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There was something buried in his eyes that I couldn’t be sure of—and it scared me. Bella Swan, New Moon, Chapter 3, p.53



All About Vampires!!!

vampire /vampyr n. A reanimated corpse that is believed to rise from the grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping people, usually causing their death.

The Vampyreverse overlaps our own universe, and an understanding of vampire pathology, psychology and history is a first step to winning a war that has lasted for centuries.

Until very recently, the vampyr has sought to survive and thrive with the knowledge that all our understanding was based on myth, legend, and old wives tales in equal measure.

Now, we have science. We can confirm the myths, expose the legends, and have the decency to thank the old wives, who were usually right.


Vampirism has been reported across Eastern and Central Europe since the Dark Ages; the first instance in the British Isles was reported during the nineteenth century. More recently, many isolated cases have been recorded in the Americas, with some accounts of serious infestation.

No cases have been reported in the Southern Hemisphere.

Vampirism has been inextricably linked with witchcraft, religious excess and pagan beliefs; vampire hunting has become a matter of largely symbolic attacks based on pseudo-religious myth and legend. Hence the spread of the scourge across the world.

Vampire Pathology

This section will explore the metabolism of the vampire, aiming to expose weaknesses that can be exploited, and linking to examples of how the information may be used. It will also consider the process of vampirification, to aid understanding of the vampire's physical needs.

Vampire Psychology

An understanding of vampires see the world is an essential tool for the vampire hunter; psychological weakness can be used as easily as physical weaknesses.

Vampire Strength

Discussion of the anatomy and physiology underlying the 'superhuman' abilities of vampires.

Renfield - Human Vampires?

The sad facts that surround people who claim to be 'living vampires' - they sometimes claim to be 'real vampires!'

Vampires and Sunlight

The vampire's aversion to sunlight has proved a serious vulnerability, and the best hope of destruction.

Vampire Lust

Blood yielding down your breast
Soft caressing bites on your neck
As my ardent hands glide down
You guide them to your sin
A mischievous glance
As my digits tease with skill
The gasps
The moans
A crimson kiss deeper still

by Zephyr


Nothing else matters anymore,

It's all about the one.

The one thing that gives life,

Or can even take it away.

Tasting and craving it,

Wanting and needing it.

Every vein in my body

Tells me to find it, drink it.

I listen to it,

Dreaming of the taste.

There, now, the prey comes,

Startled by my presence.

A smile, a polite apology.

A smile in reply, a quick movement.

It's in my mouth now,

Flowing down my throat in

Pure ecstasy.

Nothing else matters,

The body falling to the ground.

Now that I have it,

I am alive again

Forever wanting more.

by Singian


Waiting for the night to fall
Shadows envelop my room
like a warm cozy blanket around me
I hide there from the loneliness
longing for your call

I wait, silence my torture
longing to hear your voice
Whispers of I love you's
echoing in my head
Solitude surrounds me

by RavensHair

Call Of A Vampire

come, come to me
come, come and take this darkness away from me
come, come bless me with life
come, come and take this pain away from me
oh you mortal come and let me submerge
in the sweetest nectar you possess
your blood gives me life
give me the healing i want
give me the purest pleasures
give me the feeling of being like you for once
so come now come to me my most beloved one

by khu'svamp

Dark Scent Of My Desire

Let the dark scent of my desire
Surround you
Arouse you
Intoxicate you
Fill you
Making you mine
Surrender in total submission
To the sweet taste of my darkness
It is a kind of darkness all dream of
Ache for
Long for
But so few can give
Step outside yourself and fall into me
Fall into my dark flame
That will set your deepest darkest needs on fire
Let my power consume you
Take you
Reducing your will to ashes
Leaving you standing free

by Singian

Happiness In Dream's Failure

All I ever wanted
Was to be remembered
By those I held dear
By those I had near

I wanted to be proud of things I've done
And be in peace when my time would come
I wanted to look back at my life with a smile
And say it was worth the while

I don't want a star from the sky
Or a book about me after I die
I don't want my name
On the walk of fame

I lay here on my final bed
And think of all the things said
At all the funerals
Where I buried my friends

Events so beautiful
Departs so peaceful
Thinking of the past
Makes me glad I'm the last

by brol

Into the darkness

i sit into the darkness
only to play the harp
the stars and the moon
has gone apart

each note i play
seems eternity
as i fade away
my life i should stay each day

i have a phantom ghost
take over the talent i grow up with
i sleep into the darkness
as i play my harp
this is a passion
that i beg forever

by Skyira

Lying Awake

I lie awake at night,
just waiting for something to happen,
whether it’s just a glitter of hope,
Happiness and love.

But i’m growing tired now,
I want to sleep,
but still I wait,
I lie awake…

I want those feelings,
instead of this haunting,
I want to feel alive,
but only you hold the miracles.

I just want someone to come,
and hold me for just a second,
in love and warmth;
I want to feel their heart pumping.

I wish for a thrill,
a taste of forbidden passion,
only you can deliver,
so come back to me now.

To give me that feeling,
that skipping of a heartbeat,
that only happens,
when you give me your love.

by Lauri

Angel of Redemption

garden of Eden
devil of evil
two doves of love
and a angel to fall above

into the ocean of lust
feels like I was put into dust
I want to sleep near an ocean
to weep with the lost soul of devotion

I need an angel
not any angel
but an angel
who help me above

an angel of redemption
help me to salvation
hold me way up high
like a angel that die

so angel of redemption
hold me tonight
I be yours forever
now keep me in heaven
and evermore

by Skyira

Child Of The Darkness

I look at my reflection, what do I see?
A dark painted portrait,
longs to be free.
The scars in my vision,
shadow-rimmed face.
I breathe eternal, eternally chased.
My soul is disfigured,
cold hands are unclean.
So close to fiction,
too close to be seen.
Scented and painted,
but covered in blood.
Here in this ecstasy,
an all natural drug.
Perfect pale white skin,
Impurities run deep.
My own body dead now,
For my new soul to keep.
Covet the darkness,
And burn in the light,
Here I shall remain.
Your child of the night.

by Bathory

Darkness Eternal

Darkness Eternal that is what I see,
An evil before me, something so unnatural,
Children crying, sounding distraught and shallow,
Do I give them my attention?

Fools who play the dangerous game,
I follow, I watch, I succumb,
I think with trepidation at the horror that will consume me,
But does he care?

I can hear the raven call, the blood drip,
The wind mocking me with its cries,
Moonshine splayed through straggly trees,
Can he ever feel peace?

by ~Andrea~


Why is it sad here?
Why do you cry?
Is your remorse
More powerful
Than your disgrace?
Why is it so hard
For you to believe?
Is the truth
Too hard for you to face?
I can't try anymore
It hurts too much
Can't you see?
I tried so hard
Out of reach
Why can't you see
What your doing to me?
It hurts so much
I'm in misery
Carry on and
And bury your faith
I cry, I cry
In misery
Go ahead and
Turn your face
I die, I die
In misery
Play your emotions
Because you do,
Hide your face as well
I'm not like you.
Cry and cry,
While I die, I die
In misery.

by Nehmahati

Feel My Pain...

I remember when the light touched my face in the sweet morning, the way it caressed my skin.
I remember the way your body warmth radiated next to me, the heat of the nights dream.
I remember the way your heart beat against my chest, the passion within you.
I remember the gentle kisses all over my body, the way my head would spin.

All is lost to me now, i have received the immortal kiss, and will not feel like that ever again.

by Pent

Red Is The Life

Red is the life
As the thorn-guarded rose
Which yet whither to dust
After winter's dirge blows
Across its face,
Flushed cheeks fading to pale,
Leaved fingers falling
As the life starts to fail.

Red is the life
As the robin's fledged breast
Which yet flutters and stills
As the life's blood is wrest
From the frail, fluttery form
By fang or by claw
In the comfortless shadow
Of true Nature's law.

