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"Twilight Saga" Top 2 Most Searched on Yahoo!

well, there's no surprise to that!XD


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kristen's pictures

dont know why she was playing with those fake girls Continue

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How To Get Kristen Stewart's Oh-So-Pretty New Moon Makeup Look

You don't have to be a Twihard to realize how pretty Kristen Stewart is--or how out-of-this-world gorgeous her makeup looked last night at the Twilight: New Moon Los Angeles premiere! Since I figured you'd be oohing and ahhing over it just like me, (those lips! those smoky eyes! that pretty, pre-bitten complexion!) I did some beauty sleuth work and found out the exact beauty products she used. Sound like something you lovely ladies might be interested in?

Well, turns out that makeup… Continue

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Ashley on Regis and Kelly Live today


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Taylor Lautner spotted at LAX November 25, 2009

looking hot and young dont you think?


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Ashley Greene in Summers Moon

Summers Moon Pictures, Images and Photos

Look Familiar
This From A Movie She Was In.
She Actually Looks like A Vampire

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Kellan on the cover of Summum Girl

Kellan is on the cover of Quebec Canada Summum Girl Magazine Dec/Jan issue with a title that says:

Kellan Lutz: the other sexy from Twilight

+ all on the hotest vampires!

Inside there is an interesting article (in French...sorry!) on Kellan, with nice photos.

Here are the scans:…


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jacob is in twilight an new moon we were at the movies an he took off his shirt everyone started screaming . he had the biggest pack out of all the boys i love when he took off his shirt an i was laughing talking to my sister about the pack jacob or edward which is my last name.everyone picks edward. I know the question we've been asking side jacob which I pick or team edward there both cute jacobs just cutttttteeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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KRISTEN HOLDING ROB'S HANDS at London New Moon Press Conference 11-11-09


Chris Weitz, Kristen, ROb and Taylor at New Moon Press Conference in London.


Kristen grabbing and holding Robert's hand at 3:23

Kristen "shhh-ing" Robert at 3:51

Kristen licking her lips after she is asked about how it feels to kiss Robert at 4:20



HERE'S PART… Continue

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Michael Sheen On Bonnie Hunt

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Taylor Lautner to host Saturday Night Live is reporting that Taylor Lautner will be hosting SNL on December 12, which will make him one of the ten youngest celebrity hosts in the show’s history. Musical guest will be Bon Jovi.

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Funny Picture of Rob :)

LOL i love this picture its soooo funny!!!! x


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Where are the Rings ?

*Spoiler Alert if you have not scene New Moon , Or read Breaking Dawn*

If you have or haven't read breaking dawn or haven't heard, Bella & Edward get married. If you haven't seen new moon (which 99.9% of you probably have even more than once) in one of the Volterra scenes you see Alice giving a vision as Bella as a vampire. But, as you closely look at the picture above, (mostly Edward's left hand in view) there're no rings. As i… Continue

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Michael Sheen on The Bonnie Hunt Show


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The plot of Twilight: New Moon is complex and stimulating

New Moon' made more money than 'Dark Freaking Knight.' To help sane people better understand the film, we bring you a storyboard summarizing the nuances of the film's plot.

Source:… Continue

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Kristen stewrat interview in madrid


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Famous UFC Fighter Comes out of the "Twilight" closet!!!!

Jon Jones is a UFC fighter. Jon Jones next fight is December 5th in the cage with Matt Hamill. When gearing up for fights, most fighters start doing interviews to hype the fight. I don't think his answers were just for hype!!!

We were sent a great interview where Jon has this to say... Favorite Movie?

Jon Jones:… Continue

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Rob talks about stealing something from the set

Interviewed just a couple of weeks before New Moon premier, Rob admits of trying to steal several things from the movie set!!! what did he get? He also talks about which was the hardest part for him to film in New Moon... can you guess?? Taking his shirt off... I wonder why? He is such a hot actor!! "… Continue

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here are some of my favourite twilight quotes. *sniffle* I just love *sniffle* twilight *sniffle*

oh, me?

yes, why I'm just dandy...

NOOOO whaaaaaa

Stupid boy. My Edward is such a fool..... my Ex-Edward.

so I'll jsut distract myself if you don't mind.

Haven’t you noticed yet, Bella, that Edward is just the teeniest bit prone to overreaction?

Alice Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 4, p.93

Overprotective fool.

Alice Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter… Continue

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