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Are you Shape Shifter, Vampire or Human?
we are all sorts
Are you thirsty (black eyes), Ready for another human (red eyes), Or Satisfied (golden eyes)?
we each have multiple
Who were you turned by? If you are a vampire...
deferent people
What book are you on? Or are you done with the series?
Are you a fan of the movie? why or why not? How many times have you seen it?
i live it
Team Edward or Team Jacob? and why?
both :)

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looks can kill..and just remeber stefan when you play my games there are no rules

i talk in 3rd person

Name: Katherine von Swartzchild
Nickname: Kat

Birthday: Some time during the 15th century

Eyes: Blue / brown

Hair: Brown

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Astrological Sign: Unknown

Relationships: Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore

Children: None

Parents: Baron Von Swartzchild, mother unknown

Siblings: None

Powers: Owl form, tiger form, kitten form, weather manipulation, mind manipulation, she can appear in people’s dreams

Random Facts:

As the unmarried daughter of a baron, Katherine's full title would have been The Honourable Katerina von Swartzschild

Katherine’s appearance:

Katherine looks almost exactly like Elena, with jewel-blue eyes, golden blonde hair, and pale skin. There are however a few slight differences between the two girls. Katherine is shorter, her eyes are wider and more blue, and her hair is a few shades darker than Elena's. Katherine also has "almost silvery" eyebrows and eyelashes. She is, of course, very beautiful.
At first, Katherine is described through flashbacks of memory. She finally makes her appearance in The Fury. She looks the same, except for her long, golden hair, which has grown past floor-length and now trails behind her; Elena initially mistakes it for a train on her gown. Her face is also described (by Elena) simply as looking "wrong" and "distorted," twisted by hunger and mocking.

Katherine’s personality:

When the Salvatore brothers first meet Katherine during the Renaissance, she is a fragile young German noblewoman with a dark secret. Katherine is soft-spoken, innocent, and excessively naïve. In spite of her vampirism, she does not appear to understand shadow emotions and the darker side of life, and as such she fails to grasp the deep roots of the conflict between Stefan and Damon. She displays her childishness by refusing to choose between the two brothers and believing that martyring herself will resolve their difficulties.
In the centuries between the Italian Renaissance and the time of The Fury, Katherine has grown quite insane, which is at least partly attributable to the influence of Klaus. She is jealous of Elena and hates Damon and Stefan for daring to pursue another woman. She boasts about killing many humans and vampires over the past few centuries, and has become hungry for power and revenge.

Birthdate 1614 (age 17/396)

Family Elena Gilbert (Descendant)
Isobel Saltzman(Descendant)
John Gilbert (Relative)
Alaric Saltzman (Relative By Marriage)
Occupation Socialite (Middle 19th Century)
Species Vampire
Transfiguration Date 1631 (approximately)
Significant Sires Stefan & Damon Salvatore
Significant Kills Caroline Forbes

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Contents [show]
1 Early History
2 Season One
3 Season Two
4 Personality
5 Appearance
6 Relationships 6.1 Katherine Pierce6.2 Stefan Salvatore6.3 Elena Gilbert6.4 Jeremy Gilbert6.5 Vicki Donovan6.6 Giuseppe Salvatore6.7 See Also
7 Powers and Abilities
8 Novels
9 Gallery 9.1 Season 19.2 Season 2
10 Notes

edit Early History
Damon and Stefan in 1864
Added by Alaric SaltzmanDamon, as well as his brother Stefan, was born to Giuseppe Salvatore and an unnamed mother on October 31th, 1844. He was in the Confederacy but quit, much to his father's disapproval. He and Stefan developed a deep infatuation for a young girl named Katherine Pierce who turned out to be a vampire. Stefan and Damon became rivals for her affections and she played with both of them in return, planning to change them into vampires herself.

Stefan and Damon in transitioning.
Added by EhpachaDamon was willing to give up his life and spend eternity with her. He begged Stefan not to alert their father to Katherine's status a vampire, but Stefan broke that promise and Katherine was caught. Damon was devastated and he and Stefan devised a plan to rescue her, but the brothers were killed. Because Katherine was now dead, Damon felt his reason for living was gone and decided to die. However, after Stefan changed, he convinced Damon to complete in transitioning. Damon, furious that Katherine had chosen to turn Stefan as well, vowed him a life of misery.

When Emily Bennett, Katherine's handmaiden who was also a witch, saw he had completed transitioning, she revealed that she had protected Katherine and the other vampires when they were placed in Fell's Church. For the next 145 years, Damon plotted to set her free.

