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jackson rathbone, charlie bewley, stephen moyer, alexander skarsgard and allan hyde are MINE *in a rough strong southern accent*

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Are you Shape Shifter, Vampire or Human?
Are you thirsty (black eyes), Ready for another human (red eyes), Or Satisfied (golden eyes)?
passionate blood red
Who were you turned by? If you are a vampire...
jasper hale
What book are you on? Or are you done with the series?
done reading them once but reading them agen i dont think i will be able to stop
Are you a fan of the movie? why or why not? How many times have you seen it?
yes im a fan how can you nt be and ive lost count now
Team Edward or Team Jacob? and why?
team edward words cant explain

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Chapter one
Family life

I Raphael Evig had been waiting for such a long time to see what real emotions felt like I had seen my little brother and his partner, they were always so close like they are two parts of one thing before Michael met Gabriel he was always so resentful at the thought of real emotion he believed it was just a weakness but the moment I introduced him to Gabriel he jus melted he became someone new someone with a young happines in him even though our family are far from young it still felt that way with Michael now.
On many occasion in my years I have thought that I felt love but never had it been the real thing a lot of time the false feeling has gotten me into trouble with my own kind mostly, like when Gabriel had first introduced me to his family, the Eterna family were almost as old as ours but they were less noble than ours none of us could figure out the reason for this so we all just accepted it and try to avoid the subject as best as possible, but yes when Gabriel first introduced me to his little brother Gaius and his twin sister Vivienne I felt a connection to both of them much to Gabriel’s dismay he wasn’t happy at all when he found out that I and his younger brother were a little more than friends and due to the short relationship between me and Gaius me and Vivienne decided it would be best if we just stayed as friends and nothing more.
The day Gabriel discovered my relationship with his brother in the worst possible way was most probably one of the only times ever that I was glad that for one my family are far from human and two that my sister has always some how been able to sense when I am in any form of danger, on that day she jus got there in time thankfully she is stronger than Gabriel as well so she could subdue him without a challenge.
I have always been much closer to Anael than I have to Michael she is two years older than I but she has as much respect for me as I have her she is much like me we both can see how love can change someone for the better but we both still havent found it its slightly different for her though she seems to be disgusted by anyone of our kind for as long as I have been able to tell she has had nothing but contempt for men that have tried to make a move on her, it worries me to think what might become of her through time we have so much of it after all.
I had always heard rumours about Anael whispers of things that would be disliked by a vast majority of our community and lets face it we weren’t the favourite family of our kind jus for accepting the Eterna’s for who they were and not who there ancesters were I guess the only reason we weren’t exiled is because well no one had that authority above us in this kingdom hell possibly many other kingdoms around us the only reason I think that is because we have to be prepared at all times to deal with such problems our kind can be very volatile as we know all too well.
Our family personally prefer to live a peaceful life style and we have for a long time which is why we can co-exist with humans and try to with other immortal creatures even though some seem to relish the thought of creating conflict between themselves and us even though our race is violent to say the least we can control our selves most of the time unlike certain vile creatures not naming any to be exact but im sure you could imagine.
These such things are the reason why we keep our selves locked away secluded and out of sight im not saying our abode is uncomfortable it really isn’t I would say very lavish fit for a king with our fine white marble walls and extremely plush furniture in rich reds and deep purples we have got a perfect living quality but not as we would choose it we may be creatures of the night who walk in the day and prefer to befriend our food rather than eat it but as we all know we need to feed so we try to be discreet with our preference in nourishment.


