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If you were a vamp, what would your super/special power be?
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hola. peace to thee. find joy in living. have fun. screw what everybody else thinks. dont let the man get u down. and for gods sakes-ROCK ON!!

Profile Information

Are you Shape Shifter, Vampire or Human?
vampire- *DUH*
Are you thirsty (black eyes), Ready for another human (red eyes), Or Satisfied (golden eyes)?
ready for another (red eyez) *sorry, i cheatedid guyz*
Who were you turned by? If you are a vampire...
JASPER!!! Duh! (no offense Jess XI i am just as alowd to lyk jasper as u r!!)
What book are you on? Or are you done with the series?
been there, done that
Are you a fan of the movie? why or why not? How many times have you seen it?
i've seen the movie lyk 10 times but it really doesn't follow the book, which got annoying (MAJORLY!!) XP so i'm not watching it anymore
Team Edward or Team Jacob? and why?
Team Jasper but if i had to chose Team Edward beacuse I just think vampires are awesumer XP

E.J.- the Jacob and Renesmee Epilogue___read and COMMENT!! a young shakespear needz encouragemant XP


The sun was just peaking over the frozen tundra of Katalla, Alaska and I groaned as I turned to face Renesmee. Unlike her parents, Edward and my dearest Bella, who were full fledged vampires, Renesmee slept just like any human girl would.
“Mornings come too early here,”
I sighed as she opened her eyes. Such a deep brown, you could just fall into them. She smiled and reached up to stroke the side of my face.
“Hmm… Maybe we’ll move to the North Pole Jake, where there isn’t any sunlight.”
She giggled and sat up.
The curtains were pulled but light still seeped through the thin material. Thankfully, we were able to find a ghost town where we could settle and not be noticed. This deserted settlement had long been abandoned by its frozen inhabitants.
I turned and throw my legs over the side of the bed as Renesmee got up to open the curtains. The light was blinding, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it… You get used to the early mornings after a while, although I still complain.
I’ve been with the Cullens here for about 2 and a half years now, and I still can’t get used to the beauty of my half-vampire fiancée. Once I’d imprinted on her, (and made it through Bella’s outraged rants and almost-ripping-out-my-throat phases), I’d known that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Mrs. Renesmee Black. Man that sounds weird… fiancé. I could feel the disgruntled look on my face as Renesmee looked over with a warm smile spread across her tiny features.
She frowned slightly, the corners of her almost-too-perfect lips turning down just a little, but skipped over to me and sat down on my lap. She looked like a porcelain doll compared to my dark, russet-colored complexion. The vampire in her had most of her appearance in check, except for those unfathomable brown eyes she had gotten from her mother, so naturally her skin was very pale, almost white.
“What’s a matter, Jake? You look…bothered,”
Quickly, I pushed the thought of matrimony from my mind, and put on a smile for Renesmee. Just because I’m getting cold feet, it doesn’t mean I should go flaunting my secret cowardice…Renesmee looks as happy as ever with the wedding only two weeks away, and I won’t ruin that for her.
“Nothing, just thinking…”
I could see the puzzlement in her eyes, but ignored it. She sat there for a minute and put her hand in mine. With the contact, I could see what she was thinking, and her questions were endless. But, one of those questions hit my problem head on… Is it the, um…, the wedding?
I arranged my face into an innocent mask and shook my head. But I sighed and gave up when she looked at me seriously, her eyes narrowing slightly.
“Jacob Black, do not tell me you’re getting cold feet,” but she wasn’t upset, I could tell that much.
“It’s okay, you know. You can tell me,” she was twisting a lock of my hair around her small, pale finger. How could she tell? Maybe she can read minds and isn’t telling me… I sighed and looked down at our hands that lay entwined on Renesmee’s knee. Geez, my hand is huge,
“Okay, you caught me. It’s just a little weird. Technically, you’re only 3 you know.” She raised her eyebrows at this and cocked her head to the side a little. I chuckled; she looked like a confused puppy.
“Or maybe it’s just me…” I shrugged and gathered Renesmee’s minute torso into my arms, laying my head on her shoulder and breathing in the scent of her hair. A few seconds later, she pulled back and stared into my eyes. But, after about a minute or so, she gave up and snuggled into the crook of my collarbone.
“We better go see what your in-laws are up to,” Renesmee smiled her dazzling little flash of gleaming white teeth and hopped off me. In less than a second though, we heard a knock on the door.
“Oh, you knock now Dad?”
There was a low chuckle from behind the wooden panel and Edward walked in as the door flew open and quietly thudded against the wall.
“We figured we should after that, um, incident the other night.”
He grinned at this own joke and then rearranged his smile into what was supposed to be mock concern.
“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”
We all burst out laughing and Bella suddenly appeared next to my future father-in-law.
“Now what’s this I here, “‘Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do’? Edward, you know better than that, you’re just as bad as my son, Jacob over there!” I could here the emphasis on ‘son’; she knew that irritated me to no end, but Bella also joined in on our laughter.
“Sorry, Mom, we were just talking about how you and Dad over there never knock!” she caught the pillow I wailed at her.
I muttered a “Drat!” under my breath, though I was aware that each of them could hear me…another vampire thing. And that seemed to further amuse my parents. Yah, it’s not like we can’t here you two over here anyway! I knew Edward could hear my thoughts, one of his many talents. Okay, okay, just kidding…I have to have respect for my elders, don’t I?
I could tell he enjoyed my little rant because he let out a snicker and stage whispered something to Bella. I didn’t catch it though, he talked too fast.
Bella danced, or that what it looked like to me, over to my Renesmee and wrapped her arm around her waist, pulling her out the door. I quickly slip on my cut-offs and follow, Edward closing the door behind me.