Red is the life
As it dances through veins
In a glorious harmony
Of life-giving strains,
Through your slender throat
As my teeth pierce the skin
To let your soul free
And take the red life within.

by Singian

Silent Tears

Dead the minute I leave here
Noone to love around
Can you feel love in tears
When you're beaten to the ground

Do you feel the sun shining
When your locked inside your fate
Of lovers left reminding
That for you it is too late

Does the ocean still crash here
When you're lost in the desert of time
Nothing around for miles
That you could ever call mine

The echoes ringing in my mind
Of the truths I've learned of late
I must accept my tragic find
There is nothing to debate

Outside the birds are singing
Inside silence fills this place
My wounded soul still ringing
From the strike of your embrace

The wind of life is blowing
Forcing me through the years
The storm inside is growing
And the rain my blood red tears

Here I sit forever me
To lifes will I cannot bend
So is fate a friend or enemy
Or does destiny only lead to the end.

by Carpaythya

The Scream

I want to walk the other side
Have others taste the tears I've cried
This need in me will not subside
So to the dark I run and hide

I curse the ones who led me here
Inside these walls I disappear
The punishment was most severe
My eyes reveal my darkest fear

Come watch me as I dig my grave
To the dark I've become a slave
It is the touch of death I crave
As I have no soul left to save

The stench of sadness and despair
Fill my lungs with poisonous air
And although I am quite aware
I breathe in deep without a care

With venomous blood I will stain
Hearts of those causing me great pain
Scouring them with acid rain
My demise will not be in vain

by Singian

The Breaking of My Soul

Pain, break this pain out
Make me bleed so I can see
Tear my heart out
With my soul
To free me from this misery

Eye in eye
This pain inside
You can not see it
For you are blind

Are my screams enough for you?
I seem to have lost my faith
Brand me with my dying words
The beast inside for me to wake

When we were lost
When we were broken
You didn't really care
Your children would
Scream out for you
But you wouldn't even dare

I broke this silence
With my thoughts
These redeeming ways of mine
I broke your passion
I broke your hate
All I needed was time

You see me now
As you dwell
And drown amongst your grief’s
You have lost me
For your words
Have brought this new release

Cover me now, Cover me
In my shining rage
Tempt me with your ever words
To trap me in this cage

Tear me now, Tear me
For my soul is lost
In this gamble for your sanity
My soul was the cost

Hear me now, as you have not
For my heart was killed
My soul was lost
But yours will die
Forever in your guilt.

by Nehmahati


Sitting here under the stars
Can’t bare this awful pain of my heart
Feeling like stranger in my own land
I just need an answer…

Why is my heart crying?
I fail to keep on trying
Why am I suffering for so long?
Why am I suffering for your love?

Feeling the wind running through my hair
You’re leaving me and it isn’t fair
Seeing the moon weeping for me
I just need an answer…

Why is my heart crying?
I fail to keep on trying
Why am I suffering for so long?
Why am I suffering for your love?

One Immoral Second

Once darkness has fallen,
pain and tears now numbed as sadness wails,
Greivers desire death and nothing else,
Tired of going on,
A still dying corpse suffocating on monotone goodbyes,
Falls slowly into a surreal gratification of darkness,
A laugh sounds as he feels he has won,
His life flashes before him,
All the pain,
All the suffering,
All gone,
Now he feels like he is falling,
Falling into a forced calm,
His mind races,
The realization of life wasted in one immoral second comes forth,
He tries to come back,
come back to the reality he left,
His torment now is conscienceness,
Knowledge of loved ones crying above the grave.
Burdens carried by all for one immoral second.
If he but knew,
the joy his existance brought to others,
the happiness of family and friends alike,
but now thoughts are lost,
trapt in cemetary gates and covered in death,
death to not only one,
but to all who cared,
pain lasting forever,
all changed by one immoral second.

by Prophecy

Blood Is The Liquid Of Life

Blood is the liquid of life
Liquid fire that burns the
Heart of my soul
Courses threw me
Engulfs me in the warmth
Making me cool to the touch

by Legend

Mortal Angel

Hot tears spring from your eyes
Yet you don’t know why
How can one stop these
Careless tears from falling?
Suck them back in
Before the trees notice
Their branches quiver
For signs of emotion
Voices and thoughts
Ancient oaks they are
Pondering and contemplative
Rooted deeply in nourishing
Soil and earth gently eroding
A pure form of a bird
Shoots across the sky
You smile and marvel
At such purity and simplicity
And wonder why that made
All the difference in your world?

by ~Andrea~

A Vampire's Life

A vampire's life cold and dark. A vampire's life a lonely existance.

My life is a hollow grave dead ground. The moon kisses while the sun stings and burns.

A vampire's life is dark and dence never dying but never seeing.

We are feared but then what do we fear? We have everything but it turns out we have nothing.

They want to be us, but in a vampire's life they want death.

by Shadow

Better Off Dead

I slit my wrists
and offer them to you
I need this
as much as you do

To feel my life slipping away
into you
Quenching all pain
you need this too

Don't fear what fallows
it's for the best
Don't waist your sarrow
I'm no better than the rest

I'm better off dead

by Lamia

Cry Of The Fallen Angel

Find me in the flames
Seek me out in the shadows
The fire, my love for you
Kill the passion that once was ours
And fill the night with lies spoken softly through your words

Condemn the light into eternal darkness
And feed on the desire to be immortal
Drink from the Ruby Grail and poison my lips with your wine
Catch my falling tears
And fill my soul with sin

I sacrifice unto you my life
Deliver unto me, your soul.

Capture my heart in your hands
And hurt me no more
I fight for you
I cry for you
I bleed for you
I die for you
And yet you do not live for me

But i fear for entering the Gates of Hell
For the condemnation i will duely recieve
For all the bloodshed and murder i have committed
I lie
I bleed
I suffer in the flames that will devour me

by Black Rose

Poetry, While I Weep

So much suffering.
Add in some pain.
Then start to think.
There is nothing to gain.
Start to question.
Never stop talking.
Start to run.
Its not so shocking.
Get some more anger,
Followed by hate.
Lose more love.
Its all fate.
Wish to just...
Get some sleep.
But write the poetry,
And begin to weep.

by Currentnin


I am dying.
My soul is dying.
My heart is dying.
My mind is dying.

I feel numb
There is no reason to go on
I thought, perhaps that there was one
But I know there isn't anymore

Dead. Cold. Alone.
Nothing fascinates me anymore
Even the moon is deserting me
The moon who I adore

Mars, bright star, eerie silence
Who are you?
You are about to leave us
Never to be seen by these human eyes

Pained. In torment
I do not understand this
I thought I had found my calling
Perhaps it is still there. Flickering

Dying flame, precariously quavering
Slight breeze, but enough to extinguish
If desired
If wished upon

Talk to me
Utter golden words
Dark words, thoughts

I am not quickened anymore
Terrible Rhythm has passed
Nothing remains
I am nothing, empty, I reflect nothing.

I know nothing
I am nothing
Feel nothing
I cry

What do I cry for?
I do not know
I cannot know it
Or else I'd be there

Torn Apart
Tears aren't enough

It is as if I am dead
Brain dead
No sense of anything

A steel heart

It shall not beat
The beat that it once had
Life will cease
Convictions, I lack them.

Lacking alot
It seems
But that is what
Happens to the dead

Once they succumb.

by ~Andrea~


I have seen him like this before.
Marble body slick with bloody sweat
Golden hair tousled and free about his shoulders
Seductive siren's voice raised in a frenzied scream
Once it was I who made that youthful body writhe
My artist fingers that enticed blazing moans
My name he drew out in the throes of rapture
His sweet voice casting its enchantment
Drawing me far from reason, or sacred duty
And dragging me to run on his thorny Devil's Road
There, he and I together discovered what happened
When the irresistible force met the immovable object
An intoxicating explosion, a mind-blowing climax
A rapture that none other then we could comprehend
We burned the skies like stars going nova
Destroying all that was not a part of us
As our stunned souls drifted mindlessly
I gave him knowledge beyond grasping
He gave me temptation beyond resisting
I taught him that ignorance is sometimes bliss
And he taught me never to believe in the word forever
Especially not when whispered from pink, swollen lips
As we lay with our marble limbs entwined
Marveling at how his golden stands shone
When tangled with my silver-white locks
With every night we spent together
We raised our velvet-lined castle out of the sea
Our impassioned moans and ecstatic, deadly screams
The brick and mortar we pale carpenters used
To make the blazing, egg-delicate monument
Dedicated to the love we both swore would last
That fortress that shone like the hottest blaze
And burned just as painfully when he sent it
Crashing down on me, burying me in the tomb of his betrayal
As I see him now through the eye that none can see
Racing off the stage towards the pale man he calls his love
I curse his poetic name, and any soul he may have remaining
I damn you, Lestat de Lioncourt
You loved me, wooed me through your desperate love letters
Seduced me with your silver, honey-slick tongue
Entrapped my mind with your body, took my duty from me
Left me alone and cold with my loveless, lifeless queen
And now you dare to deny me, silent as a corpse
About the volcanic inferno we created and shared
That burned us both, destroying the island we lived on
I swear I hate you now, my Golden Banshee
Hate you with all the passion I held in my heart for you
Because the entire, ignorant world knows of the love
And twisted tragedy of Lestat and Louis in Louisiana
But your lips never speak of gold and silver fire
And the gutted, scorched temple erected
To the passionate love of Lestat and Marius


by Electra

Eye To Eye

I see your portal eyes,
Sinking to the end.
No hand can reach you now,
Touching blindly to the depths.
Raven black has seen me hide,
Curling inside-out.
My mouth has tonges of nettels,
Out to claim the lips.
I've seen my heart stop breathing,
Spitting out its life.
My body is but ashes now,
The wind does steal in anger.
The soul has left me drowning,
Falling just as you.
Now we lie toghter,
Dieing next to you.

by Humingbird

Heart's Confession

When you talk to me I smile.
It's your flaws that I adore.
Every time I see your smile.
I seem to love you more.