He has recently returned to the town of Mystic Falls. He was the cause of the recent string of deaths occurring in and around the town because he still fed on humans, unlike Stefan, and was stronger than his brother because of this.

Like all vampires, Damon has the power of persuasion and immortality, as well as increased strength and speed. Like Stefan, he wears a ring that allows him to be in the sunlight without burning.

edit Season One
Damon in Season 1
Added by ElementalstudiosHe later turned Vicki Donovan into a vampire after he killed all of her friends for a midnight snack.

He made a deal with Bonnie Bennett's ancestor, Emily, that if he protected her children, she would release his vampire true love Katherine Pierce from a mystical prison but in reality there are 27 other vampires who have been trapped for more than a hundred years and haven't fed. She refuses her part of the deal and destroyed the amulet, trapping all of the vampires forever, making Damon so furious that he attacked Bonnie until Stefan pulled him away and then fed blood to Bonnie so she could heal.

Damon later realized that there might be another way to bring Katherine back. After Grams and Bonnie opened the tomb with their magic, Damon discovered Katherine is not in there. He later learned from Anna's mother Pearl, another vampire from 1864 that was trapped in the tomb, that Katherine put the guard at the church right before it burned down under her spell, who was also obsessed with her and he let her go. Anna then said the last time she saw Katherine was in Chicago in 1983 and that she knew where Damon was all along but she didn't care, making Damon realize Katherine never cared about him but that he was just one of many under her spell. He was heartbroken.

After the vampires were released from the tomb, Stefan was tortured by a vampire named Frederick and some other vampires from the tomb. Damon teams up with Elena and Alaric to save him. Elena helps him to the car and Frederick attacks them. She had to give him her blood so he survives. When Damon found out Stefan is addicted to human blood, he tells Elena. When Stefan is gone, Damon substitutes for him in the "Miss Mystic Falls" competition. Damon and Elena locked Stefan up in the basement of the Salvatore Boarding House to try to get him back to normal.

In Blood Brothers, it's revealed that Stefan and Damon both drank Katherine's blood (Damon willingly, Stefan with compulsion), so when they were shot trying to save Katherine Pierce, the vampire girl they both loved, they started to change into vampires instead of dying. It was revealed that their own father shot them because they sided with the vampires. Stefan forces Damon to turn into a vampire, and Damon promises Stefan an eternity of misery.

The day of Mystic Fall's 150th Founder's Day celebration John Gilbert injected vervain into him, trapping him in the basement of the Gilbert Building with the help of the activation of the device. He gets saved by Stefan with the help of Bonnie, and afterwards goes to Elena's house to have a talk with Jeremy, apologizing for Vicki and tells him that Anna is dead. He offers to erase his memories, but Jeremy declines. On his way out of her house Damon talks with Elena and they kiss, but it is later revealed that she is in fact Katherine pretending to be Elena.

edit Season TwoDamon arrived at the hospital and spoke to Sheriff Forbes who told him of Richard Lockwood's death and her worries for Caroline's health. Damon comforted her. When Elena arrived, Damon brought up "their" kiss but soon realized it was Katherine when Elena remembered nothing of what had happened. Damon and Elena arrived back at the Gilbert house just as Katherine escaped Stefan. Stefan was angry when he heard Damon tried to kiss Elena but Elena reminded him it was Katherine. Katherine appeared at the Salvatore Boarding House to say goodbye and she and Damon make out. Damon stopped and demanded the truth from her. Katherine admitted she didn't love him and never did; it was always Stefan. This broke Damon apart. He got drunk and went to Elena's. He tried to get her to admit that she had feelings for him, but she insisted it was only Stefan, denying his kisses. Angered, Damon broke Jeremy's neck and left. Jeremy came back with the help of his ring.

edit PersonalityDamon tries to show that he has no humanity left in him, but Elena continuously shows him that there is something inside of him that cares. Damon throughout the show changes, growing from an immature, snarky, glib, arrogant and self confident vampire into a somewhat vulnerable, sometimes selfless, still sarcastic, but proves he can be capable of love. Damon doesn't keep her in the dark like Stefan does at times, he shows her how dangerous the world can be. Damon is arrogant but he keeps his word. Ian Somerhalder stated that he thinks that deep down Damon is a very lonely and unhappy man that uses humor to mask the intense pain. In reality, Damon is actually longing for acceptance, and very isolated and lonely because of his years as a vampire. As a human, he wasn’t accepted for who he was and often was reprimanded by his father for his actions and choices. He uses a dark sense of humour and sarcasm as a way to compensate for his loneliness, acting like he doesn’t need anybody and is in fact, happier on his own, but deep down inside he knows that he isn’t he just refuses to admit it.