Outside we found the rest of the Cullens waiting with what looked like an aluminum bat and a few baseballs lying on the ground. Hm…thunderstorm must be coming.
Since the Cullens tend to make a lot of noise when they play baseball, we often wait for a storm to come around so that the rumbling is less noticeable. Even now, in the deserted Alaskan wilderness, we take this precaution just in case there’s any near by dog-sleds or hikers.
“Feel like a little ball, Jake?” Emmett calls, miming a swing that looked like it could have split the baseball in half. I grin and run back inside the cabin to throw on my baseball jersey.
“Only if you feel like losing, bro.”
“Yeah, right.” he calls, and my grin grows more pronounced.
As I make my way back towards Renesmee and the others, Alice pauses in the middle of talking to Edward. She doesn’t look worried so I take it that Edward asked her to look out for any visitors before we left. Though Alice’s visions are subject to change and not 100% guaranteed the Cullens depend on the brief glimpses to keep us hidden and safe.
Rosalie is leaning on the side of her and Emmett’s cabin and doesn’t look too happy. She hasn’t ever liked me much, and we don’t really get along, but she’ll live. It’s not a total disgrace to have a werewolf in the family. Edward looks up at that thought and snorts, glancing at Rosalie. He raises his eyebrows and says “That’s what you think,” laughing while Bella looks up, puzzled.
“What was that about?” she squints in mock concern, raising one eyebrow and pursing her lips.
“Oh, I was just reminiscing about that time you decided to break you hand on my face.” I grin as she rolls her eyes.
“Like we haven’t heard that one before,”
Edward bursts out laughing, apparently at something that crossed Jasper’s mind. Jasper smirks and sticks out his tongue at his brother. I open my mouth in shock, Jasper rarely showed a sense of humor. Why’s Jasper in such a good mood? I laugh at myself; maybe he’s gotten over his struggle for control and can afford to show some emotion. Gotten over the whole vampire thing? Edward nods and I rock back on my heels. Well, that’s good. Nice for him to finally show a sense a’ humor. I smirk and throw a baseball to Jasper,
“Think fast!”
Of course, he catches it and grins.
“Are you ready to lose, little brother?” he says, tossing the ball back.
“Don’t get your hopes up, Jazz.” The only person that calls him that is Alice, but I use it for trash talk every once in a while.
We all laugh and the Cullens turn towards the woods, while I promptly go behind the cabin and strip, strapping my clothes around my leg with a strip of black leather. The phase comes quick and I shake my fur, it’s been a good day and half since I’ve been a wolf. The change is awesome in all ways; your senses get clearer, you can focus better, and you’re a free spirit in fur. Total freedom and control. Wolves rule.


