause in my world,
I don’t feel real.
If I am injured or in pain,
I don’t really care.
Though distanced,
you’re practically never there

for me…

Somehow, I know we’ll make it through,
‘Cause I always know that I love you.

That’s why I’ll wait,
No matter the risk…

by lost heart

Call Of A Vampire

come, come to me
come, come and take this darkness away from me
come, come bless me with life
come, come and take this pain away from me
oh you mortal come and let me submerge
in the sweetest nectar you possess
your blood gives me life
give me the healing i want
give me the purest pleasures
give me the feeling of being like you for once
so come now come to me my most beloved one

by khu'svamp

Dancing Souls

Through hundreds of dreadful miles keep our flesh from meeting
Our souls may enter a world with greetings
Dancing to the tune the devil wickedly plays in the night in circles our
Lives must take flight.
Like a rose we all must grow old and die
but when I leave this hell bound planet don't cry
for now I am free from all this hell
Together our souls will always dwell

by Singian

Do You See Me?

Do you see me, or see right through me?
I go to you and you dismiss me.
I talk to you – you just don’t listen!
I feel like screaming!
But though I’m screaming
I get no answer, I feel alone.
Without you my every day is such a really bad day.
I feel I’m torn to pieces every time you walk away.
Look at me!
Do you see me? What do you see?
I’m invisible, I’m not here, and I don’t mind.
I feel the rage taking over me.
What do you see?
Do you see me, or just right through me?

by Cristina

Fallen From Heaven

All of the angels in the heavens so high
The Lord, O God, He need not decide
Times had come,
Had already arrived

Crown of Christ,
Immaculate God
All powers, all virtues,
All thrones to preside

Jealous, O envy, Lucifer's cry
No more, rebel, taken aside
Gather of hosts, angels of all,
Crying and weeping, such hatred to befall

Rebel from thine God
Unjust is He
Fall from His ranks
Superior, we

Assembled condemned,
Angels unknowing,
Conceited and drowning
Hatred bestowing

Michael, Great Michael,
Leading the rest
God's angels of light
Against the protest

Lost and cast out,
No place in heaven
Each angel forsaken
For each in rebellion

Fallen from heaven
To the earth, from high
No angel of darkness
Left to sin or lie

Lucifer, unholy, fallen to hell
Forever condemned,
The angels that fell

Satan, his angels,
Lost in inferno
Bleeding and screaming
Their death, eternal

by Singian


V.enomous bites are quick to endure.
A.mazing hunting skills in the dark.
M.enacing fangs long and sharp.
P.ircing your throght.
I.mortality is now in yuor grasp.
R.eplacing your soul is a demon instead.
E.njoying the blood to the very last drop.



Mind, body and soul.
Everything is just so cold.
Lips, fingers and toes.
I'm completely frozen with nothing to hold.

My heart races, but it's bound by the frost.
My head is pounding, full of unearthly thoughts.
My soul is wandering, it is forever lost.
I'm sitting here cold and lonely while my mind rots.

As I look up into your smiling face, your hand extends to me.
I reach out to you with all my heart I'll give it all to you completely.

You've won. I surrender to you. I'm yours forever, grateful for your heat, grateful for your salvation.
I'm yours without hesitation.

I was so cold.
Now I've got you to hold.
It's so warm here in your arms.

by DrknsFndMe

Do You Remember, From A Hopeless Romantic

Do you remember when a smile
Meant that everything was ok
Do you remember for just a little while
That we were once that way

Do you remember when an embrace meant mine
And love was real and true
Do you remember when everything was fine
And there was nothing to work through

Do you remember when a kiss
Was a truly treasured thing
Do you remember love was like this
And forever showed in a ring

Do you remember when a glance meant Hi
And the sun shined on us all the time
Do you remember when to say goodbye
Was the last thing on your mind

Do you remember when silence spoke kind
And shadows told things unsaid
Do you remember when love was blind
And sweet dreams filled your head

Do you remember yourself at all now
Or are you a victim of the cost
Do you remember now all about
A forgotten heart and innocence lost

Do you remember me at all now
Do you even see my face
Do you remember I am around
Or has someone taken my place.

