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Christian Serratos and Dakota Fanning Win Young Artist Awards

At the Young Artist Awards this past weekend, Christian won for her portrayal of Angela Weber in Twilight. Dakota Fanning also won for her work in The Secret Lives of Bees. The awards recognize artists for work completed when they are under age 18.

Thanks to The Lexicon for the article and the photos of her recent photo shoot.


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Get A Free 'The Cake Eaters' Poster

Hey Twifans,

The Cake Eaters posted this blog today:

April 2, 2009 - Thursday

Can you do the Cake Eaters Re-Shuffle?

Current mood: accomplished

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Reshuffle Cake Eaters get FREE Poster

When The Cake Eaters hit the big box stores last week, it was supposed to be

placed on shelves next to Twilight because of star Kristen Stewart.

Well, that didn't happen.

While Cake… Continue

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Which Cullen Man Sandwhich are you?

Alright eveyone calm yourselves, I understand this is a lot of people dream right here. But if you are a t work try to compose lol! dignity girls, dignity.


In Vancouver in March for costume, makeup, and screen tests – Jackson Rathbone, Robert Pattinson, Peter Facinelli, and Kellan Lutz out together on the town…

Wrote Jody:

My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to chill with some "vampires" a couple of weeks ago.…

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Project Book Babe Still Has $25 Tickets Available!!

Enough said right? There are $25 tickets still available at the Project Book Babe event. Which is hard for me to comprehend. Stephenie Meyer rarely does appearances, she is not going to ANY conventions, and has no foreseeable book signing events in the future. If that is not enough incentive to get there then go for the… Continue

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Kevin Jonas "Blown Away" by Twilight

Kevin Jonas finally got to sit down and watch big-screen hit Twilight and really enjoyed it.

The 21-year-old musician told Access Hollywood at the 2009 Kids Choice Awards, “I just recently saw the first one, actually. I watched it on the plane and it was really good. I was blown away.”Kevin and his bros Joe and Nick recently told MTV that if they were asked, they would love to be a part of the sequel’s New Moon soundtrack.

From… Continue

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She's Alive!!! and adding more to the Project Book Babe charity

Update from StephenieMeyer.com:

I'm adding one more very special, one-of-a-kind item to my auction list for the Save the Book Babe event this Saturday. Hobo Skateboards has designed a beautiful The Host-themed board just for this fund raiser. Am I allowed to bid on this stuff? I'd better check.

I suppose I should mention that this is, in spite of the… Continue

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Taylor Lautner Has Restless Leg Syndrome?

“New Moon” star Taylor Lautner suffers from restless leg syndrome. The 17-year-old has Wittmaack-Ekbom’s syndrome, meaning he has a relentless urge to move his legs.

He explained to Star magazine, “I can never stop bouncing my knee. People always tell me to stop, but I can’t force it to stay still. If we’re in the car, I’ll end up shaking the whole car.”

Could the video that… Continue

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Ashley talks Robert

Ashley says somethings that happened during filming, I certainly hadn't heard! I could just let you watch the video and not hint ... but I'm too nice! Ashley actually had to help Robert ............. oooh i lied.. watch the video


I'll try to embed here in a bit, but it was too cute not to post…


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What Happened to NewMoonMovie.org

hey guys-has anyone noticed that the website isn't working anymore? I am really bummed about this and I hope it is back up again soon!

Added by Lyndsay Anderson on April 2, 2009 at 6:55am — 7 Comments

New Moon La Push set photos

Here are some set photos from a La Push Scene enjoy!!!


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robert news!!

this is what PEOPLE says about robert's weekend....

Robert Pattinson, mingling in the VIP room at a party following the Juno Awards (the Canadian Grammys) at Vancouver's Velvet Room inside the Opus Hotel. The Twilight star arrived after the Universal Music bash was in full swing, then grabbed a martini and some food – much to the delight of many of the waitresses working the soiree. According to a source, several servers giddily… Continue

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Another Review for Little Ashes - Praises for Robert - Cine Lumiere Viewing

What can I say, I laughed and cried, I love when a film moves me like that. Outstanding performances by both Rob and Javier, beautiful settings, music and supporting cast. At first I just saw Rob, then I began to see Saldavor. Rob really put his heart and soul into the role.

After the film, Paul and Phillipa did a Q&A. Phillipa said she drew the first draft back in 2000. Someone asked if they had considered filming the movie in…

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Rob Spotted in Vancouver over the weekend

Looks like he was spotted at a bar in vancouver over the weekend, and no its not a prank

Here's the girl's flickr page

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Robert Pattinson Juno Weekend

My brother is in a band that was nominated for a Juno Award so he was in vancouver this past weekend. I just talked to him on the phone and he said he hung out with Rob pattinson all weekend and his friend Sam Bradley at a couple Industry parties. He didn't even know who he was at first so clearly wasn't as excited about the whole thing as I was when I found out. But He said he was a really nice guy. My brothers band had a show monday night in whistler and apparently sam bradley went down with… Continue

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Robert Spotted in Vancouver Last Night (and no not with Nikki)

Over at Robsessed, a girl named Amanda spotted Rpatz alongside his buddy Sam Bradley, here are the photos

Here's the excerpt from Robsessed

As we were paying and about to leave from a friend's birthday… Continue

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Rob in an Elevator

"A tenacious fan in Vancouver spotted Robert Pattinson recently. Her efforts paid off. Two blocks later she found herself in an elevator with him and asked for a photo. He shook her hand but didn’t say anything else.

As you can see, he’s wearing his uniform. And looks sleepy. Late nights, I guess.

From… Continue

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Picture of Volterran Portcullis

Here is an ancient Etruscan Portcullis with three heads decorating it. I think they should use it for the movie, they could say its Aro Marcus and Caius somehow.(sorry projecting my own film fantasies again) Volterra is a beautiful city and i think that it is going to be one of the best parts of the movie. I CANT WAIT!!!

What do you… Continue

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