There are secrets that I've told you.
And secrets we have shared.
I've never felt this way before.
And at first I was scared.

But the time we spend together.
And the way you make me feel.
Has changed something inside me.
I wonder if it's real.

And here is my confession.
As you have read above.
From all the time I've spent with you,
I think I am in love.

by Mishita

All the Tears

I've cried so many tears,
I’ve cried so many nights,
I’ve cried thinking,
and it would make everything turn out right.

But all that I’ve cried
hasn't changed anything,
and sometimes,
it even had more sorrow to bring.

The tears are red,
for our love,
or they're black,
from the hate that builds up.

Sometimes I cry,
sometimes I bleed,
I watch the blood hit the ground,
knowing you’re all I need.

I sit in the dark,
wait out the pain;
I don’t want to lose you,
ever again.

If I’d have to beg,
to bring you back,
then that’s what I’d do,
time and time again.

I think about you,
thoughts of you,
are all my mind plays.

I can't hate you,
I can't leave you,
but what I can do,
is grieve you.

That’s why I ask,
for you to stay,
for everything to stop,
the tears and the rain.

I hate our fights,
I hate the lies,
I hate that when something’s true,
and it’s always denied.

You say your a f*** up,
just a worthless freak,
I don’t know why you say it,
cause your none of that to me.

You everything I want to be,,
whenever i'm with you I smile,
so please don’t leave me.

If you stay it can change,
I can change,
I’ll do whatever it takes to please you,
anything for you, baby.

But please help me stop this crying,
stop this bleeding,
stop this dying,
stop this pleading.

Just come back,
and tell me you'll stay,
I know i’m not anywhere near perfect,
and i’m sorry...

by ShadowBite


Broken promises, other one touches, broken hearts. These
thing we leave behind in our betrayal. We promise each
other things and break them for stupid reasons. Why must
we do these things. When the only person we really hurt is
ourself. Do we always have to do things the hard way. Have
we no common sense. I have done these. I know and I sorry
for everything I have done. If I could change it all I would
but I can't. I can only live the rest of my life trying
to make up for all the wrong I have done. You have my promise on
that. If that good enough for u. I have broke u heart so. Now
I will spend the rest of my life

by Singian

Face Of Death

I am dead.
I have no soul,
no emotions;
just pleasures.
My skin is pure white,
with peach lips with the tilt of blood.
I have no fingernails.
The reason, to me, that doesn't matter.
The death has desires and pleasures,
but I want a vampire to give me desires.
I love the night,
The night is perfect.
I want his hands touch my nude body.
I let him drink my blood,
but again, I am dead.

by Tala

Dark Angel

In the dead of the night
you come to me
night after night
you enter my dreams
but your face I have not yet seen
Things you've shown me are
hard for me to see
Yet I'm not afraid of you
I long for you
My heart cries out to hold you
My Dark Angel come to me
Let me look apon your face
Do with me as you will
I am your for all enternity
Come to me my Dark Angel

by Jenna

Join Me

I want you to see me
Now as I stare into
This tortured abyss
The home that I loved
Is making me strain
To find clarity
Purpose and meaning
What is my destiny
What am I to become
Sitting here amongst
Mortals and Immortals
Befriended by both
Admired and loved
By most of them
Protected by a few
Given free reign
By others
What is it that
They so often see
That I seem not
To know?

by ~Andrea~

Violated Prey

Dreams holding us
Nightmares scream our names
Falling down here to reality
Where we go insane

Polluting the population
With the lies and the games
Teaching the congragation
That it`s meant to be this way

Preaching to the heavens
And the cowards all the same
Yelling out the answers
At the end of our short days

Truth to the perverted meanings
Then the bastards get their way
Keep all your pitty
From the violated prey

Dreams holding us
Nightmares scream our names
Falling down here to reality
Where we go insane

by DarkPuppet


Dark hearts light up the streets
Turning them into lanes of sorrow
Fear and pain walk at night
Filling bars and dark allyways
Pale faces cry out for help
While Death rapes thier souls
Killing love with hate
So bright in thier eyes
Shine the crys for release
Will hope die in thier hearts
When love and hate are all a apart
Of life and its leasons to reach the end
With on final blessing
Or will sin send them falling
Into these streets again?

by Lady Clary

Requiem of Angels

Pure and innocent
Tears pour out
From their
Watchful eyes
Sometimes one has
To let go of emotion
Let it torrent like a
Raging river
Let the pain of the world
Those who talk to you
In their prayers and dreams
Flow and trickle
One cannot carry the burdens
Of others alone
And smear hope and perpetuity
Upon lost souls
Straighten that halo!
Recreate that heavenly glow!
That light that emanates
And consumes you!
It isn’t time to give up yet
I thought angels had endurance
Different end one fears
Unlike one that any
Mortal or immortal
Can possibly conceive
But God knows
Doesn’t He?

by ~Andrea~

Demon Breed

Thy shadow that lays within us.i think is
about to just give up on the cost of
everything.and maybe everyone.When my blood
goes to my palm on thy hand,when ever i am
done cutting my wrist.i feel like i am losing
someone and but i am also gaining
someone.Alot of people really don't
understand me but i gusse no one will ever
will.My girlfriend.which i call her
Dawn.knows how it feels to be me..The Demon

by Lovecraft


I can see her face in every candle flame
All I ask is to know her name
I knew right then we were meant to be
because the girl I loved was cursed like me
For she hates the morning and loves the night
Our lust increase's by the fires light
She hunts like an animal as she stalks her prey
For the victim she gets will never see another day
She fed on the innocent and her feelings were blind
Until she confronted another of her kind
It was I she had met and with no regret
We pierced each other to start the bloodlet
Our wounds so deep the blood would not stop
We kept our lips locked and enjoyed every drop
A whole new world that she didn't see
We now share together for all eternity

by goth_pet


The clock strikes twelve
but she just sits there
wondering, waiting, loving, hating

where are you my love?
She quietly sings Softly,
Contently, deeply, gently

I hear your voice yet cannot see,
She whispers to herself
Listening, hearing, wearily, fearing

I feel your skin and call you name,
Over and over again
Loudly, gladly, truly, madly

Forever more well be together.
Just you and I
Solely, together, truthfully, forever

by Haleis


There are screams of pain
Left inside of my mind
They make you insane
Begging to be left behind

Can't you feel that burning?
Thats the fires of hell
Seeing if you are learning
Ringing just like a bell

Little demons dance in front
Hot,searing flames behind
Its time to be blunt
Truth is so hard to find

I hated this life
It had no meaning
Cutting like a knife
Leaving me leaning

Death is a way out
Can't you see that?
Or are you just about
Knocking me flat?

Light is fading
Darkness falls
No more hating
Just empty calls

by YoungChild

I Lay

I lay in my coffin lessoning,
To the world go by,
The old clock slowly ticking,
Its final ticks driving me slowly
I here people killing mutilating
My eyes slowly open,
It is at my Door it’s coming
To engulf me in it wholeness,
Infesting my body slowly softy,
As if someone had been raped me in silk
And locked me in a sound proof
Making my mind go numb
The night has come.

by Nikolai

Queen Of The Damned

Dark kiss
Painful joy
Sounds of darkness
I begin to moan

Beauty of the dark
Guide me
In your unholy path

I will obey
As you command
You are my master

Heaven knows i'm forever yours

You are my Queen


by Zephyr

Shattered Will , Undying Hope

How empty can one person feel?
Does this pit of darkness end?
When will this all seem worthwhile?
Will I ever win?

This war has been battling for years.
Yet it feels like it has yet to begin.
All my life I've always believed that
it is possible to win.

But the longer it goes on
the weaker I become
and now every other day
I feel as though I'm done.

Then some motivating thought
provokes me again
and adrenaline pumping through me
I become determined to win.

Yet I know in the back of my mind
that one day I'll stumble again
and my greatest fear is staying down
thus certain to never win.

by Goofygirl

Terrible Rhythm

Whispered dark thoughts
Intrude my mind
Do this, speak that
They are no longer with you
Fight this be alone
Ignore those questions
That you wish to ask them
Toughen up and straighten up
This is your sanctuary
Do not let it be your downfall
Let the pain absolve you
Shut it out block it out
Do a swift mind trick
Believe Believe Believe
Yes...all is well
Do not think that you are alone
You are with your mind
And that of your breaking heart
Shut up Shut up!
What is that tiny glimmer
That constricts upon my conscious!
No! Block it out, throw it out
I am not a kind hearted being
No longer am I nice
How can you all see that I am?
I have become a monster
Evil monster with glowing eyes
Staring through a glass world
Typing words radiating subtle cruelty
Waiting for the hourglass to shatter
Granules of sand stinging my eyes
Blinding my vision to purity

by ~Andrea~


You had my love,

you had my heart,

you took it all,

and ripped it apart,

I was supposed to say I'm sorry,

I was supposed to say excuse me,

I was supposed to say I love you,

but all you did was use me,

f*** you and your pity,

f*** you and your remorse,

I'll rip off you head,

and piss on your corpse,

you make me sick,

all your fake love, fake feelings and fake lust,

you never cared,

you didn't want me,

all your heart was nothin but b*******,

For all my life,

for all my sanity,

I would have made you my wife,

you had to hurt me,

you had to stab me in the back,

I laugh at you now,

for the common sense and maturity you lack,

you are a joke,

you were nothing more,

you can go to hell,

for all I care,

you were nothing more,

than a child-like whore,

now it ends, so it shall be,

now you know my pain, now you see,

all the pain and misery,

has left me nothing more,

than a shell of a man, that never will be.

by Singian

An Angel from Hell

You know me well,
I am the Angel from hell,

any thing you do or say cannot hurt me,
so just let me be,

people say I’m sweet,
it comes when your beet.