He seems to be feeding on blood from blood packs through half of season one and continues to season 2

edit AppearanceDamon appears to be in his mid 20's has light blue eyes and dark brown hair that goes to just below his earlobes, and is styled in a casual disarray style. He’s pale, and has a good physique, toned and fit, and he knows it. Damon usually wears darker clothing – black boots under dark jeans, a black shirt (whether just a t-shirt or button up depends on the occasion) and is rarely seen without his leather jacket.

edit Relationships
Damon's ex-girlfriend: Katherine Pierce
Added by Ehpacha[edit] Katherine PierceHe was in love with Katherine and completely ready to become a vampire and be with her forever when Katherine was discovered. She was caught when she tried to bite Stefan. After a little while, she realized something odd in Stefan's blood. Vervain was in him. Vervain was one of the weaknesses for vampires. It was deadly to them. Since Stefan and Damon both drank Katherine's blood, when they were shot trying to save her, they turned into vampires. It turns out that Stefan's father had fed Stefan vervain, because he suspected Katherine. Damon's relationship with his brother, Stefan, when he thinks that Stefan told his father of her kind. But when Grams and Bonnie open the tomb, Damon discovers Katherine is not in there. Pearl then tells him Katherine put the guard under her spell and he let her go right before the church was burned down with all the vampires in it. Anna said she last time saw her in Chicago in 1983 and said Katherine knew where Damon was but that she didn't care, making Damon realize he was just one of her pawns and she had no real feelings for him. He is heartbroken.

Damon's brother: Stefan Salvatore.
Added by Scarecroe[edit] Stefan SalvatoreDamon doesn't have a great relationship with his younger brother Stefan, this is due to Katherine causing a rift between them which would last over a century. However lately, Damon is showing that he actually does care about Stefan and will be there for him when it really matters (saving him from being tortured, trying to help him with his human blood addiction). However, at the end of Blood Brothers, Damon says that he still hates Stefan, not because he forced him to turn into a vampire, but because Katherine wanted Stefan to be with her too, and he wanted her all to himself.

However he still talks and makes dark jokes around Stefan.

Damon's love: Elena Gilbert.
Added by Yippee ki ya[edit] Elena GilbertDamon's relationship with Elena is up and down, he uses her to hurt his brother by threatening to end her life or he's saving her life although Elena is dating his brother Stefan, Damon still develops feelings and truly cares about her. He is shown to have gotten over Katherine and may be truly in love with Elena. In Isobel (episode), Isobel reveals to Elena that Damon is in love with her. While it is not confirmed by Damon himself, Damon demonstrates his growing feelings for Elena by threatening Isobel, and surrendering Jonathan Gilbert's invention to Elena. In the season finale, 'Founder's Day', he confesses his feelings to her and even kisses her passionately but it is revealed by the end of the episode that he has actually kissed Katherine.

In the begining of season two, he confronts Elena about the kiss, and finds out the truth. Afterwards Elena finds out Damon made out with Katherine thinking it was her.the fact does not surprise her but she doesn't understand how he could think she would ever kiss him back. When he was drunk, he confronted Elena again, hoping that she indeedhad feelings for him, and was fooling not only Stefan but also herself. Exactly when she denied it again, Jeremy came in to the room and in a moment of rage, Damon snapped his neck

Katherine Pierce (born Katarina Petrova) is a vampire from the Salvatore brothers' past and the main antagonist of The Vampire Diaries in Season Two. She had compelled Stefan to drink her blood, and Damon did it willingly and they got shot while trying to save her from being taken to the tomb to be destroyed. While there, they started the transition into vampires. Katherine is a big part of the reason why the 27 tomb vampires were trapped for 145 years.
This character is a member of the Pierce Family.

Contents [show]
1 Early Life
2 Season One
3 Season Two
4 Relationships 4.1 Stefan Salvatore4.2 Damon Salvatore 4.2.1 See Also
5 Physical Appearance
6 Powers and abilities
7 Attitude toward humans
8 Appearances
9 Gallery 9.1 Season 19.2 Season 2

edit Early Life
Katherine in her 1860s attire.
Added by Neil93Not much is known about Katherine's human life or who turned her into a vampire in the TV series, other than that fact that she was born somewhere in Europe, possibly Slavic region, and named "Katarina Petrova" (Cyrillic: Катерина Петрова). She had her name anglicized after possibly coming to the North America.

