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Tyler Shields "Twilight" Pics

So Tyler Shields is a photographer and awhile back he did some really awesome videos with Kellen and Ashley. He's done some with Nikki (a mag cover I know we've seen), Edi and Anna Kendrick now too so here are all the pics of them!

Anna Kendrick

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene…


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Bronson Pelletier Has "Major Role" In 'New Moon'

According to Carrier Talent Management, the talent agent of 19-year old Bronson Pelletier, the nearly unheard of actor has scored a “major role” in New Moon–

Congratulations to BRONSON who scores a lead role in the highly anticipated “Twilight” feature film sequel “New Moon”. It’s rumored he will be co-staring with Dakota Fanning.

No word on what role he has scored–he does seem to have some Native American blood–but he’s… Continue

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PopStar Interview With Peter Facinelli

Ten years ago a fresh faced Peter Facinelli splashed onscreen in the teen comedy Can't Hardly Wait alongside Party of Five saintly star Jennifer Love Hewitt and Family Guy funnyman Seth Green.

Quickly becoming a teen idol and the desire of millions of young adults, Peter went on to more television shows and movies that showcased his talents.

Facinelli began his career in comedy and throughout the years he has been… Continue

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Robert Pattinson touches down in Tokyo

Hey Twifans,

Here are some photos of Robert Pattinson after he landed in Tokyo for their premiere of Twilight.

See more photos after the jump.

From… Continue

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Summit Teaming Up With Catherine Hardwicke Again?

Even though Summit dropped Catherine Hardwicke from the helm of New Moon, they may want her to direct another big upcoming project based on a young adult novel, EW reports:

Summit Entertainment is trying to make lightning strike twice. The studio behind the Twilight movie series has plans to adapt a buzzy young-adult novel called If I Stay with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke at the helm, EW has learned exclusively. The studio… Continue

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First Look At New 'Twilight' Boardgame!

I have a feeling the closer the Twilight DVD and New Moon gets, the more Twilight Saga merchandise we’re going to see. The great Gawker sci-fi blog io9 has some pics of the Twilight board game, which is the first we’ve seen of it (I think). Also in the gallery is a photograph of the Twilight… Continue

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"Hi Mum!" -Oscar interview with Sky 1 TV UK

I found this cute interview with Rob. It's too cute when he says " Hi, Mum!" Rob's adorable Oscar interview with UK's Sky 1… Continue

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Ashley Greene Reveals That The 'New Moon' Script Is "Better"!

Ashley Greene has told Extra that she’s seen the script for New Moon, and it’s even better than the script for Twilight!–

“I’m so excited. I finally, finally got the script… and it’s good,” she revealed. “It’s really good… I’m really excited to work with Chris [Wentz, director]. I finally spoke to him the other day.” She added, “I like it better than the first one. I might be biased because I have a bigger part.”

She also… Continue

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Free Robert Pattinson video interview to dowload on itunes

FYI-You can download the E! interview of Rob from the red carpet for free on iTunes. Just open your itunes, click on podcasts, scroll down and find E! Online on the left hand side of the list of names, click on the Live ffrom the Red Carpet choose Robert Pattinson and waaa laaa...watch the video!

XOXO… Continue

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Stephenie Meyer is so 'Vogue'

This is why she is the storyteller I love. Stephenie Meyer has a candid day with reporter Robert Sullivan from Vogue.com. The way she describes her own writing is exactly what I tell people when asked "why is she your favorite".

"I had always told myself stories my whole life and assumed that everyone does," Meyer says. "You know,… Continue

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Robert at the Vanity Fair after party!

Again he's with his agent Stephanie Ritz from Endeavor, which is his agency in Hollywood, (The Blonde) we always see him with that everyone always asks about and his manager Nick. E! News reports he was talking with Natalie Portman on the patio of the Vanity Fair Party. Go Rob!

he's right after Jon Voight…


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The MTV interview where Rob mentions Breaking Dawn!

These are the extended MTV interview footage! It's the first video!!!…


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My fan fiction. --To fan. And the other judges i don't know. Hehe Enjoy . Anyone can look.. Please comment.

A New scream

Bellas point of view

The thought

I was blinded by sunlight when i was lying across Edwards perfect, Rippled chest.

"Should we go get Renesmee?" I asked softly. "Yes, Lets go." He said slowly getting

his clothes on. I got off the bed and got my clothes on too. And i followed his toned, Leaned

Body. I grabbed his hand and we walked slowly to Renesmee's room.We didn't have to rush

to do anything. The volturi were gone, They won't bug us… Continue

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Listening to Twilight

I've never been big on audiobooks. I usually can't pay attention to them the way I can when I read the same book off the pages. Recently my husband got me all 4 books from the Twilight saga on audiobook. I decided to listen to Twilight first since it's my favorite of the four and because I'm still procrastinating on reading New Moon again - it depresses me.

Well to my surprise, instead of not being able to pay attention to the… Continue

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Link to Hana Pestle's song Need

It didint come out on my previous post lets try again
a href="http://www.myspace.com/needfornewmoon">">

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Rob Confirms Breaking Dawn!

Hey Guys,

Just to let you know that if you haven't already seen the video of interview with R.Pattz by MTV then you might wanna take a look cos he basically confirms that BD will be shot! Take a look.


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Rachelle Lefevre Talks "Hannah Montana" at Twicon San Francisco 2-22-2009

Rachelle gets asked about Edi Gathegi and Taylor Launter singing Hannah Montana and here is her funny answer from the Salute To Twilight convention February 2009.

Find more videos like this on Twifans

Here is the singing that she was asked about in case you haven't seen it!…


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New Interview With Stephenie Meyer

Paris Match has a brand new interview with New Moon author Stephenie Meyer:

Paris Match: How do you explain “Twilight” success?

Stephenie Meyer: It is more and more mysterious, but it’s deeply moving. When I started writing, the Vampire’s theme was a pretty strange subject. I did not think to write a novel about it. Then I was intrigued by the characters, by the story. I could not stop playing with them, to let them evolve.… Continue

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Edward Cullen "50 Times Darker" In 'New Moon'.

Robert Pattinson shared a cool little tidbit with EW at the Governor’s Ball at the Academy Awards last night:

The actor was hanging out near the party’s sushi bar and had just posed for a photograph with one of the girls from Slumdog Millionaire, when he offered this tidbit on his post-Oscar plans: “This is my last night of light. I go up to Canada soon [to shoot the Twlight sequel, New Moon]. And my character goes 50 times darker… Continue

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Robert Pattinson pre-Oscars interview for MTV!

Best interview I've seen so far!It's very hard,as always,not to love him!And did he just say BREAKING DAWN?!?!?!


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