Do you remember me at all.

by Carpaythya

Love Grave

Somewhere you sit and laugh at this corpse you made
Faded memories make this lost soul come to life
Distant echoes call to take the life you save
And Im left on the edge of the knife

Where will the fantasies be when you get to see them come true
Will they be lost by then never to be retrieved
Will they still somehow still even be a part of you
Or has my heart been now and forever deceived

Fading into the night, I see the last rays of the day
And fading into the night I see the nightmares left in your wake
Darkness falls, the fates they call, and you just walk away
Leaving me bleeding for the deaths sake

Misguide me and lie to me because I ask you to
And leave me because I wanted only to be left alone
Im the bad guy, the antichrist, the martyr and the saint for you
Nail me to this cross of lies that leaves me shattered and prone

Draw blood with your deceitful blows and Ill turn the other cheek
Surrender to the broken and find your salvation in the yesterday
And maybe one day the veil will lift and show you what it is you seek
Stare at the pool under my broken form smile your guilt away

Find me a love or find me a grave
Remember that its the romance not the life you save
Love is a master and I am just a slave
Dear god....find me a love...or find me a grave...

by Carpaythya


Will the sun come up tomorrow
Upon nothing?
On a long, wasted life
On a cold, dead world?
Can I make up for what I've lost?
Or should I even try?
Should I grasp at wisps of dreams
Long shattered like glass?
Should I just move on
And make the best of what I have?
Cause after this there's no turning back
There's no turning back

Now I've got nothing
Now I don't know where to turn
Now I've lost everything
I can't just sit back and die

I wish someone would just tell me what to do
Cause I'm coming up with nothing
I wish that I wouldn't have lost you
Maybe my life would be good for something
But wishing never does a bit of good
Hanging on a broken dream
I've got to move on, no turning back
I've got to deal with my nothings
I've got to deal with my nothings

Will the moon still rise tonight
On a world full of dreams
On a world still full of hope
On a life that still has a reason?
Will it see you and I together
Or will everything be desolate?
Will I still be here wondering
How I've got to deal with my nothings
I've got to deal with my nothings

by zombies
Vampire Realm of Darkness, Images, graphics
Copyright � 2000 - 2001 - Darath�rn and vampires.nu

Oh Look I'm Dead, And I Didn't Feel A Thing, Even When You Drew The Knife From My Chest

I've said some stupid things,
but then again so have you.

I've hurt you in many ways,
but you've hurt me a thousand times.

I wanted to die and you gave me that pleasure.
Only I realised I wanted you dead instead.

So now I am dead, never to live.
Never to get hurt by you again.

But never to love, or be loved again.
Is this my fate?

But all you hear from my cries of pain is:

Oh look I'm dead and I didnt feel a thing, even when you drew the knife from my chest.

I realise now you didnt care
and all I hear when I dream of killing you is:

Oh look I'm dead and I didnt feel a thing, even when you drew the knife from my chest.

I guess we are both alike after all.

Never will my love fade for you,
but neither will my hatred.

by Lauri

Pain Is The Truth That There Is No Hope

Don't think about me.
Never again.
Forget about me.
I gave in.
I don't care
what happens to you.
Why should I?
F*** you.
You don't know love,
you f****** whore.
There is no trust.
Not anymore.

You haven't felt anger.
You don't know care.
You feel no sorrow.
You have nothing there

by Currentnin

Angel of Mine

Twinkle twinkle little star
how I wander what you are,
as I see you grow so tall,
diamonds sparkling in your smile.

Little Angel flap your wings,
fly away in to your dreams,
singing songs of stars and moons,
dancing to the music of your heart.

Bringing love to my darker parts,
with a smile that shines brighter than any light.
you have saved me from my self,
you have brought heaven to my earth.

Twinkle twinkle little star
I pray the heavens for the chance,
to be the mother I need to be.
To hold you tight and never forget,
how precious is the little time that we get.

by S.