Quickly, I turn around and bound after my vampire family. You’re not faster than me, but you got a good head start, Edward. I think, grinning. Soon I can see Renesmee’s back and howl to get her attention. It does the trick and she slows down, turning her head and grinning.
“My wolf man,” she chuckles and runs beside me.
I growl playfully and bump her, her arm grazing a passing tree. She jumps on my back and I give her a ride down to the clearing, laughing with my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth.
In the clearing, we meet up with the rest of the Cullens and Carlisle sets up the bases. Jasper’s swinging the bat around, trying to hit an imaginary ball. For once, he’s grinning with enthusiasm. It’s a nice change, considering at first I thought it was just the me-and-his-niece thing. Ready for a real beating, Dad? Because that’s what you’ve got coming.
Edward runs over from across the field and hurls the ball in my direction. I roll and jump into the air, catching the ball after a quick phase and landing on two feet. Crouching, I slip on my shorts and jog over to Renesmee. She’s giggling hysterically at something Alice just whispered to her and has her hand over her mouth.
“I don’t want to know,”
“It’s a girl thing, Jake. You wouldn’t understand.” Alice says putting her hand on Renesmee’s shoulder to support her snickering self from dropping to her knees with laughter. I roll my eyes and scoop up Renesmee, carrying her to home plate so we can pick teams.
“Okay, Edward and Jacob’s captain for this game, so line up.”
“I get first pick,” I declare as my father-in-law and I run up from the line of vampires.
“Okay, um…let’s see, I’ll regret this…Renesmee, get over here.”
Alice opens her mouth in mock surprise, making a little O. Jasper laughs and Edward whispers something like, “Didn’t see that coming,”
“Well, Jake’s got all the good players so, I pick…Emmett,”
Emmett high fives his brother as he lines up next to him.
“Esme,” Ha ha, you get the blonde, I think, smirking at Edward.
He rolls his eyes as Rosalie takes her spot next to Bella in Edward’s line up, looking all too pleased that she didn’t get put on the dog’s team.

“Okay,” Alice declares and steps up to the pitching mound, “I pitch first. Edward, you’re up.” She’s grinning and Edward raises his eyebrows at something Alice thinks. I got the pitcher with the wicked curve ball,
Everyone takes their places; Jasper in the outfield, Renesmee at second, Esme as catcher, and I run up to short stop.
Edward steps up to bat, and Alice winds up, clearly trying not to think of what pitch she’s going to throw. You are such a cheater! No mind reading!
He grins and swings as Alice whips the ball in towards home plate. The sound of the hit echoes through the clearing just as a faint rumble of thunder fills my ears, and some birds take off in the distance. The ball flies over tree tops and Jasper takes off into the woods. Just when Edward’s rounding second, a baseball soars out from the trees and Jasper exits about a second later.
Alice catches it and tosses it to Esme at home plate right before Edward slides in.
“OUT!” Ha! Take that Mr. Mind-reader!
Emmett’s up next and though he hits the hardest, I can morph before you can say “home run”. But he makes it to third before I can get the ball in.
“Nice hit, but you’re still gonna lose!”
The next up to bat is Carlisle. He bunts and Emmett bolts to home plate. The game continues and in the ninth inning the game is at something like 28 to 34, my team winning.