I talk to no one,
instead I flee and run,

I wont let them touch me,
You only want to hurt me,

when I scream you tighten it,
you drug me till I throw no fit,

I cannot remember when you put me in it,
for there was only one candle lit,

why did they put me in a straightjacket?

You lock me in a padded room,
here is my tomb,

all I want is to be free,
cant you see?

He made me like this,
I want his face to collide with my fist,

but this serves me well,
I am the Angel from hell

by Angel Wolf


a circle
a line that never ends
the first step
a journey begins
so far we can't see
what we're meant to be
were we ever closer on that day
before love went away
seems like an eternity

the eagle
effortless in flight
our souls soar
as truth sheds it light
above the lies we rise
love does not deny
were we ever closer than that day
before love went astray
feels like an eternity

by Iam

Dark Child Demon~

Sitting here alone...
My thoughts choking me...
Evil wanting to take my sanity...
My Angel hold me i'm afraid.....
The evil one we speak of is here...he surrounds me in the dark....
My Angel light my way again....
My Angel dont let him take me into the darkness that is his soul...
The demons inside his black soul are too strong for me..My Angel....
They've given him sight to see into my soul....
My Angel dont let him take me over ...dont let him blacken my soul...
My Angel....
My Angel...
My Angel...

by karresia

Evil Mind

I have tripped over matter
And shoveled away the dirt
I have spilled the blood of innocence
And kissed the dying dead
I have witnessed atrocious tragedies
And played my part as well
I have come from the end-time
From the bottom of the well
I have driven mad the hostess
I have driven deep her heart
And scourged away the fresh pink skin
And eaten all her parts
I was the worms in her belly
The mites in her hair
The mistress of disaster
To anyone who dared
Come close to where I lived
I have pulled away the dolly
And ripped away the meat
I have dripped her blood onto the ground
And raped her with a sheet
I have grasped last breaths before The Fall
And dodged her every motive
I have banged her soul into the wall

And now I feel my time has come
To take her until she is done

by schaedk


Meaningless words were spoken with ease
from blasphemous lips content to deceive.

Words of commitment, adoration and trust,
insignificant words— revealed as unjust.

Well versed in deception with lies most “sincere,”
he eloquently said, “I’ll always love you"

Emotional wounds gouge unfathomably deep.
Diminished in his absence, discarded, I weep.

Indiscretion has shattered all of our plans;
devastation too painful to solely withstand.

Bittersweet memories dictate every thought;
emptiness defeats me, cast aside, thus forgot.

The bloom of youth withers; age maligns my face.
Heartfelt pleas ignored, he leaves me in disgrace.

Our time together ended, scorned by his misdeeds,
an unsuspecting fool, relinquished, my hope bleeds.

Enthralled by other women he revels in their flesh.
Held hostage by depression I wallow in its depths.

Shaken by reality my consciousness falls numb;
disowning those tomorrows I pray will never come.

Bereft of the affection sworn forever mine,
banished to oblivion, scars may heal in time.

Estranged, I wane in silence remembering yesterday;
certain he once loved me, uncertain why he strayed.

Unworthy of forgiveness he summons my disdain.
Averse to love another, I withdraw, scarcely sane.

Within this realm of misery my soul profoundly suffers.
Abandoned for the wanton bliss of his younger lovers.

by DaRkKitTen


I want you to be my victim!
All i want is you.
Your skin so white,
whets my appetite,
your dreams, i dream,
in your bed at night.
And i sleep by your frame,
curling around my finger,
with hooks in my brain,
Blood in your veins,
slides down my thoat,
pooling inside,
now i feel you again!
This bliss,
this perfect
and passionate kiss.
Marks us in red.
I life well fed.

by Vatishi

Concrete Memory

The pipers play their haunting melody
I lie 6 ft under ground
The silk lining all I will now see
My sorrows only compound

No more to see the rising sun
Now I am consigned to the night
I am nothing now and no one
These bonds of pain hold me tight

A year or two and my name will be gone
No memory of me will remain
Just a granite marker to look upon
No traces of my eternal pain

I will not be missed or cried out for
My name will just fade into the past
That's how it is, I can't ask for more
Memories, I guess, are never meant to last

Upon my stone my name is writ
The Celtic cross, gray granite stone
I guess in the end, this is it
You come into, live, and leave life alone

So many things that I will miss
But they will not, I guess, miss me
The sun, the world, a soft tender kiss
But I think what I'll always miss most is me

I left myself so long ago
Became so many things that I am not
Who I really am, even I don’t know
And who I am now is all I’ve got.

I embrace me one last time goodbye
then lay myself down to sleep
there is no sadness no need to cry
And 6 ft really isn’t that deep.

by Carpaythya

Dark Passions

An instinct ravished before me to pursue,
The smell of rotting flesh,
And the smell of something new.
A short walk down the alley way,
And the picture began to appear.
A young woman lying at my feet,
Bleeding, but still alive,
I swear I almost felt a tear.
Another stepped from the shadows,
And took the girl by her hair.
We exchanged glances,
And he took away his prey,
As I continued onward.
I then spotted a strain of blood,
And followed it along,
And came upon an abandoned building,
I knew that dinner was on.
My eyes grew fierce,
My fangs dripping with thirst,
As I entered the feeding house,
I thought I would burst.
Bodies lied everywhere,
Others still being fed from.
The smell of the dead,
The flies buzzing for leftovers.
The picture had been placed before me,
The sight and smell of blood intoxicating like ecstasy.
I licked my lips and stared,
For I was home,
And no place could ever compare.

by Jim

Furious Fervour

Lightning cracks its whip
Dividing a dark hued sky
Devilish flames of blue
Leap feverishly in the pupil of the eye
A coveted heart of the wild beating mind
Drums the bass to the lovers heat
Tongues slip and pelvises grind
Supple lips and skin soft meet.

by kin-spirit

Guardian - A Friend

I knock barely audible at you door
Yet you hear my rampant heart beat
As if it were removed from my chest
And transfixed within your gaze

I think back on the years that were
To be ours and ours alone
And yet you never came
You never set foot
Since that moment you left

And so you are back at my
Dear second home as it were
Thinking upon the wasted years
Still waiting expecting and unobtrusive
For time to bring me back to you
The black silk brushed against
One’s vision to peace and light

How comforting it is for you to be home
And yet it confuses me after all these years
Do you think that I would just come back to you
With an open heart and mind
To be embraced in your arms and forgiven
Oh and I know that you had to leave me
It wasn’t to be avoided

But so many do it to me
And do not think of the consequences
Of their actions
I am not made of stone
Nor does my heart forgive
I merely exist
Wondering when something good
Will finally come my way

They say karma will come and get to those
Who have hurt me here and there and everywhere
It must surely be taking a long time to get around
I wonder if it ever truly will

by ~Andrea~

hush, hush

hush, hush
no word, no more!
be silent now, don't cry.
You fear the end,
though it's by no means near.
Become a master - finally -
of your own sorrows
and your mortal fear.
Life is now, and not behind,
Life is active - cannot be enshrined.
I cry with you
when you're in pain;
I hold you tight
when you feel lost;
but I cannot take
what you have to offer -
eternal horror that mans days will fade.
hush, hush.
no word, no more.
be calm now,
believe in tomorrow
and that you'll be there
(no matter where)


by shadow-lin

My Story, My Life, My End

my story...
my birth my biggest sin
my tears my only rescue
my pain my only joys
my loneliness my best pal
my hope all lies
my life the biggest pain
my love the biggest happiness
my end my death
end of story
my life no gain all pain

by khu'svamp

I Will Come To You

When you have
No light to guide you
And there is no one
To walk beside you

I will come to you
Yes, you know
I will come to you

When the night is
Dark and stormy
You won't have to
Reach out for me
I will come to you

by Mystique

My life, a waste

I dreamed a dream that I dared to follow
I wished a wish that I made come true
I lived a life filled with love and promise,
so true and real I could taste it in my lips.