In the books she was sick almost constantly, and one day a close friend, who was also her housekeeper, brought a vampire named Klaus to her bedchamber, who turned her as she lay dying. Despite her constant illness, it is insinuated that she was pregnant, carried the child to term and gave birth to a healthy infant before she was turned (as stated in Bloodlines by Damon). Given she looks to be Elena's age, 18, means she was probably raped when she was somewhere between the ages of 15 and 17. However, the only fact supporting this theory is that Elena is a direct descendant of Katherine, and not one of her distant nieces. The reason why Katherine and Elena are doppelgangers will be explored in depth in Season Two.

Katherine met Stefan and Damon Salvatore in 1864, near the end of the American Civil War, when she was staying at their home in Mystic Falls. She claimed to be an orphan who had lost her parents, and took her handmaiden Emily with her.

Damon and Stefan fought over her during this time, which sparked their life-long rivalry.

edit Season OneElena Gilbert bears a striking resemblance to Katherine and that is the initial reason Damon and Stefan Salvatore are so drawn to her.

In Family Ties, Damon revealed that she died when soldiers opened fire on civilians in a church, which was briefly mentioned in the Pilot during Elena and Stefan's History class. In Lost Girls it is revealed that Katherine was a vampire during her stay with the Salvatore's and is the one who changed Stefan and Damon.

In History Repeating it was thought that Katherine was alive and has been trapped with 26 other vampires in a mystical prison under a church for 145 years until Damon freed those trapped vampires but learned to his great disappointment Katherine wasn't there. In 2010, it was revealed she had been free for 146 years. Anna, a vampire, told Damon that she last saw Katherine in Chicago in 1983. She didn't care to look for Damon, even though she knew where he was at the time. So, it seems that she was simply attracted to Damon, instead of in love with him.

Stefan stated that she was playful and knew how to have fun, but selfish. She wanted herself, Damon, and Stefan to live with each other for a long time. And she wanted to be with both of the Salvatore brothers, no matter what other people thought.

It was later mentioned that she was not dead, or in the tomb that they have been talking about throughout the show, because when she got to the guard at the gate into the tomb where all of the vampires were, she used her beauty and power to control all human minds that weren't wearing or hadn't consumed vervain to make him release her.

The episode Blood Brothers revealed that Stefan and Damon were shot by Giuseppe (their father) while they were trying to save Katherine from being killed. When Damon was dead and Stefan was dying, Katherine lay next to him and said, "I love you Stefan." However, there is a confusion to whether she or Elena said it, or if they both said it.

Katherine kisses Damon.
Added by EhpachaIn Isobel it was revealed that Katherine wanted all of the vampires that were in the tomb dead. It is unclear why she would want certain vampires from the tomb, including Pearl, dead because they lived in the same era and were best friends. She sent Isobel to retrieve the invention which can be harmful against vampires. She also gave Isobel a necklace that protected her from the sun like the Salvatore brothers' rings.

Katherine stabs John Gilbert.
Added by Neil93At some point on Founder's Day, Katherine returned to Mystic Falls, pretending to be Elena. John Gilbert had set off the device and incapacitated the tomb vampires, including the Salvatore brothers. It is presumed that Katherine expected Damon to die as she was surprised to see him at Elena's house. She posed as Elena and Damon, fooled by her deception, kissed her, believing her to be Elena. Jenna, Elena's aunt, interrupted them and unknowingly invited Katherine into the house. It's believed that Katherine lured Jenna out of the house before she went to the kitchen and spoke to John. He also believed her to be Elena and explained why he hated vampires. Katherine then took a knife and chopped off his fingers along with his ring and stabbed him. Elena arrived not too long after and heard the noise. She went into the kitchen to find....

edit Season Two
Katherine lurks behind Elena as she calls 911.
Added by Alaric SaltzmanJohn Gilbert being seriously injured, Elena called for help and was freaked out by Katherine's super-speeding all over the house before leaving. She wreaked havoc for Damon and Stefan confusing them of who she really loved. Also, she threatened Bonnie, claiming that it never ends well for Bennett witches and Katherine choked Bonnie but Bonnie uses her magic on Katherine, like she did early on Damon. Katherine "acted" that she was in pain, but it didn't work cause Katherine is way older and stronger than her and Bonnie was not strong to take her down. Katherine admitted to Stefan that she returned for him, but she was furious because he told her that he hated her. Enraged, she stabs him with a metal rod. Damon demanded the truth after he and Katherine make out heavily, and she told him that she never loved him and that it always Stefan. She confuses the Salvatore brothers on who she really loves like how she did in 1864. She tries to break them. She went to see Caroline Forbes and told her to give the Salvatores a message; "Game on". She killed Caroline by smothering her with a pillow, while knowing full well she still had Damon's blood in her system and would come back as a vampire.

