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there totally a couple

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Taylor Swift Warns Kristen Stewart To Stay Away From Taylor Lautner

November 25th, 2009 by Castina

Don’t let the guitar disarm you, Taylor Swift is fiercely protective of her rumored other half, teen actor Taylor Lautner. The two Taylors have reportedly been dating for the last two months and been snapped on a string of high profile dates all over Los Angeles, but the country cutie can’t help but feel threatened by Lautner’s friendship with his Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart. A furious Taylor Swift is…

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Robert Pattinson: 'I Haven't Done That Many Romantic Things In My Life'

'New Moon' star talks onscreen and off-screen romances with MTV Radio.

By Larry Carroll, with reporting by Jeff Cornell

BEVERLY HILLS, California — As you read this, "New Moon" has the biggest opening weekend of 2009, will certainly rake in millions more this weekend and could possibly go on to become the highest-grossing film of the year. In short, it's a very good time to be Robert Pattinson.

Recently, the man…

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Team Bella ARTICLE!!!!

NEW YORK – Hot off the tail of the New Moon premiere, this week’s Entertainment Weekly explores the phenomenon that is the Twilight series.

Chris Weitz opens the door to his beach house looking like a wilted rose. He’s unshaven, pale and wearing clothes he appears to have found wadded in a ball on his bedroom floor. It’s exactly the way you’d expect to find the director the morning after his movie The Twilight Saga: The New Moon opened…

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Kristen Stewart is "fearless" about fashion.

The 'Twilight Saga: New Moon' has had something of a style transformation in recent months since making it big as an A-list Hollywood star and her stylist Tara Swennen saysshe's willing to try anything.

She added: "She's comfortable in her own style and has a natural edge to her, but when she's in the mood she likes to go elegant."

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana also…

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Behind the scenes Cheaper by the Dozen 2


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Nikki Reid Peed on Kristen

" target="_blank">
Starts around 4:35.

Thanks to jelly_bones at Kristen Stewart's IMDb board

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** found taylor lol **

*** couldnt helped my self i had 2 get it when i saw it lol ***

Added by alex wolfie girl on November 28, 2009 at 8:14pm — 3 Comments

** B&N surprise me 2day lol **

*** found these at B&N 2day when i was buyin my shadowland bk lol :) it was so cool and a great stocking stuffer peeps :D… Continue

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Bella Swan


New Moon Movie and New Moon Merchandise

[URL=][IMG]… Continue

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*** wht i found at nordtrom :) ***

*** Nordstrom had those pic n the dressing room but how can u have the cullen family but not emmett??? lol and the edward was just there by the clothes but not jacob lol how rude nordstrom that u dnt have jacob and emmett ur h missing the hotness lol :(… Continue

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I call this Poem Bella's Heart Break

Ok yvette is back, i decided to write down another poem that i wrote in class, so hope you enjoy

My heart is broken and you are gone,

you left me cold and all alone.

You said you was doing this for me, what a Lie

im completly dieing inside.

Please i beg come back to me again.

Right now my band aid is Jacob holding me all together

his smile is my fresh but still polluted air.

I know im using him but there is just no other way.

He is my… Continue

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Letter's From Edward: New Moon Part 3

Letters From Edward is a little funny thing Missy (Team Love Hexagon) and I came up with when just randomly talking about Twilight. These are letters from Edward to his love, Bella. These are meant to be funny and are not to be taken seriously. There should be one from each book and who knows? Maybe more. Enjoy These Letters From Edward!

We continue the letters with the end of New… Continue

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eclipse ?

Do you know who Lucy is in the book? she is in the movie, and i can not remember her in the book?

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New Moon "Wolf Call"

Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone could help me find the wolf call Jared and Embry make when they get out of the truck and call to Emily. I want to make that into a ringtone but cant find anything, If anyone can make it or find it let me know that would be so awesome to have on my phone

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Edward and Jacob stockings and Entertainment Weekly article About new moons sucess!

SOURCE IS ME! I took the pics and i scanned the magazine.

Alright i found the stockings on here…


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HELP! plz

hi i know this a bit random but i just watched new moon again and i noticed alice's long gloves and i was just wondering if ne one could help me out and tell me how to knit them.. thanks

Added by breana on November 28, 2009 at 4:55pm — 1 Comment

New moon

Calling New Moon of the book Twilight that intimidated, Kristen Stewart knows that millions of fans will see the film in November to see her making eyes wide open for Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. But the most pleasant surprise she insists, will see the intense performance that the stars of the franchise had to do to navigate the complex love triangle of Stephenie Meyer.

In this exclusive interview, Kristen and Taylor talked to… Continue

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I walk down the street for my pain to go away.
Pain what I feel.
Pain is what I am.
Pain is what I don't need.
Pain is everywere.
I walk down the street.
To see who I will become.
My life is deffinet from everyone else.
Everyone don't know me.
They just like to know me.
They like to know me.
People away scream at me.

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New Moon costume designer Interview with EW

Entertainment Weekly interviewed New Moon costume designer Tish Monaghan. Tish talked about Edward’s suit to Jacob’s jorts.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Anyone who’s listened to the Twilight DVD commentary knows that Robert Pattinson wasn’t a fan of Edward’s pea coat.

TISH MONAGHAN: He wasn’t a fan of the pea coat. He wore it in virtually every scene, and I think maybe he just got tired of it. I’m guessing. [Laughs] He just wanted a more mature look. That was part of Edward’s Grade…

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