The Sound Of Alone

Shattering glass and echoes of a silent scream
The trickle of water forms into a flood
A swirl of wind and the wish of a dream
Creaking of a door followed with a reverberating bang

The pounding of a half-stone heart
Shuddered breath explodes its way out
Repudiative of the world standing to be torn apart
A half-screamed plea but an echoing whisper

Breathing of anguish tried to express
The ringing of questions without any answers
Moans of an arch wanting of a caress
A whispering cold filled with the roar of blackness

by Isealdor

And Just Leave Me The Hell Alone

Stop! Start listening!
Shut the hell up and read my lips!
Just leave me the hell alone!

Stop telling me what to do!
I'll live my life the way I want to,
I think and I feel the way it damn pleases me!!!

Let me drown in despair, within the very dark corners of my soul!
It doesn't matter what you want!
It's my life to live it or leave it,
It's none of your damned business!

Keep away from my sorrow,
From my anger and rage go astray.

I don't want anyone around!
You're not to do a thing about me
For that is simply nothing you can do.

That is nothing you can say to make me smile,
No joke, no word or sentence will keep me
From feeling that I could never be more lonely.

So just stop!
Just stop to listen
Because nothing more is there to do.

Listen to the pain that runs within my empty heart and veins,
To the hurting that causes my confused mind to hurt.

Stop trying to show me your way
For it is not mine to run it.
My feet walk only the path my mind tells them to.

Keep away from my sorrow,
From my anger and rage go astray.
I don't want anyone around!

So just stop!
Just stop to listen
Because nothing more is there to do.
Just shut the hell up and read my lips!
And just leave me the hell alone!



by Cristina

Chill In The Night

I am the chill you feel at night
My touch makes your heart quivver
While you wonder in dreams
Seeking solice from light
I'm the dark that makes your flesh shivver

I'll follow you til dawn is near
You'll feel my presence there
While you wonder in dreams
Hoping to find me dear
I'm the ice cold cloak that you wear

You can not escape me
I'm always in sight
while you wonder in dreams
Wishing I was there with thee
I am, I'm the chill in the night

by RavensHair

Dead Memories

Inch by inch...memories sweep through me, passing through my head...
Memories that take me back....things that should be dead.
They play through my mind...all the words you say...
My bleeding ears can hear you now, through my soul they play.
Screaming...etching with thier sharpened bones...
deep within my tattered skin...seething...bleeding...
Taste this pain that fills my mouth....
That spreads beneath these lips...
I have come to show you now
With my withered fingertips.
These words...They play through my mind...
Suffering...beating it still...
Beating it until the mind grows ill...
Facing these moments...your tormented face...
Seeing your anger...
"SHUT THE F*CK UP! Your just like your f*cking father! Jody the f*cking second...."
Time is still and I am sitting here...watching the shadows that flicker over my walls...
Wishing for a way to fall.
She takes me...leaves me....lying here alone
Grasping at words and memories...
Memories that take me back....things that should be dead.
~Nehmahati Kerosna (Kala)

(This one is also new...a bit more personal. Feel free to add your opinions))

by Nehmahati

An Angel from hell

You know me well,
I am the Angel from hell,

any thing you do or say cannot hurt me,
so just let me be,

people say I’m sweet,
it comes when your beet,

I talk to no one,
instead I flee and run,

I wont let them touch me,
You only want to hurt me,

when I scream you tighten it,
you drug me till I throw no fit,

I cannot remember when you put me in it,
for there was only one candle lit,

why did they put me in a straightjacket?

You lock me in a padded room,
here is my tomb,

all I want is to be free,
cant you see?

He made me like this,
I want his face to collide with my fist,

but this serves me well,
I am the Angel from hell

by Angel Wolf

Tears of Blood

Overcame with sadness and pain,
which struck my tortured heart,
Bleeding precious blood for words
too far for me to start.

So terrified and frightened,
I bit so painfully upon my lips,
Bleeding redness for me to taste,
enough to cry for a kiss.