Bella steps up to bat, I smell something unusual. EDWARD, look! Everyone whips around to face a small brown cat creeping out of the trees and into the clearing. Following it is an array of random animals; a huge dog about the size of a small deer, a buck, and a…I can’t believe it, a wolf. Not a regular wolf though, my kind of wolf…a werewolf.
The eyes were too intelligent for an animals’. They’re shifters, shifters. A group of shape shifters just stumbled upon our little game. Wow, I can see the shock on everyone’s faces. Esme looks like she wants to run, Emmett has the expression of a deer-in-headlights, and Edward has ‘COMPLETELY SURPRISED’ written across his forehead.
The only one keeping his cool was Carlisle, though I could tell he himself was astounded by our group of visitors. Being the unofficial leader of the Cullen’s coven, Carlisle walks to the front of the line of vampire couples that had formed in front of our guests.
The cat morphs into a pixie-ish Alice look-a-like that seemed to be about 18, maybe 19, and signals for the others to do the same. The dog turns into a teenaged boy a little older than Catwoman, with blue eyes and sandy hair. He doesn’t look very sure of himself and exchanges a meaningful look with the buck before it too phases. The second boy isn’t huge, but he is big. The green eyes situated on his face are piercing and his almost white-blonde hair matted with twigs and leaves.
He looks over to the wolf and jerks his head like “Come on!” And soon the wolf came forward and changes into a girl in her early twenties. Her hair was cropped short and black, and her eyes are about level with my elbows. She narrows them when she delicately sniffs the air, raising her chin like my vampire in-laws are disgusting vermin unworthy of her company.
Ugh, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the forest. I casually walk over to the rest of the Cullens and remove Alice’s arm from around Renesmee, replacing it with my own. Carlisle steps from Esme to confront the strangers while we all watch, silent. I’m the only one breathing on this side. The air is so thick; I could whip out my pocketknife and slice the tension in half.
“Hello, I’m Carlisle and this is my family,” he waves his hand toward us. “Rosalie and Emmett,” Emmett nods.
“Alice and Jasper,” Alice waves but Jasper stands still, clearly taking in all the pressure of the group’s overly anxious dispositions.
“Bella and Edward,” Edward nods curtly, never looking from the wolf girl, a grimace shifting his features.
“Jacob and Renesmee,” I straighten up but Renesmee stays still, looking wary and a little scared of these unwelcome visitors. Finally, Carlisle steps back to pull Esme to his side and smile.
“And this is my wife Esme.”
The buck, which looks like he’s the dominant of the two males, steps forward and takes Catwoman’s hand.
He nods, “Hello, my name is Erik, and this is Juno. These are my friends, Gabrielle and Masa.”
Masa? Juno? Where are these guys from? Edward looks over and shrugs, finally taking his eyes off the vicious wolf-girl. Hm, not from around here I suppose, or we’d met them sooner. He nods in agreement, but suddenly snaps his head back towards the female Gabrielle.
“What is your business here?”
We look at the wolf-girl, who spoke the words that both startled and offended me, said with such disgust and savagery. I step forward,
“Is that of your concern? From where we’re standing, the same question applies to you and your friends. I haven’t met any other shifters in a while.”
“Other shifters?” she asks, raising her small dark eyebrows, “By that I can assume you share our gift…?”
I phase quickly and growl a threat. Taking a stance next to Carlisle, I phase back and take in the astonished looks of the group in front of me.
“Proof enough? You threaten my family; I will fight without mercy, even if you are of my kind.” I spit at their feet, “No one will hurt the ones I love.” I sneer and throw a quick look at Renesmee, who looks startled by my outburst. I smile quickly, wink, and turn back to the small crowd of shape shifters, clearly taken back by my sudden defense and threat. The buck, Erik steps forward towards me and Carlisle,
“I see, but we do not wish to fight. We come in peace.” Edward raises his eyebrows,
“Says who? The little wolf-girl over there is thinking daggers at us.”
Jasper nods in agreement,
“I can feel the hostility rolling off her in waves. Not very nice for someone wishing for peace and friendship, don’t you think?”
The wolf-girl glares towards Edward and Jasper, and Edward winces theatrically,
“Ooh, ouch.” He laughs but the girl doesn’t look amused and growls. Ooh, scary, Little Red Running Pelt. I could tear her to shreds without even thinking about it. Edward snorts, again drawing the attention of “Gabrielle”.
But, before anyone can say anything, Erik steps forward to converse with Carlisle and the tension eases slightly.
“Look, we bare no threat to your coven. I just came to see what inhabited this barren environment, but I can see that you’re nothing that will threaten us or anyone in the area.” He nods towards our group, “Your eyes aren’t the same as the others. The gold is a sign of your preferred diet. We didn’t mean to disturb you. We’ll be leaving soon.”
Hm, I don’t think so. I turn towards Edward and Carlisle. “And how do we know that they aren’t a threat? They should stay, no longer than a week, so we can see whether or not their intentions are what they’ve said. If not, we fight.” I shrug. They might not be who they say they are.
Edward nods and turns to whisper to Carlisle, though I couldn’t hear it, which was good because then I knew that they couldn’t hear it. But, Carlisle apparently took it in consideration and nodded, turning to face Erik, Juno, Masa, and nasty little Gabrielle.
“Jacob makes a point; we have a somewhat permanent residence out by the edge of the forest, you’ll stay with us for the next week. This will prevent any misunderstanding on our part, and a resting place for you.” Erik raises his eyebrow, clearly considering it, and then he shrugs.
“We have nothing to hide, why not?” He spun to face his companions. “Gabrielle, Juno, you will bunk together. Masa and I will share. We have nothing to conceal from these vegetarians. And they pose no threat to us.” Turning back to us he says,
“Lead the way,”
All of the shifters change, but they choose different forms. All four of our unwelcome visitors phase. Erik is now a large silvery-white-furred wolf, about as big as me. Juno turns into a dainty-looking brown wolf soon after her partner. Masa, or whatever his name is, phases into a smallish sand-colored one, and Gabrielle morphs back into the black wolf that had entered our clearing about twenty minutes ago.
Quickly, I change into my fur and jerk my head towards the forest. Come on, you guys go first. I’ll follow behind them. My father-in-law nods and the Cullens take off into the trees. I turn to face Erik and twitch my snout towards the trees. Ladies first.
Erik’s Secret