Now I stand before it, looking at the fruit of my labor, at the stain of my blood, at the lake of my tears
and I can’t but wonder with my heart filled with sorrow, when I come to realize it was only a dream.

I dreamed a dream that I dared to follow
I wished a wish that I made come true
Then I looked up and saw that what I called a life was nothing more than big mistake,
that my blood, sweat and tears were all in vain

I stand now in wonder of the life I pondered, and remember how I once felt
And my love turns to anger despair and sorrow when the truth reveals all the time I have spent.

Because of this my life has been nothing more than waste
Now I realize that I am never getting that time again.

by S.

Of Heaven's Wrath

Woe to the dark knights,
having turned from life's light,
for they shall feel,
the crushing hand,
of heaven's wrath.

Woe to the demons,
spilling blood upon the earth,
for they shall feel,
the burning sword,
of heaven's wrath.

Woe to the gathering clouds,
Casting shadows upon the land,
for they shall feel,
the searing flames,
of heaven's wrath.

Blessed be the crying child,
Shedding tears from innocent eyes,
for she shall feel,
the gentle caress,
of heaven's love.

by Singian

Death, Love and Vengeance

The bitter emotion of steel,
caresses my liver.
A sadistic lover molesting all that I am.
The copper reflux tastes as wine,
springing from the well of torment.

to one knee.......
praying for life.......
then two.......
crying for death......
Light becomes painfully distracting,
as darkness comes to wake me.

to one hand......
the humor builds.......
two hands.......
the laughter begins.......
Blood flows to greet my tears,
a crossroad of fascination.

I fall to my face,
the salt of the earth kisses my senses.
An agonizing insult to this heavenly body,
on which I fell.

The battle rages on,
flawed logic gives way to madness,
as blood soaked laughter explodes,
from cracked lips of vengeance.

The angel of death raises me from escape.
A jarring implosion of jealousy and rage,
as the failed assassin of metal,
becomes my temporary crutch,
until I find another to sheath,
its failed treachery within.

The glory of the sun,
turns a blind eye.
As the beast is set loose,
the hunter no more.
Only the legion of forgotten fallen,
stirring in the eyes,
of a creature not above death,
yet below redemption.
The earth still fresh in my mouth,
I wander as a worm through the dead.
Rolling in the death,
basking in the shadow of the forgotten sun.

by Rei perdid

Waiting For Hell

Holding power from god’s tower
and wounds spreading fire
liars, welcome to this land of pain
I’m getting higher.. higher and higher
getting higher by your fire
in the Nile, I see you naked like a whore
calling the gods to the war
the story teller spoke
telling lies in the dome of achtar
dragging minds to this city
speaking the truth of lie
reading to us from the divine book

conspiracy was made before men
to pervert the world with temptations
hail.. hail..
across the dreams
we are burdened
stand up before me now so I may bless you
give me your cheek so I may kiss you
is this the wings you were flying with?
Is this the life you were crawling for?

Beneath me lies my hell
beneath me there’s a dark well
and if you crack the sky open
hoping for salvation to come
I beg you to spear for us the limbo to dwell

we wait, always, we wait
wait and wait..

by deanovic

Angel Of Blue Eyes

With blinking adoration
Amongst those stars
Your eyes
I admire the most

Dear angel of blue eyes
Allow my simple
Words nibble
On to the core
Of your heart

by Zephyr

Color Of Sorrow

We get damned for wearing black
We get blamed for thinking black
If I'd just see some justice
If I'd just see more than sister and brothers killed day by day
I'd wear white as snow
But as long as the humankind
travels in the shadows on death
I wear sorrow
And the color of sorrow is black

by Peregrinus


Demons prowl my being,
as my nature comes forth,
like a monsoon,
to envelop the light.
Experience give way to atrocities,
in the blink of an eye.
Time passes all to slowly,
yet the past remains ingrained,
like the name of God.
For all times.

I hold you in silent rage,
as I let myself tumble,
like a leaf in a cool summer breeze.
Back long ago before fate,
knocked upon my door.
The joy passes as the sent of copper,
enthralls my senses,
and slowly runs down my chin.
Over the lines of untold age,
like ancient canyons,
begging for moisture under the heat,
of gods vengeful sun.

Where do I go from here,
standing on the edge of a madness.
The very edge of reality itself.
Every undying moment immortalized,
never to be forgotten.
No release from the bonds of this earthy realm.
No sanctuary to escape the desires,
that now run rampant, and demand devotion.

Your last spasm,
cruelly awakens me to the moment.
I hold you in shame,
lay you down like a gentle lover,
in this killing field of untold passion.
I lightly kiss your head,
and reluctantly smile.
As I have given you the one thing,
I can never have.

I stay perched like a gargoyle by your side,
through the night,
so we are not alone.
By dawn I've convinced myself,
it was for you.

by Rei perdid

An Essence Of Ages Past

Glimpses of ages past
Beckon and taunt my soul
Forever calling and reaching out
Sultry hands through time they linger
So unmercifully daunting
They persist in this weary mind
Lost in an era and place
Imploring to find my way home
Into the darkest recesses of night
They long to share their secrets
Embracing my every thought
Revealing distant memories
Whispering so softly
Reflecting my sorrow and anguish
Caresses like a lover
Solace to my existence.

by Xsyntria


I gave you my heart
To keep and hold
To love and guard
But you made me yield

Only hoping for you
To share your's too
Without mine I can do
As long as I have you

Only now I realize
When it's too late
Your heart wasnt at stake
It was only a bait

Here in the darkness
That no light can overcome
You left me heartless
I feel my time here is done

by brol

Confession Of Lust

The urges within me
Rush through every vein
The need to taste you lust
Grows bigger as I post
Oh!! cherubine of mine
As I observ
The imaculated imagen of yours
My virility grows more
Oh!! angel of mine
Forgive me for being a dog

by Zephyr

Day after Day, Night after Night

Day after day, night after night
I look for that special person to treat me right.
I walk around blind,
waiting to hear "will you be mine?"
Day after day, night after night
I lay alone with no one to hold tight
what have i done to deserve this pain?
When all i wanted was to know your name.
Tell me what I have to do,
Just to spend one night with you.

by LordVal

Embrace Beneath The Moon Light

Let my macabre lips caress you
Allow my lust roar a thousand cries
Clench your muscles
While you hold me inside

Moan to darkness and the beautiful stars
As I lacerate your insides

Let your virginal lust
Be my reward of the night

Over this steady breath
And climaxing moans
I claim you as mine
As I embrace you beneath the moon light

by Zephyr

For Mourned And Lost Companions

My beloveds who I had come to know and love
Those who gave me their love and trust
The ones who trusted me over all this time
Who came to me just to break away from it all
To find freedom in one's own damned immortality
My words are of comfort and have assisted thee
To you my mourned and lost companions
I remember you all on this ill-fated night
While I ponder my own mortality
And think of how truly fragile it is
I love you all still, embedded in my heart
I may not speak of you here to these new brethren
But you are never forgotten in my heart and mind
With each night that passess, I do not grieve
For I cannot find such clear passage to do so
I love you all my beloveds of long ago
I think of you constantly, and wish
That fate and terrible circumstance
Didn't take you away from your loved ones
And from your mortal, who here I stand.

by ~Andrea~

Guiding Souls

You left me here when you went away
You left me here with nothing but pain
You'll never come back, and I'll never be sane
Now that you've left me
Your mind, your spirit, your soul went away
Leaving me crying, with nothing to say
I'm so lost... so lost
Wait... what’s that sound
Distant but there
Voices talk, spirits in the wind
Stopping my tears
Ending my fears
Suddenly I hear your voice in the wind
And again I'm lost
I run from the wind, feeling you there
Feeling you lost with fear
I miss you but yet I'm afraid
Afraid of hearing what you have to say to me
Will you judge me on how I cry
Will you tell me you want me to die
Wait... the wind catches me
Stealing my breath
Calming my soul
No longer fearing my death
My soul slips away and I shut my eyes
Feeling your soul now by my side
I've paid the toll
And I've freed my soul
Flying away from this place of tears
Voices talk, spirits in the wind

by SweetPain

Hanging Onto Nothing

Somewhere in-between life and death,
there lies a void.
An emptiness like a hunger.
never to be sustained.
A beast never content.
and now I look into its depths.

Groping in defilement, manically,
at the hopes of the living.
Drinking from the torment,
of the fallen.
The void reaches out to me,
and slowly takes hold......

Creatures lost to the whims,
of their own desires.
Beyond judgments grasp,
they fly as shadows in the night.
Hesitation drifts before me.
I smile like a wolf as it passes.

Chains built of hypnotic contempt,
hold my eye tethered,
like a prisoner beaten and broken.
Fixed like a mountain to earth,
screaming, bound to this moment in time.
I mutely curse my sight.

Steadfast and defiant,
to the setting of the sun,
I walk into the void.
Memories become dreams,
dreams, become nightmare.
As the first of countless comes for me.