Katherine appears to Caroline as she is waking up where she is mistaken to be Elena. She tells her to not be frightened, and that they are going to have so much fun together.She finally met Elena in Memory Lane.

In the episode Memory Lane, Katherine reveals some shocking secrets to Stefan, as she makes him dream that he was at the 1864 Founder's Ball with her. While there he notices that Damon has found someone to entertain him. It is shown for that person to be Elena. Later on after the dream ends, Stefan wakes up thinking he is holding Elena in his arms, but then realises it is Katherine. Later on, the two begin to talk and Katherine proves that she never compelled Stefan to love her, his love for her being real, and she only compelled him to cover up his fear. Also it is revealed that in 1864 Katherine got out of the tomb with the help of a werewolf, George Lockwood, to whom after she got out, Katherine gave the Moonstone. In 1864, she also betrayed her best friend Pearl and all the other tomb vampires just to fake her own death. However, she is in love with Stefan, and genuinely cares about him.

edit Relationships[edit] Stefan Salvatore
Katherine tells Stefan she returned for him.
Added by EhpachaKatherine had a sexual relationship with the younger Salvatore brother and chose him over Damon for the first Founder's Party, even though she secretly also went with Damon. After they had sex and she bit him, he awoke the next day and remembered that her face was like a demon. She went over to him and compelled him so that they would go on like they were before with their relationship. After Stefan asked his dad if not all vampires were bad, Giuseppe secretly spiked his drink with vervain and later Katherine drank from him weakening her so that the townspeople could take her to Fell's Church She had also compelled him to drink her blood. Katherine returns to Mystic Falls for Stefan in Season 2, saying that she came back for him, and stabs him after he tells her that he hates her. At the end of the latest episode, Katherine shows that she genuinely loves Stefan, and wants to be with him again.

[edit] Damon Salvatore
Katherine and Damon making out.
Added by Alaric SaltzmanShe had a sexual relationship with the older Salvatore brother. In Fool Me Once, it was revealed that Katherine had no real feelings for Damon, which left him devastated. She confirmed this in The Return causing a cascade of events when she said to him directly that she never loved him, it was Stefan she loved. This would put Damon into a tale spin. On the rebound he immediately turns to Katherine's twin Elena but she says to him firmly after he repeatedly kissed her but she pushed him away that it was Stefan she loved, even if she cared for Damon. This in turn pushed Damon over the edge and cause him to kill Elena's brother Jeremy, earning Elena's hate even if Jeremy revived because of the ring he was wearing.

[edit] See AlsoStefan, Damon and Katherine - Details on their love triangle.
edit Physical Appearance
Katherine, as seen in The Return.
Added by Alaric SaltzmanKatherine is described as Elena's doppelganger, this is observed by almost every character in the show and even Elena herself. Katherine is described as being very beautiful and in the book she has blond hair as long as a train on a wedding dress and blue eyes, that darken with thirst. However in the show Katherine has much shorter dark brown hair and chestnut brown eyes that also darken with thirst. Sometime Katherine can be seen cool and cold by her appearance. She is portrayed as rather vain about her looks, and has no problem using her beauty to get what she wants. Pearl later reveals that when the vampires were captured in 1864, and a guard let Katherine go free; Pearl tells Damon that,"he was obsessed with her." Stefan said then Katherine do not care about others only care about herself.

edit Powers and abilities
Katherine in 1864 at the Salvatore house.
Added by ElementalstudiosShe has all of the powers and weaknesses of a vampire. According to the novels she was born in 1614 and turned when she was 17 in 1631 but it is not known yet if the series will stick to the books in regards to that.

Whatever her actual age she is her being much more powerful than the Salvatore Brothers who she turned after she had been a vampire for 233 years (again assuming the age she is in the book) but still much less so than Pearl who would be 167 years older but is now dead. Her daughter Anna, also destroyed, was 152 years older and therefore also significantly more powerful. A demonstration of how much more powerful she was than the Salvatore Brothers is when she easily defeated them in two fights with each brother in the episode The Return. Another demonstration of her immense physical strength is when she snapped the iron shackles that Stefan tied her up in as if they were made out of balsa wood and slammed Stefan against the dungeon wall with one hand. (Memory Lane).