Erik’s group made themselves at home in two of the extra shacks around our “village”. They were situated towards the middle, so we could keep an eye on our friends. Gabrielle didn’t look too happy about moving in with us vamps (and shifter-me), so I kept my distance.
The day after the Erik and his friends arrived, I walk in on him alone in his room, mumbling to himself and writing in what looked like some kind of journal.
“What are you doing?”
He quickly gets up and turns to face me. Finally, someone who’s as tall as me.
“Why are you in my cabin? Invasion of personal space isn’t a good way to make friends. I don’t enjoy having people eavesdrop or sneak up on me.”
I shrugged and walked up to the bed. The springs protested a bit when I sat down, but it’d live.
“You didn’t answer my question.” I reached over to pick up the journal thing, but Erik snatched it, growling and lengthening his teeth.
“Oooo, touch-y. What’s that?”
Reluctantly, he sits beside me and sighs quietly.
“My friends and I have put your family in great danger.”
I can feel my face changing into a grimace, but I was confused.
“Your family are vampires, are they not?”
I nod, still confused but listening intently. Edward, listen to this.
“Well, we are being hunted by the royalty of the vampire world. About a month ago, the Volturi took my sister, Liga. I was infuriated, and so a few weeks ago, around 11 days after Liga was captured, we attacked their castle.
“They have been chasing us ever since, apparently because of the attack and the fact that we killed many of their guard. We were on our way to Fiji, actually, but Juno had family here in Alaska and she wanted to tell them she was leaving. I feel bad for endangering your coven, I’m truly sorry.”
But just as I took a breath to speak, Renesmee bursted through the door, startling both me and Erik.
“I have GREAT news!!” she exclaims, jumping up and down like an excited second grader. She leaps over and sits in my lap, giving me a kiss to die for.
“I’m pregnant! We’re going to have babies!”
I blanch, my eyes bulging, and slowly I realize, Did she say babies? She kisses me again and I swoop her into my arms, twirling around the room.
Slowly, I stop spinning and lightly set my fiancé down.
“I’m gonna be a dad?” I ask softly, staring into Renesmee’s eyes.
She nods and I sweep her up again into my arms.
“I’m gonna be a dad!” We both smile and suddenly the door explodes open again, this time my whole family and the shape shifters gathering into the small cabin.
“I’m going to be a grandfather,” Edward whispers.
Bella is all smiles when she exclaims,
“You’re having a baby Renesmee!! I’ll have a grandchild!” she hugs her daughter and smiles widely at me. The euphoric atmosphere is dazzling.
“Correction, you’re going to have grandchildren!” Renesmee says, “Look,”
She takes her mother’s hand and places it low on her stomach. Bella gasps.
Once again, I freeze. Four! She’s having quads? Wow, ok, quads. My throat closes up and I start to breathe a little faster. My eyes are huge; I can feel them opening wider and wider.
“Hey, calm down, Jake. You don’t want to hyperventilate.”
Edward chuckles, and puts a hand on my shoulder. Suddenly I feel a sense of calm wash over me, and I look over to Jasper. He grins.
“You’re welcome,”
I slow my breathing and look at Renesmee. She’s beaming. I walk over and put a hand on her stomach, just as one of my children aim a kick to one of Renesmee’s kidneys.
“Oh, we have a soccer player.” Renesmee laughs and gently puts her hand over mine.
The shifters haven’t said a word. They just stare, and Juno looks like she wants to come over. A second later she pounces towards Renesmee and hugs her.
I raise my eyebrows, but Renesmee hugs her back. From the corner of my eye I see Gabrielle grimace at the show of affection, but I dismiss it.
“Edward, I have to talk to you.”
Quickly, I pull my father-in-law outside.
“We need to discuss what you overheard about two seconds before my future wife announced she’s having my children.”