I walk the path of a warrior,
with the spirit of a dove,
and so they come.
A single moment of unbearable fear,
as my sanity drifts away.
Your face regales me to the moment.

What a cost as tears stream.
No more moments, no more life,
as I become one with the void.
Your face slowly is forgotten,
as memories are taken like children,
silently in the night while they slept.

Swinging wildly like a caged animal,
armed only with a toothpick of logic.
The last sharp implement ,
to this suicidal assault on Olympus.
As lightning splits realities,
Thunder cryes from your heavens.

I pray for weakness,
from where there is none,
and so I suffer.
Only like one before me,
condemned by fate,
to loose all....... without ego...

I can no longer feel my body,
yet I am moving like a breeze,
to meet the birth of the moon.
The ingrained dove of my intent,
rises above the hoards,
as I fly to my destiny.

I see all that has been lost,
and confess detached.
"I'm glad that is not me".
Fresh meat to the vacuum of time.
Lost unto any individuality,
merely an arrow, a tool without life.

My last thoughts,
are of seeing eternity,
over a horizon of infant possibilities for the first time,
and understanding, by lesson.
That logic however grounded in fact,
has it's own hell.
Just over the horizon of reasoning.

Pulled to my fate like a flashlight in the darkness,
the conviction of the void completes me,
as I took all they had in heartache
they took all I had in unchecked greed.
A balance of peace for thous whom know none.
Hades finds my body at the gate to the underworld,
and screams in ironic madness as that is all I have left. final victory
...................on the way to oblivion....

There it is......
My last thoughts.

Respectfully, Roth.

What is fear, but a weakness.
What is weakness, but a lack of knowledge. What is knowledge, but a moment in time of enlightenment....

by Rei perdid

I Thought I Found It

I thought I found it
But perhaps I was wrong
Seeing such words
It is as if everything
Means nothing
I feel as if it were
A personal attack
Something to make me
Retaliate and notice
The gentle words expressed
And yet they send my heart
Into shock and my mind question
I am sorry that I am not here
To spend time as one should
By your side unwavering and proud
If I could I would and in time we shall
Just do not dismiss my silence
For lack of caring or love
Yet I too know that this is hard
On both of us

by ~Andrea~

Liliana's Poems: Lesson For A Vampire

The sweet smell filled the air
As the wind blew through her hair
It trickled, thick and hot
Be careful not to spill a drop

The metalic taste, in your mouth
Is her life, spirit and soul
She quivers as you hold her near
As you take her mortal soul.

by XxlilixX

My Master Piece of Lies

A master piece, of wants and lies
Bares nothing to truths meaning
Shadows loom over nightmare stares
A glaze of wanted fables divine

The forked tongues of heaven
Brings showers of obscurities
To life, the living heartbeats stagnant
To death, more gentle apparitions

Despair more convincing than
Forsaken dreams of last nights' tears
Upon violent skies, disdain does ride
Emotions uncaged, enraged, undefined

A pyre of cold, smoldering death
Burns spells upon my lips
Mystic rituals brand memories
Of sorrows, a lamenting requiem

Arcane lore discarded by time
Spellbound, necromantic chants
Ruins of forsaken silence
Lay grounded in my grave

With hope, to deaths grasp
In my tomb misery spreads
Like fire on feathered wings
That the faithless one brings

Despair floats upon the oceans of greed
As hope overturned, sinks far beneath
The crystal clear waters of crimson blood
Brings loathsome pain into my veins

Hope seems beyond my ability
And comprehension
Unto my end, I say good-night
As I rest forever more in depression

With a prayer upon my lips
Ripped away by loneliness
Scattered upon the cryptic skies
Lost within my master piece, my lies


by GothicBlac

Grave Digging

Left alone in the thickening dark
Upon my body lies softly your mark
Above my head is the dimmest of lights
Trapped in a well for uncountable nights
From far away, I hear a dim song
Promising me I'll be free before long
Telling me of a tunnel in the stone
Which, upon it, my senses could not hone
Feeling around I soon found the dark path
To follow it through, I would face your God's wrath
I enter and feel the slow steady water
Soft and quick steps won't allow me to falter
When I brake through, breathing air that you gave
I find I just dug myself out of my grave

by Siren

Another sigh

I sit and dream of a love I need
My will trembles, my heart sighs
It is not blood, but hope I bleed
I'm still so empty inside

When will your lips be pressed to mine
When will my finger trace your face
When will we say hello 1 final time
And cause the lonely nights to erase

When will your body be pressed against me
When will I feel your breath on my cheek
When will your eyes be all I can see
When will our resolves grow weak

When will time be ours again
When will small moments seem so grand
When will I know you without and within
When will your heart be mine to command.

by Carpaythya

Broken Heart

Your heart has fallen in pieces
it feels like your world,
is crashing down upon you.

Like a glass that shatter,
after you have dropped it.
Or pieces of ice,
that melt away with the sun.

Nobody wants a broken heart
and nobody wants to
look for a new one.

by Mystique

Crying Nightmares

All she causes,
Is pain,
She puts everyone,
out in the rain.

Bleeding dry,
Cutting deep,
She closes her eyes,
as she cries herself to sleep.

It was all a nightmare,
all about him,
And she remembers,
all of it.

All the blood,
all the tears,
all the screams,
that filled her with fear.

She remembered,
Even the end,
as it started to replay,
All over again.

Every time,
She saw him die,
She saw him bleed,
and watched him cry.

She screamed his name,
but he didn’t hear,
it was all silenced,
by the drop of his tears.

One by one,
they fall to the ground,
Just like hers,
they make no sound.

Every time tortured,
by his cry,
every time,
She let him die.

She let him bleed,
She let him scream,
She was so scared,
and She didn’t do a thing.

She let it replay,
as it tore out her heart,
as the images of him,
Broke her apart.

She fell to her knees,
screaming again,
but every tear,
Shrouded his name.

Now on her bed,
Curled in a ball,
She dreams this over again,
as the tears fall.

It shall always play,
and never stop,
until she saves him,
and all the tears that drop...

by ShadowBite

Death Has Promised Me

There is always someone that hurts you everyday
Maybe not physically, but mentally
A tragic death that creeps in and out
Reminding how much the person wanted to escape

No need to rhyme when I have the poem inside me
Lifting above the surface, then falling without care
A ghost breathing in time with me
Leaving the ache inside more empty than before

What defines the lines of my sadness?
What makes the feeling of wanting to fade?
I still have yet to learn how to break away from everything
Because the steps are taken harshly as they walk all over me

The way you hurt me a million times over
Crushes my heart, making me crash down once again
Nights of crying for you, but you never once heard me
The least you could do is grant me the happiest you stole

You ripped out the emotion of love I long for
Knowing that I would never get a chance to feel
Lost in my own mind, and often confused
Making me want to scratch out my eyes

Shadows fill my nightmares, and there is no one to keep me safe
No one to hold me as I shake, screaming in my mind
I don't understand what made you leave all of who you loved behind
The pain seeping still through the bleeding pores

I ended up losing control of myself
Blaming and criticizing, thinking I was not wanted
But you are the one to blame, and the one's who call themselves friends
I have you to thank for killing a part of me

Just let me fantasize some more, let my imagination stay vivid and wild
Keeping everything I believe hushed away
Tell me, did your selfishness get you where you wanted to go?
Because you the day you decided to invite death in, was the day you promised me an eternity of rage and hurt

by NightFairy

Eternal Melody

Wherever I might travel to
how long I might ever wander
it always is around me
smoothing me with it's sweet melody

I can feel your melody
wherever I go
I know you beside me
even though your hand I can't feel

Whomever I might run to
how deep I might ever fall
it's always you beside me
possessing my heart with your sweet whisper

Whom I might ever be
how I might ever feel
it's always you in my heart
comforting me with your tenderness

I hum your melody
even though it hurts
I know you're there
even if your arms can't hold me

Wherever you now might be
whatever you now might be
it's always you I miss
crying silent tears into your bleeding heart

I'll never forget your melody
whatever might happen
I know your melody won't fade
even though you're gone

And an eternal melody
is carried with the wind
and hearts will open
hopefully their wings are real....

by Yuki

Falling From Grace

Where does this heart go,
when the blood runs cold in these veins.
Where does this rage go,
when actions turn to remorse.
What of the carnal desires of the flesh,
when all reason and logic are gone.

Why do these tears run red,
when the ice in my being shines blue.
Why is it I think of you,
even as I feed upon my prey.
Why can't I forget you,
as memories cripple my senses.

If I were a angel,
would my thoughts be any different.
If I were kind in spirit,
would I be any kinder to myself.
If I were wise,
would I not walk into her life.

Pain a fimiliar knife,
to this armored breast of war.
Pain like a migraine,
buried deep within this black soul.
Pain the reflection,
of a withered memory.

Eyes that look into my dark nature,
penetrating the illusion of strength.
Eyes like my own,
repeat emotions without the need for words.
Eyes I pray to forget,
as they forgive actions,
that this creature of moon lit blood can not.