Cold steel slashed across my face
for me to wince in pain.
I laughed harshly at spilled blood,
for this must be a game.

Sadness tore me apart,
and I must have gone insanely mad.
He gave my arm a scarred wound,
and I felt insanely glad.

Tears of pain and blood of sadness,
Denied the actual truth.
Falling towards death…there was a chance,
that I might have loved you.

by lost heart

Dead roses for our grave

Here me on this God can't save!
Leave you here and alone,
nothing more than dead roses for the grave.

Hear what I say!
Drop the dull lives we live,
Place dead roses on the grave.

Peoples of all nations
Heed the call and stay brave!
Let the dead lie in place;
Leave them dead roses for the grave.

No matter what keep up the fight for freedom,
No matter when absolution from isolation shall be yours.
With our blood the future road we will pave,
Cold in the ground,
with dead roses for our grave.

by Heroin Bob


I want you to be my victim!
All i want is you.
Your skin so white,
whets my appetite,
your dreams, i dream,
in your bed at night.
And i sleep by your frame,
curling around my finger,
with hooks in my brain,
Blood in your veins,
slides down my thoat,
pooling inside,
now i feel you again!
This bliss,
this perfect
and passionate kiss.
Marks us in red.
I life well fed.

by Vatishi

Blood Tears

I feel the pain from my hand.
The tears I cry are as red as a rose.
Fear is seeking threw.
Scared of death.
Scared of life.
Pain of loss.
The hurt of gain.
Is this the end?
Or is it just the beginning?
Am I supposed to feel this way?
Or is all just a dream?
I'm balancing on your love.
Each day, as your love dies, I'm closer to falling.
I'm going to fall in a pit of your hate.
I love you,
and you said you loved me.
but this knife in my back is from the hand of you.
Blood tears have fallen.
And blood is what must be shed.

by Faceless

Cold and Alone

Cold and alone is all i feel,
Holding my heart for someone to steal
In my hands i watch it bleed.
I wait for the that i hear,
The sweet someone say "i love you dear."
Alone i lay every night,
With no one there to hold me tight
Cold and alone, I don't want to be,
Wanting to hear, a sweet sexy voice say, "come lay with me."
You have gone and I lay alone,
Laying in silence i hear no tone.
No where to go, no where to hide,
Needing you to stay, inside I cry.

by LordVal


Break of night,
Intrusion of dawn.
Cold dew on the lawn,
Watch life tailspin into the nether realm.
Blood drip,
Drip life into the ground.
Burry me when i'm gone,
Cause i'll never belong.
No time to disappear.
Skin bursts open,
Eyes explode,
Maybe my life wasn't important enough,
Leave my shell laying cold,
Rotting with the rest of humanity

by Heroin Bob

Closing my eyes.....

I just closed my eyes again today
Waiting for those dreams to come again
Why can't we decide where we get to stay
Why are we forced to live a life we can't win

So I sat and made believe that you were here with me
I could see every dimple and feel every breath
I gave you back all those words that you used to believe
And gave you all the love I could ever have had left

That dawn is breaking and it stings even through my closed eyes
Waking me to the reality of being here once again alone
The final waves of sorrow pass over me even as I sit in thundering skies
Knowing that from here I face my fate all on my own

So where is the heart that made me believe in love for so long
Where is this strength that led me to your door
How could the fates and the hands of time been so wrong
To take you away and leave me here begging always for just a little more

I guess it doesn't matter, this is the way this life will be
Maybe the next one will give me something in which to believe
And wake us to a fantasy that only we will see
And treasure each love felt moment that we will receive

So I close my eyes again to the dream of what can be
My fantasies are now only of what I can really see
Maybe I'll be able to enter that fairy tale world someday
And recapture these visions of love I held for you and me

And so I close my eyes, once more...to this fantasy place
And live in the reality of fate
Where all I can do is sit in sorrow at the vision of your face
And ponder why everything we did seemed to be too late.

by Carpaythya

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