chapter two

The favour

I woke up to loud smashes and bangs this was not unusual but it was never a good thing so I normally try to stay out of it but for some reason this time I didn’t I really don’t know what persuaded me to go and investigate but I did anyway this was my first mistake, even though Michael and Gabriel were still madly in love after lord knows how many years they had there arguments like any other couple but this was more than they usually did.
As I walked into the room I saw Michael lunging at Gabriel and Gabriel trying his best to protect him self, Michael and whatever was left of there sleeping quarters at the same time it was impresive I have got to say even though Gabriel isn’t as old as I am he knows his streanths and uses them to there best that and the little extra assistance he has made for quite the show, mistake number two making my presence known as I said my brothers name I cought them both by surprise which for some strange reason made my brother show his aggresion on me instead of Gabriel at which point Michael now lunged for me but well im a little less worried about my little brother I have fought with him so many times I know he can handle being bashed about a bit so I took my knowledge of Michaels attacking techniques and slammed him to the floor from mid air my brother is not weak in any form of the word but he is not as practiced as I am this didn’t stop both him and anael worrying about me though which is why Michael and Gabriel were arguing in the first place.
Gabriel wanted me to do him a favour but this favour would put my health at risk, in a couple weeks time Gabriel had some old friends he wanted me to escort here to our kingdom, which of course I would do that if they were friends of Gabriel they were friends of me, but my brother knew that I would say yes to this and not allow him to accompany me and Gabriel, my brother loved the chance to flex his muscles he is quite energetic and well since we decided to live a relatively peaceful life style he hadn’t been able to show his superior skill in the form of combat but it was nothing more than vampiric strength and speed, my brother knew I could stop him from coming so he pleaded with me to not grant Gabriel’s favour but I had said yes and I will not go back on my word so Michael had to spend the day with Gaius and Vivienne which he wasn’t exactly pleased with he never really got along with Gaius for a few reasons and Vivienne always looked up to my brother and I so she could be a little clingy at times.
Michael just sat in the corner as Gabriel went through the specifics of what we had to do it was pretty simple to be honest all we had to do is go into a neighbouring kindom meet his friends and escort them back, fair enough in-between our kingdom and the other there was some rough grounds which were mostly controlled by lycans and the other kingdom had been said to be controlled by a particularly bad set of lycans now this wasn’t a common thing a vampire kingdom to be taken by lycans and it did worry our community to see this happen,
We had originally thought about going and taking the kingdom for our own but then at the last minute we decided against it that hadn’t gained us any more fans either but it was our decision so no one could say anything against it and if they did well it was duly noted and then they were used for better means like lunch!
I suppose there is some perks to this type of life.
On the last week leading up to the little trip we had planned Gabriel, Anael and I went over the plan over and over again while Michael sat in the corner grumbling at opportune moment it was quite funny in some ways but mostly just childish so we kept ignoring him which made him even more annoyed but there was still nothing he could do, once we had decided the best route in and out and the best times to make our passages through certain areas which we decided was in the brightest daylight because the lycans had what they would class as the advantage in the pitch dark of night it would be easier for them to hide in the dark but it would be just the same as in the daylight because of our heightened eyesight at night, some times think there choice to be more active at night was because not many of our kind can live in the light of day so it strikes me that they just want to fight, most lycans have a strength advantage over vampires but I only no of one that can stand a chance against my self, Anael, Michael or Gabriel this is why I will not allow Michael on this trip I fear that this lycan is the one that has taken the neighbouring kingdom as his own,
It would take more than my family to deal with that problem kale is known to travel in what could only be described as a army he has a select few that he keeps close them alone could defend the kingdom pretty well but the army makes it damn near impossible.