And I slump into this thrown of glass and nails,
chained to it by my own false protection.
I hold the keys to this prison.
Will your love for the beast
turn the key,
to let loose my passion.
To once and for all
set me free.

by Rei perdid

Gentle Days

I long for gentle days
to have you in my arms
holding you in amazement
To dream is to feel your soft caress
while taking sacred your ever kiss
your absence makes my soul cry
and my emptiness can only be filled by you
For it is your light that casts me a Shadow
as my darkness makes you whole
my withstanding faith keeps hope alive
while your summer turns my winter to spring
Even in the greatest darkness I know our love is pure
so till I find you once again
I will fight to stay alive
For the love we have between us is so strong
That even the Devil may cry.

by goth_pet

Hunters Night

Come, dear, take my hand
come on, let's dance
like the snowflakes
flying to whereever the wind us takes

hear me call for blood
let's experience the lust
from desire heavy pleas
seeking for exstacy, release

hold him like a lifeless, loveless doll
throw him back against the wall
make him shudder with pleasure
ready to give us his treasure...

let him be the sacrifice of our heart
never again love shall be torn apart
the might of our wish,
forever, make this misery vanish

come, let me take you by the hand
let's do that band
for revolution against fate
it's never too late...

I wrote that after a hunting night with a very dear demon-frind of mine, when we "sacrificed" an elf...

by Yuki

I Am Death

a shiver from an undying touch
back from the grave; a costly love
to take your soul and we'll entwine
death cant have you cause you're mine

you reach out your hand and try to stand
blood mixed with dirt; i have no words
i watch you in pain, love this game
that's how i felt, when i had no help

i dont give a damn, but take my hand
i got back your life, i'm not being nice
you ask me why i brought you to life
it's cause i love you, but you love's a lie

even after you tortured and killed me
for always you'll always be what i need
think you can forget me and die that fast?
i dont think so, that's why i saved your ass

i'll love you for always and always did
but all you giving me is f***** up s***
you made me suffer, think it's divine
i can take it; we got all the time

my heart's gonna break, so stop making me cry
you gotta stop fighting and try to relax
i wont let you go and i wont let you die
cause i am your life and i am your death.

by lost heart


If you don't know me,
don't judge me.
For all you see us flesh.
What you don't see are my feelings.
The only way to see my feelings is to look into my eyes.
As deep as you can see is where it only begins.
My eyes say nothing about me.
Nothing about my feelings,
because when you see me you see some stranger.
You see someone you are very frightened of probably.
Only that's not what I see.
What you don't see,
what you don't understand,
is what I see when I look in the mirror every day.
What I see is anger.
I see power and pain.
Pain from all the judgment I get everyday.
My eyes say nothing about my pain.
My eyes say nothing about my anger.
My eyes say nothing about me.
The only way to see me,
the pain,
the power,
the anger,
is to upset me.
That's when you see everything.
That's when you see who I really am.
So if you don't know me,
don't judge me.
Because you may be wrong.

by Faceless

Killers Like Me

This is to all those who are like me. Killer’s who
doesn't care about anyone or anything. Death made into
flesh we have been called. We are the same inside, even
though are flesh is different. Soulless thing's who cares
about nothing. Who thinks about Death and blood all day.
Who kills as easy and emotionless as they tie their shoes.
For emotions are things for normal people. Emotions are thing
we use to fool are future victims. You know what I mean. We
get them to love us and make ourselves believe we love
them. But what we are really trying to do is feel human.
I know for I have done it. For a while I really thought I
could start feeling things for and like other people. Feel
things like love and happiness, or even sadness. Instead of
my usual rage and emptiness. But I was just fooling myself
Running from who or what I really am. So now hear me my
kindred spirits. Don't try to fool yourselves. We was
put on this earth to kill. I say don't fight who you are
but embrace it. Be yourself and enjoy. Enjoy your darkness.

by Singian


In tears you look up to me,
and I feel, how it tears your heart.
Do you even feel it anymore, the pain?
My love is everything you still wish for.

You're searching for life’s meaning,
what is reality, what fiction?
You already lost too much,
everything you've given away.

Red, warm lips on your pale, cold ones,
which awake you form the nightmare,
gently keeping your life.

Until my arms wrap around you,
will you, for eternity,
lonely shed your tears.

by Yuki

Masochists of fate

Is love too much to handle;
An ever burning vigil candle…
That flames us all deep within,
We injure gladly burns on skin,
And if we make it through today,
Will love stand hurdle in our way?
Isn’t it true, fire signifies the love we see,
The craze that chains us yet sets us free…

For, through the time and all foul ages,
Through old books and empty pages,
Through the tears and all the pain,
Through demise and souls in vain,
There was hope and endless love;
Our sacred blessings from above
Yet beware of things untold
Love is not yours to behold…

Should you end up right from where you fell,
Unto the deepest dungeon of Dante’s hell,
Know that that the worse have yet to come,
For love is an agitated mistress of the dawn,
She won’t concede, love cannot fail,
Her cosmic power will prevail,
We shall yet be remorseful on her account,
With streaming eyes & knees on jagged ground,
Begging to spare our lives once more,
Oh let us consume the pain we adore,
We are what we feel, masochists of fate,
In this black, endless ocean love is the bait…

by SoulonFire

No Friends

I have no friends,
They all say I do,
But they take the truth
And bend it.

I have no friends,
When it comes to games,
Im the last one to be picked,
So I just stand around being kicked.

I have no friends,
When its after school,
I say I'm gay,
And they all runaway.

I have no friends
When I'm online,
They say I do,
Just to make me feel better.

I have no friends,
But I wish I did,
To cry on someones shoulder,
To sit with me on a boulder.

by twister

One Last Tear

Cold and frigid, lovely ice,
what pain those eyes entail;
Beauty, pain, combined in thine,
a shiver rocks my body frail.

I’m fragile, close to breaking,
this I must admit;
But I am strong and I will face
these feelings that persist.

Could you ever understand,
could soft words reach your soul?
I’ll never find the time to ask,
I’ll stay in your shadow.

It’s not my place to love you,
I’ve learned that through my pain.
But it’s not my place to ask you why,
or tell you to explain.

Perhaps you’ll miss me when I’m gone,
perhaps you’ll hardly care;
But take this final sentiment,
know the love I bear.

I don’t want it to end this way,
but I can no longer find hope
in this shattered world that was once
all that I lived for.

How desperate I have come to be
is now only clear;
Gomen, but I cannot live
with this pain so near.

I couldn’t make you love me
and it’s not my place to try;
Twice upon a starless night,
twice I bid goodbye.

by Arashi

Pain Is The Truth That There Is No Hope

Don't think about me.
Never again.
Forget about me.
I gave in.
I don't care
what happens to you.
Why should I?
F*** you.
You don't know love,
you f****** whore.
There is no trust.
Not anymore.

You haven't felt anger.
You don't know care.
You feel no sorrow.
You have nothing there

by Currentnin


How do you expect me to live without you?
How do you expect me to smile without you?
How do you to expect me to breathe without you?
You call it a game of fate
to me its my end, my destruction, my death
cant you see I don’t need any one without you
you know what would become of me without you
and still you cant do anything about it
you say its my own life and I should do what I want
I want to be with you...
why cant you help me with that
why cant there be "us" forever
why why why
...I hate life I hate it I f****** hate this life

by khu'svamp


Will loneliness save
The way we used to be
Memories so precious
And denied dreams for me?
Claiming freedom everyday
Killing sunshine in the frame
Liquid fire wonders through my veins
Mind has life of its own
Slowly driving you insane.

Do you know how it feels to hate?
How assassin thinks of his prey?
Hunting, chasing, finding, reaping
Feeling satiation, playing, leaving.
Between the beast and human being
Beauty of the flesh confuses you
Logics in my actions no one's seeking
Reckless, wild is the way I am.

Who are the victims that we devour?
What are the signs by which we choose,
Those with the hot blood instead of venom,
Existence of who we are not worried to loose?
Triumph and glory come to past
Unbearable anguish oppresses the heart
Eternal storm, undying night
Tired from never-ending journeys, fights
Seeking some piece to set inside.