Then, They Came

Later that night, I find myself sitting in a chair next to Edward, Carlisle, and my uncles, facing our group of visitors.
“It’s settled then, we will leave as soon as possible. No harm should come to your family. I thank you for your hospitality.” Erik says, standing to face Carlisle.
Carlisle nods and reaches out his hand. They shake. I shudder, thinking of our coming visitors and the plan we just devised.
The shifters were going to leave, and when the Volturi came, the Cullens were going to cover for them. With Demetri on the hunt, it won’t take long for them to get here. Edward is out now, asking the Denali clan to come and stand with us, as they did the last time we were confronted by the Volturi. With Renesmee having babies, we’ll want to make their visit quick. If they start a fight, we fight back and hopefully get lucky and leave alive. Meanwhile, Renesmee will be in one of the cabins with Alice.
“It’s agreed.”
The group slowly gets up and leaves the cabin. I follow and soon came my vampire relatives.
Erik turns to face me and puts his hand out. I take it.
“Goodbye, I hope you don’t get put in the middle of this because of us.”
I crack a grin.
“Little late for that, don’t you think?”
He smiles and walks away joining Juno, Masa, and Gabrielle. They shift quickly, all four turning wolf, and escape into the forest.
I turn towards my and Renesmee’s cabin, and sigh. Wonder how big Renesmee is now. Over the past few days when we’d been discussing our plan to evade a confrontation with the Volturi, Renesmee’s stomach had gotten massive. Apparently, werewolf-vampire babies also grow faster than the average, human baby.
Suddenly, I hear a scream echo through Katalla. Renesmee,
I bolt towards the door and take in the scene in front of me; Renesmee lying back on the bed, knees spread, and Alice sitting next to her, cooing and trying to sooth.
She can’t be in pain. Are those contractions? EDWARD!! They can’t come now, not with the Volturi so close.
I tentatively walk over to my wife, and kneel beside the bed.
“They’re coming, Jake. They’re coming,” she whispers, grabbing my hand and squeezing it. Her face is covered with sweat. Can vampires sweat? She grins a little but then gasps, screaming as another shudder shakes her small body.
“Renesmee, Renesmee, look at me. Everything’s going to be all right, you’re gonna be fine.”
She grimaces and squeezes me hand tight.
My in-laws burst through the door and immediately get what’s happening. Bella rushes to get some hot water and Edward bolts over to the cabinet to get some fresh towels. Once again, my beautiful Renesmee screams and quakes. I’m going to be a father.