chapter 3
On any given fight

The time had come for us to leave and I have to say it is not often I get this anxious about anything, Michael had been acting suspicious the past couple of hours so I used my power to stop him from even trying to follow us he knew what the consequences were if he tried, at precisely 10:36am myself, Anael and Gabriel gathered in the great hall which was tall white stone walls and was accented in the corners, doorways, windows and stone pillars with large amounts of pristine white gold quite a beautiful sight and shocking to new eyes, we took a moment to check each others armour even though there is Kevlar and such at this day and age we still use old fashioned armour but improved instead or iron and steal we use titanium and carbon fibre not only for there strength they also look great and are light and easy to move in, once we had reached the main door my anxiety had spread to Anael and Gabriel to but we knew what we had to do and how we were to do it so with one deep breath we all pushed open the large gilded doors and took in the sunlight as though it was the first time we would usually all get into our cars and shoot of to where ever it was we desired but for this by foot was the best approach quick and quiet, there are a few ways to get too the border of our kingdom and the other the stealthiest option was to shoot through the mountains obviously not the easies but nothing about this mission was going to be easy, we reached the border by about 12:10pm, we knew there was some lycan activity ahead but we knew we could avoid it so we went on with caution, we had been across the border for about 1 hour when I realised that we weren’t alone it shocked me that something knew we was here but didn’t try to attack us but then it clicked it was no lycan following us it was another vampire a female and she was not much younger than I and Anael, I decided it was best to not inform Anael and Gabriel since I knew who ever this other vampire was she was close enough for me to smell and sense her which means she could see us from the deepest shadows which in this area are pitch black, I think she is just intrigued that we are walking in the light as I have said before not many of our kind can do this, so as we went on I noticed she started to back off and I don’t think its because I know she is there and the darkness was only getting deeper in this dense forest and large rock crevices, it was at this point I realised I was so taken by this unknown vampire that I hadn’t focused on anything else and the strong stench of lycan fur was deep inside my nasal passages I couldn’t sense weather they were old or young it had been some time since I smelled the rough musky earth smell that emitted from there body’s weather phased or not all I could tell was that there was more of them than there was us, by this point Anael and Gabriel could smell them too and it was quite clear by the look on Anael’s face that she did not intend to back down she was shuddering with adrenalin and pure hatred at this point all I could do is hope that there was only young lycans and not so many we couldn’t handle, up until this moment everything was going well we had the advantage we knew they were there but they didn’t know that we were it was when a tearing roar emitted from a short distance away we knew that our presence was known and that precise point I felt myself, Anael, Gabriel and the unknown vampire that was still hiding in the deepest black all tense and assume a defensive/attack position, we could tell that the lycans were heading our way at a great speed as there smell got incredibly worse as they progressed and from the roar I knew there would be more stronger lycans closing in on this area as well but the landscape would be to our advantage with that because it is so barren here it would take some time for the reinforcements to get to us, by time we could see the first lycan in the distance Anael and Gabriel were both perched ready to lunge with there blades drawn and intense growls emitting from there chests but they both knew not to move until I gave the go ahead, I figured we had around 20 minutes to dispatch the on coming attack and that would only give us enough time to ready our self’s for the next lot so we had to attack quick and hard, as the lead lycan entered the canyon of slate and greenery that surrounded us I crouched and reached up my back for the small blades that were aligned in special slots in my armour and at the same time Anael reached with both arms over her shoulder and Gabriel slouched over to reach his shin guards at the moment I stood and swung my arm round and up three glistening blades left my hand faster than the human eye could see Anael and Gabriel immediately followed with blades of there own Anael’s were larger than mine and were more frosted than glistening and Gabriel’s were a little smaller than Anael’s and looked more like daggers than blade and his were coated in black enamel all seven blades flew towards the lycans as if they were air them self’s my leading blade shot strait through the skull of the lead lycan and lodged into one that was directly behind my two other blades shot through the pack I thought they had missed until I heard yelps from within the darkness Anael’s blades took out the to lycans on either side of the lead lycan and they almost split them both in two Gabriel’s daggers shot into the chest of the two lycans on either far side and at once they both fell,
As we drew our swords the lycans that still stood leaped into the air and within seconds they were damn near above us Gabriel moved in his place and suddenly jumped at the rock wall closest to us and in a single move repelled him self off onto the back of a lycan and dug his blades into its spine and both of them came crashing down but not before Anael spun up into the direct path of another lycan and dug her axe deep into its jaw it was then when I made a move I adjusted in my place and in a burst of energy lunged into the air in a back flip in the same motion I planted my right foot on the under side of a lycans jaw and as the rotation continued my blade struck where my foot was previously and sliced strait through with ease once I had reached quite some altitude I had started my second rotation and I was head first dropping as a lycan moved below me I moved my sword and I and my sword as a spear head hurtled towards the lycan as I struck I waited to feel my sword hit the floor as it did I released the handle and landed square on my feet with enough motion for me to follow through and head butt a on coming lycan, I turned to see Anael and Gabriel finishing the last couple off but the sound of the next lot of lycans being lead by Kendra Nuit one of kales generals was distracting to say the least and they were coming quick now they had seen the situation, Anael and Gabriel just made it back in time for us to take position, just as I went to strike for Kendra Gabriel made the mistake of moving to the head of our small formation which knocked me and gave Kendra the opening she needed at once she was on Gabriel trying to bite her way through his shoulder armour and we were over run with lycans myself and Anael were gashing our way through the horde when with blinding speed the unknown vampire shot out and removed everything from Kendra’s upper jaw onwards it was quite the sight to see a slim 18 year old female rip a fully grown lycan apart with her bare hands once this had happened all of the other lycans retreated this is when we noticed Gabriel was injured.

ok i know its extremely amature but i would like to know what you think but plz keep in mind this is my first ever go at writing something so plz comment let me kno thank you
xoxo <3 xoxo

chapter 4

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