Exhausted,inner beast of prey
Returning to the cave and waits;
Wounds to heal, feelings to die
Awake once more to the victims cry.

by Reishi

Children Fairytales

I still remember the fairytail of the dreamfairy
dancing through lonely childrens dreams
to make them feel loved and guarded
I still keep asking myself how they could forget
the abuses of their childhoods
and now laugh about things that comforted them these times

I look outside the window, seeing nothing
only a gray, cloudy mess of sadness and hate
with all the dreams and fairys gone
I look at the people and see nothing
but shratted hearts, griefing souls, lost in agression
eyes drowning in tears and fear

Can we ever return to the glory of love
can we ever forgive the murder of a child
can we ever forget a faded life
will we return to the innocence
will we trust in loving fate again
will we enter the world of fantasy again

I walk trough the dusty, almost empty streets
wondering where all the smiling and beauty has gone
even children, acting cold, with only hurt in their eyes
I walk into the dark, lonesome night
finding only the loss of peace and silence
where did the ancient worths go

I remember the nights I cried myself to sleep
but in the kingdom of happiness
all the abuses of the day were gone
I want to ask the so called grown ones
how they could stop believing into their dreams
pretending to never have gotten in touch, freezing inside

will we return the memories
will we find the path of dreams again
will we go on in a better future
can we ever open up these ignorant minds
can we ever smooth this pain, with only a smile
can we ever bring the children fairytails back

this is about my understanding about the cold and ignorant behaviour of people nowadays...

by Yuki

Escaping the Prison of Lies

My vision is blurred by your radiant lies
I bask in the heat of them.
Is it better to believe in the illusions you weave,
Or live in the harsh reality that is you?

I am franticly searching for a resolution to that question,
The question that reduces my mind to ash with its burning importance.
The question that pierces my heart with the fear of an answer.
The question that aches inside every fiber of my being.

I am an adolescent no more, yet I look upon you with child like trust.
I remain unmoving in your deceptive world.
The false hopes that spill from yours lips are the shackles that bind me.
The delusion of your redemption is wrapped around me like a treacherous serpent.

It is better to live in an unyielding reality, then the agony of your lies.
Sweet Mother, you may be a slave to your addictive demons,
But I shall never again be a slave to my misguided love of you.
I cannot save you from yourself,
But I will save myself from you...

by TenderTear

Ghost of your Memory

Your silence brings me to my knees
as this beautiful sadness washes over me.
I whisper your name into the night,
sighing as the wind blows you away.
I tried to hold you close to me,
but you slipped too easily from my grasp
never again to be seen by eyes such as my own.
I float in the tide of my emotions,
swept away in the storm made by your passing.
I took you for granted and you've gone away
leaving me alone here for all eternity.
Now I can only remember what you were
and long for what could have been
as I'm haunted by the ghost
of your memory that won’t leave me be.

by Tearlit


Hollow eyes stare at you,
tired lips smile at you,
bitter soul hates you.

You so easily buy
my pathetic lies.
Do you not want to see what is staring you in the face?

I am happy and well rounded,
this is your belief.
You have never been so wrong.
You are blind to the truth,
bBlind to the signs.
I make you blind,
you make yourself blind.

You do not notice my sleeplessness,
you do not notice the scars,
you do not notice the blood that drips down my arm,
to pool at my feet,
Staining your world:
The red of lost dreams,
of broken hearts,
of damned souls.

My mouth smiles
while a bitter soul shines in my eyes.
I am what you want me to be,
I am what you want to see…

by Tearlit

It Happens So Fast

Another one gone, another name added
To a list already far too long
Just when you think that it's the end
There goes yet another friend

How many more
Who and how next time?
Another string of bullet fire
Or a spinning, upturned tire

No rhyme, no reason
Empty halls and cold stone walls
Letters cut deep and clean into the rock
While tear-streaked faces look on in shock

A lesson learned too early on
Starting when life should be trucks and dolls
Live each day as if it were the last
For you never know, and it happens so fast

by Isealdor

Mental State Of Emptiness

Hidden behind shadows
beyond the presence daylight,
crawling around like a pest of rat

You contaminated this hosting heart of mine
and your departure
kills me a thousand times
In Pain
In Pain

Death and decay
Cadaverous smell
Neither heaven
Nor hell
My stigmata is your betray
The hunting shadow of the former days.

by Zephyr

Drink Me Please

Drink me please
Suck dry the lust that drips
your tongue so gentle
but you teeth so rough

Knock me down
Kiss my chest
Knock me down
To your bed

Drink me please
And stop teasing me
Drink me please
You know what pleases me
Drink me please

Kiss me down my chest
Keep kissing me untill you reach my my my

Suck me into bliss
Drink me please

Completed deed
Quick and pleasing
Naughty gentle

by Zephyr

Why Me?

Subjected to pain and misery
i wonder why me?
Subjected to hatred
i wonder why me?
Subjected to no love
i wonder why me?
Subjected to torture
i wonder why me?
Subjected to others entertainment
i wonder why me?
Subjected to no love?
i wonder why me?
Chosen one for pain, misery torture and hate
i really wonder why me?
but i have no answers and no one has any answers for me
and i still wonder why me?

by khu'svamp

Random Thoughts

Bitter Silence Haunts my soul
The words echo fom below
No where left for me....I know
So on this show must go

Am I losing my forever
Or just a day at a time

Tell me if I give up on forever
Will tommorrow be my today

Do you know the inner darkness
Of a sacrificed light
Can you feel the heartache
Of knowing there is no wrong or right

Does the sun still rise
On the love of eternal night
Or am I finally entering
The last stand of the fight

Broken dreams scream at me
From the lost realms of my life
In between my new friends
Called suffering and stryfe

The empty lives heart fills
With the hope of clever lies
Cut by tears of glass
That fall from your eyes

Staring at the silence of a broken hearts scream
Seeing it in shades or blue and red
Dancing with the shadows of the victims I have seen
Dancing with the endless loving dead

The grave holds the promises
That life always forgets

There is a place i know
Where the spirits love to go
A silent echoing chamber of the night

And in this final place
My memory cannot erase
The vision of you in the light.

by Carpaythya

Time Of Loneliness

For all the nights of past remeberance
For all the days of nothingness.
I look through the eyes of a dead man
Just to watch the time slip through my hand.
Peace is only in my dreams
For the world is heartless it seems.
I cry my tears in my heart
Pain is nothing more than my art
just to pass the time.

by Heroin Bob


Angelaopao's Blog

"Robert Pattinson Loses Out To Prince Harry As Coolest Man"

ROBERT Pattinson
’s ego will take a bruising when he picks up the latest issue of GQ magazine!

The hunky British Twilight star has to make do with second place on the publication’s list of the coolest men after he was beaten by Prince Harry.

GQ took into account an “enviable sense of savoir faire, a talent for transforming the mundane into the extraordinary, or… Continue

Posted on June 2, 2010 at 12:04am — 1 Comment

It's A Vampire Rivalry!

Guess there's no Sesame Street in Forks, WA!

Before the Cullens came along, America's favorite vampire for young people was the muppet fangster, The Count! Now, it's Edward this and Edward that, and

after holding his temper (counting to 100!), the Sesame Streeter has

decided to strike back.

Literally! Hey, watch the face — and the sparkles!



Posted on May 30, 2010 at 5:37pm — 5 Comments

Did Shia's GF Take K-Stew's Big Role?!

Punk rock badass bisexual girl from a hit book series? Sounds like the perfect role Kristen Stewart, right?!

Word is, K-Stew was the frontrunner for the lead in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (based on the best-selling thriller novel). But now she's starting to lose ground to Carey Mulligan!

Carey was the star of last year's critically acclaimed drama flick An…


Posted on April 29, 2010 at 12:13am — 23 Comments

Kristen's New Bling. RobSten Pendant?

My affiliate,… Continue

Posted on April 25, 2010 at 5:19am — 14 Comments

Nikki Reed Goes Boutiquing

Posted on April 25, 2010 at 5:15am — 8 Comments

Beautiful outtake of Kstew from Entertainment Weekly

Here is a lovely outtake of Kristen Stewart for the 2009 Entertainment
Weekly photo shoot she did, along with Taylor Lautner and Robert
Pattinson. She looks great!

Posted on April 20, 2010 at 9:13pm

New/Old Outtakes Of Kristen Stewart In Jalouse (2008)!

Here are new/old outtakes of Kristen Stewart from her photo shoot for Jalouse magazine from 2008!

She looks so young, but still bad*ss!!

[Souce: EdwardandBella. Thanks Marie!]…


Posted on April 20, 2010 at 12:17am — 1 Comment

Liam: The New Taylor?

Can't get one super cut teen action star? Hey, there's more where that came from!

The movie offers have been flying in fast and furious for Taylor Lautner these days, and since he's only one (werewolf) guy, he can't do them all!

Even, it seems, when they're offering him a whopping $7.5 million bucks to do 'em! His busy schedule, among other reasons, is why he opted out of

starring in an upcoming flick called…


Posted on April 16, 2010 at 8:34pm — 2 Comments

Tay Squared Remixed!

Posted on April 15, 2010 at 8:13am — 3 Comments

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Are you Shape Shifter, Vampire or Human?
half mortal,half immortal...
Are you thirsty (black eyes), Ready for another human (red eyes), Or Satisfied (golden eyes)?
brown eyes...i'm contented...
Who were you turned by? If you are a vampire...
edward cullen...
What book are you on? Or are you done with the series?
the 4 twilight saga books
Are you a fan of the movie? why or why not? How many times have you seen it?
yeah,i am such a big fan...
Team Edward or Team Jacob? and why?
team edward,because he's just tender and perfect...

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