I sat there, holding two of my children, and watching my sleeping bride. Edward is sitting on the other side of Renesmee’s bed, holding one of his granddaughters, and Bella is pacing and rocking little Jacob Jr. in her strong, granite arms. I smile and sigh, looking down at my kids.
My second son and other daughter were sleeping soundly, their little heads nestled into my chest. We haven’t named them all yet, but Renesmee insisted on calling the oldest boy after me, his werewolf dad.
I look up as Renesmee stirs, opening her tired eyes. She smiles weakly and reaches for her daughter, holding out her pale arms. I grin back and hand her the sleeping girl.
“We have to name them.” She croaks, shaking off her parents as they rush over to see if she’s okay.
I chuckle and nod in agreement.
“That little guy in your arms, I want to name him after my father and your father, like my mother did for me.
“Edward and Billy…how do we mix that? Edwilly? No.
“Um, how about…Bilard? Um, no.”
“What about Edilly?” I suggest, raising my eyebrows and trying to look innocent.
Renesmee smiles suddenly, tilting her head, considering my proposition.
“Edilly,” she says.
She nods, grinning. Renesmee sits up, holding her daughter close.
“Now, what about this little one? She’s an immortal child, though not that kind and so cute.”
“Ambrosine,” Edward supplies, shrugging. “It means immortal in Latin or something.”
Renesmee nods and strokes the side of infantile Ambrosine’s face. “Ambrosine, I like that. It’s a pretty name for an even more beautiful child.” She smiles down lovingly at her daughter and slowly looks up.
“Finally, Edward’s other granddaughter.”
Jasper peeks his head in, and Alice follows him as he walks in to see Renesmee and his great nieces and nephews.
“Akeldama,” he says, apparently he was listening on the conversation.
“It means field of blood, and considering what she’ll eat…”
He shrugs, and Alice rolls her eyes.
“What about Alice? If you’re going for A-names.” She grins sheepishly, cocking her head to the side. “I mean, I am her great aunt.”
Renesmee laughs lightly,
“Actually, I like Jasper’s idea. A little extreme, I mean, she’s still part werewolf, but I like the name itself. It’ll suit her.”
Jasper grins. He walks up to the bed and stands next to Edward.
“Can I hold her?” he inquires, reaching out toward Edward’s sleeping bundle of blankets. Edward smirks and puts Akeldama in Jasper’s awaiting arms.
As soon as Jasper gets the baby settled, he smiles and starts to gently sing to her.
Everyone snickers quietly, having never seen Jasper turn so soft. But Jasper doesn’t even stop when I come over and stand with him and Edward, looking down at Renesmee. She smiles at me,
“So, here we have Jacob Jr., Edilly, Ambrosine, and Akeldama. The four sleeping weremanpire babies.”
“Weremanpires?” I ask, confused.
“Part werewolf, part human, part vampire.” She explains.

i shall continue later...

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At 5:39am on April 17, 2010, Demtist Eqlor gave mrs.ambrosine.lynn.hale13 a gift
Best Fwiendz chicka! Dun forget that! No matter how far the distance is!
At 5:35am on April 17, 2010, Demtist Eqlor said…
Awesum Ma- whoops, Sinny! Take the advise of everyone else! WRITE. I tell you this over, and over, and over, and I tell the other two self-doubting dummies the same thing; YOU DON'T SUCK. Keep going!!!
At 10:09pm on February 8, 2010, Mrs. ObsessedwithJasperHale said…
Thanks for adding!!!!!!!!!!1
At 1:23am on August 11, 2009, Laverne Rathbone said…
If u wnat to email it to me my email is or
At 4:41am on August 9, 2009, Kimberly Meraz said…
That pic "to drink or not to drink" my friend Kimmy made it :]
Nice page , i love it ;]
At 9:41am on August 6, 2009, mrs.ambrosine.lynn.hale13 said…
aw...thankz guyz! those are sum seriously awesum commentz! u guyz are totally grool :) :) *be jazz*
At 4:38pm on July 9, 2009, Madisyn Cullen said…
Sinny hale i read all of that and WOW that was amazing u r and awesome writer u should be a writer when you are older! GOOD LUCK!
At 12:40am on June 30, 2009, Laverne Rathbone said…
Thanks ani told me you said we could be in your book thing. . Good luck in the future with your book shakespear. THANK YOU FOR LETTING US BE IN IT
At 7:58pm on June 20, 2009, Laverne Rathbone said…
wow ur good could you mabe put in two new half vampire half werewolfs named verna and ani
Thanks so much message me back Laverne Rathbone
At 10:03am on June 15, 2009, Alexandria Cullen said…
Yeah, it's Bellatrix

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