In addition to her great physical strength that improved with age her resistance to magic/psychic phenomena also improves with age. This was demonstrated when she easily resisted the witch Bonnie Bennett's attempt to inflict physical pain within Katherine's head. Earlier, Bonnie had very easily inflicted that very same type of attack on the much younger Damon which had him holding his head and crying out in agony. Bonnie's efforts had no effect on Katherine. (The Return)

Katherine has impressive mental powers of her own. In addition to the usual ability to "glamor" or hypnotize humans all vampires have, she also has the power to get inside the head telepathically of a vampire, at least a relatively weak one as Stefan Salvatore, who in addition as being a much younger vampire doesn't partake in drinking human blood weakening him further. He probably doesn't practice the vampire arts since he identifies more with humans than vampires so likely his mental powers aren't as well developed. She placed dream like images of them in 1864 and a contemporarily dressed Elena and Damon Salvatore in his mind as part of her efforts to spit up Elena and Stefan and get Stefan back for herself. (Memory Lane) It is unknown if her mind abilities give her the power to fully glamor weaker vampire's as well as humans.

Katherine's vampire face.
Added by Xo12The extent of her other powers is unknown but it is easy to assume they have been well honed in the 379 years she has been a vampire (again if the book biography date of her birth is incorporated into the series). One ability she has honed for the past 146 years is by taking a sip of vervain laced fluids she has developed a immunity to it, which in vampires usually weakens a vampire enough so even a human can over power them and in large enough dose kill them. In 1864 Stfan Salvatore had vervane in his system when he was still human. She bit and drank his blood at one timeand was greatly weakened posible threatening her life. In Memory Lane she pretended to be greatly weakened by it when Stefan Salvatore injected her with it with a large hypodermic needle and interrogated her, but she was faking in order to have him listen to the story as to why she came back. When the deception no longer served a purpose she told him on how she was able to resist after snapping the chains that bound her in the dungeon.

Also, she possesses a Lapis Lazuli necklace, therefore she can walk in daylight without being harmed like the Salvatore Brothers and Pearl and her daughter Anna when they were alive.

edit Attitude toward humans
Katherine upon her arrival in Mystic Falls.
Added by DevineCancerianIn 1864 she stopped and fed on the passengers of a coach showing Damon, before he was fully turned into a vampire, how it is done, taking sadistic pleasure over the coachman being so concerned about the safety of a lone lady on the road at night. She wickedly smiled at him, thanked him for his concern and then fed on him (Children of the Damned), clearly showing that all humans were to her, was food and amusement at that time. However, it is known that even then she could find humans as potential mates. It is a fact that she had a sexual relationship with both Salvatore brothers and eventually turned them both and saying to Stefan that she loved him as she was being carted away to be presumably entombed in the Church. Whether that is an exception or a constant attitude at the time is unknown.

In this century she used Isobel Saltzman as an agent in her plan to destroy the tomb vampires in Mystic Falls most likely knowing full well Isobel's cold disregard for human life and her willing to use them to murderous ends. Still in today's world it is unknown if she hunts humans or at least drinks human blood without killing or even attacking them like Lexi. She was first seen in the 21st century when she kissed Damon when she was dressed as Elena Gilbert letting him think she was Elena. She also let John Gilbert think she was Elena as well until she hacked off his fingers and stabbed him with the intent to kill him. (Founder's Day) She was interrupted by Elena entering the house and finding him.

Katherine and Elena.
Added by Xo12As Elena called 911 Katherine reappeared behind Elena unseen by Elena despite Gilbert's gasped warning. She didn't kill Elena or reveal herself to her but toyed with her using her super speed. However her attitudes toward humans haven't changed. As a bait to create a crisis between the Salvatore brothers and herself after Stefan rejected her, she deliberately smothered Caroline Forbes in her hospital room, a human that did her absolutely no harm, knowing that she had Damon's blood in her system.
However while she has no regard for human life she doesn't care for her fellow vampires either. In Memory Lane she admitted to Stefan Salvatore that she betrayed the Mystic Fall vampires in 1864 by making a deal with George Lockwood, the son of the mayor of the time and a werewolf, ostensibly the vampire's mortal enemies to allow him to blow the whistle of the town vampires so he can increase his standing in Mystic Falls founding families and in his personal family. He arranged to have Katherine escape the tomb in exchange.


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