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How I meet Ephron

It was cold outside. Mid Dec I think it was. I was coming back from the market. I knew if I was late my father would beat me. The roads were slick with ice, so I was walking slower than usually. It didn't help. I could feel myself falling. It was crazy, but right before I felt a hand around my waist. Clumsy me dropped everything in my hands. "Sorry madam." a man said. He had brown hair to his shoulders pulled back. His eyes were the most brilliant golden eyes. "Let me help you pick up your… Continue

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Robert Pattinson talks Robertness to Amazon...Exclusive Video

A little bit of exclusive Robert Pattinson for us from He talks about the first time he got recognized as being in Twilight as Edward. He recommends some reading, a dvd, and a cd for us!! Okay when I watch the dvd I think i might imagine he is sitting next to me but shhhh don't tell anyone because that would be embarrassing.

Fall In Love With Robert Pattinson Again Here

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You Want to Put My Shoes on Taylor? Aww

Taylor Lautner was interviewed by Access Hollywood while grabbing a bunch of free stuff! “I get into the gym every single day, seven days a week, two hours a day, eat as much as I possibly can,” he told Access at our 3rd Annual ‘Stuff You Must Lounge’ at the Sofitel LA hotel on Saturday. “[I’m] going crazy.”

Oh the life of an well known actor can't be all bad. I would love to grab free stuff because people want you to wear it so it sells. Wouldn't you?

Taylor… Continue

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Alphabetically by coven.

* vampire possesses a quantifiable supernatural talent

- bonded pair

struck deceased






Eleazar* - Carmen

Irina - Laurent






Amun - Kebi

Benjamin* - Tia



Siobhan* - Liam


Carlisle… Continue

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Just a sidenote...

Yes, we all love the Twilight men. I am sitting here watching the Globes and Simon Baker is super hot. Has been since I noticed him in Devil Wears Prada. Just a sidenote.

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TwiChurch in a few minutes!

Come one,come all!! Go to the Cullenism Group page and join the discussion in the forum on the page entitled "TwiChurch"

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Twilight The Movie - how many times have you done it?

Today I went to see Twilight for the 3rd time today and I was pleased to see the theater full! We actually had to sit near the front to get 2 seats together. I have to say it just gets better every time I see it. I liked it the first time I saw it, but I keep noticing even more things each time I see it and I still say they did some of the best casting possible. Everyone played their roles perfectly.

So how many times have you seen the movie? Does it get better each time you see it?… Continue

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Tonight's TwiChurch!

Tonight at 8pm PST/ 11pm Est will be hosting the 2nd TwiChurch on the Cullenism Group page!

Join the Cullenism group when you follow the link because this week we will be doing TwiChurch in a forum on the group's page entitled "TwiChurch"

Last week was our first TwiChurch and it got a little hectic in the chat, that is the reason for changing the discussion to a forum.

The topic of discussion… Continue

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any twilight AND supernatural fans out there?

hey twifans!!!! if there are any fans of supernatural come check out my social

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This is one reason why i'm glad that Michael Copon isn't the new Jacob Black!

Ugh! I didn't want him to be Jacob Black in the first place, but after reading this interview, I'm really glad he didn't get the part! He's such a jerk! and look what he got.....NOTHING!!! haha! WHOOT TAYLOR LAUTNER!! Read this interview and tell me what you think.

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RPattz Twitter

okay so this is going to really bother me and I'm not sure why lol. for everyone who has seen Rpattz, KStew's and Nikki's (and now Ashley Greene's) Twitters ... do we think they're real? A couple days ago they were all viewable and then they all went private and now Nikki has deleted hers completely and started a new one without any followers (except Rob and Kristen) and Rob and Kristen have changed their names ... maybe they don't realize that their fans can still see them? they also aren't… Continue

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heya everyone come check out my videos on youtube and my cover of decode by paramore!,com/XXxxtraceyxxXX

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Hopefully The Second Time is THE Charm...Jackson Live on Today

No this is not an error! We are trying to listen and talk to Jackson Rathbone for the second time!!!!

Today at 5 p.m. EST Jackson Rathbone that plays the character Jasper Hale in our favorite movie Twilight has "confirmed" early today that he will be on VampRadioOnline member Amy said. is excited to have AmyNDM as a member. Show her some TwiFan love. Amy is a part of a… Continue

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Ashley Greene and Rachelle Lefevre React to Taylor Lautner News

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Twilight inspired singing

As I'm chatting in the lexicon forums (Specifically the Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black thread.), I'm browsing the net. Not for anything really specific. For a while I was looking for a 'russet colored' wolf plushie, but I turned to browsing through different Twilight sites. One site had a link to this girl. She's singing a song she wrote (Rest In Peace) that was inspired by New Moon. Her voice is… Continue

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What do you think....

1. Will happen with Jake and Nessi?
2. Will anymore vampires be added to the mix over time?
3. What about the other half vampires?
4. Will Bella ever slip up?
5. Any kids of jake and nessi?
6. Will the Voltouir (sp) attack again?
7. Will any of the cullens ever die?

I may add more. Just pick a number or numbers and tell me what you think.

until next time.

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Interview with Katherine Hardwicke

Nov 12,2008 interview

MTV: I love that the apple-in-hands shot has been worked into the film. Who came up with that idea?

Hardwicke: I came up with that. I love the book cover, and I thought, "What if we just sneak it in, like a two-second flash?" But now it's in the trailer, so I think everybody knows. But, yeah, I like that. I love apples.

Hardwicke: Oh, yeah. It's been really interesting, because I felt like each of them were incredibly talented. Now,… Continue

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The Unborn

So today I was out with my hubby and we went to see The Unborn with (Cam Gigandet). I thought it was a really good movie, granted to me it wasn't that scary, but it was a genuinely good movie :) i was pleased, My guy and I had looked up reviews on the film before we went to see it and it seemed to be about 50-50 on whether people liked it, or hated it. Some said there was bad acting, but I only spotted bad acting on minor characters kind of.

Over all I give it a 92/100

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Inside look at the house used as the Cullen's house in Twilight

Here's a link to a website featuring an in-depth look at the house used as the Cullen's house in Twilight. If anyone enjoys contemporary architecture and design as much as I do, you'll enjoy this article and pics.

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