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Kellan on Perez Hilton!

I know a lot of you don't like Perez Hilton, but I love him. he is the "Howard Stern of the internet" to me. When it comes to Twilight, Robert, and Brittany Spears...he and I are usually on the same page.

He talks about AnnaLynne and Kellan Lutz romance here. I wonder if he heard it from us lol!!!

New photo and article on about Kellan and AnnaLynne…


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I Love Perez Hilton...Can We Be Your "Fruit Fly" Plz Perez????

More vintage Rob pics from No Photo credit so we will credit Perez Hilton!!!!…


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What Will the Cast of Twilight Be Up to in 2009?

Jan 5 2009 8:00 AM EST

'Twilight' Cast: What Will They Be Up To In 2009?

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and their co-stars have a busy year to look forward to.

By Larry Carroll

The Golden Globes are only days away — and MTV News will be here all week long to get you geared up for the big night with profiles, previews and fashion galore. It all comes to a head Sunday night, when we'll have more coverage than you can throw a shiny… Continue

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Want To Know How To Stop Email Notifications From TwiFans?

Only 1 person has asked but I wanted to post this so everyone knew how to do it if they wanted to.

Three simple steps:

Step 1) Go to this page:

Step 2) Check "None: I don't want to receive emails from TwiFans"

Step 3) Click "Clear My Follow List"

Step 3 is very important, and that's the one thing most members are not doing when they try to get rid of the extra e-mails. You must click… Continue

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Writing a Twilight Movies news story for uni. Need help from UK fans!

Hey all,

I study Journalism at uni, and for one of my assignments Im writing about the success of the Twilight movie in America, and how it did in the UK.

I've got most of the article done, I just need some quotes from British fans, so if you live in the UK and don't mind helping out, please send me a message answering the following.

My questions for you, first off, are your full name, age, and location (i.e. London).

Now the actual… Continue

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New Moon + Summit = O.O

2008 was a pretty good year. Two books from Stephenie- BD and The Host, the Twilight movie, and loads of other stuff.

And then, just after the movie is released, Summit confirm New Moon. So, I'm there thinking, OMG, this is great!, when, a couple days later, Summit replaced Catherine Hardwicke, with Chris Weitz, (who directed The Golden Compass). This is a bit of a blow, but I manage to get over it.

And then good old Summit annouces that NM has been slated for November 20, 2009. And… Continue

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Some More Kellan Lutz Miami Photos...New

Photo Credits… Continue

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Robert Pattinson has never been in love!

"I've never experienced that but it must be an amazing feeling to say: 'I absolutely need you.' - Sometimes I feel like that about a cheeseburger!"

Source: Entertainment Wise

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Rob Pattinson: 'I Don't Think I'm Good-Looking'

Self-effacing Twilight hunk hates watching himself on the big screen


robert pattinson edward cullen twilight

Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson has the world at his feet. The previously unknown British actor has been catapulted onto the Hollywood A-List, thanks to his star-making turn as the mysterious and irresistible vampire, Edward Cullen.

But Pattinson--who now attracts hordes of screaming girls everywhere he goes--doesn't understand his… Continue

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The BEST Videos I Have Seen Yet! Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene....

I promise these won't disappoint. These are from director and photographer Tyler Shields. Very artistic.

The first one is a compile of videos from his 2008 year to ring in 2009. You can see bits and pieces of Ashley and Kellan throughout. Great song choice. The song is growing on me.

Tyler Shields says:

"This is a video I put together of some of my favorite clips from the year 2008. It was an amazing year many exciting things happened and I am so happy to have worked with… Continue

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My ranking of the Twilight boys

1. Rob (Edward)
2. Taylor (Jacob)
3. Kellen (Emmett)
4. Jackson (Jasper)
5. Peter (Carlisle)
6. Cam (James)
7. Billy (Charlie)
8. Edi (Laurent)
9. Mike (Mike)
10. Justin (Eric)
11. Gregory (Tyler)
12. Gil (Billy)

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While debating if Jackson has bumped Rob out of his place on my "list" (the list of names that I am allowed to get with even though I have a bf if I ever get the chance), I decided we should rank the Twiboys/Men ... if I missed someone let me know ...

1. Jackson (Jasper)

1. Rob (Edward) (they're still tied so I think I should be allowed to hook up with both lol)

3. Kellen (Emmett)

4. Cam (James)

5. Peter (Carlisle)

6. Taylor (Jacob)

7. Edi… Continue

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We got a rating!

Okay... So TLAC hasn't gotten much momentum, buuuut we did get a YouTube honor:

#66 - Most Responded (This Week) - Nonprofits & Activism

Yeah... That's kind of an obscure category, but it's pretty descriptive of what the project is. :) It's a nonprofit project started by a Taylor Lautner activist... Okay, I'm BSing. I just didn't know where to put it. :P

BUT I also did get ANOTHER honor. Well, I consider it an honor.… Continue

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TwiChurch in 40 minutes

9 PM AZ Time MTN

Hope everyone can make and again the topic is:

Jacob Black casting

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Ok, so I'm annoyed at all the people who keep complaining about Bella. Everyone keeps saying that the actor was "so monotone." And your point is...? That's just how she is. Rory on Gilmore Girls (One of the best shows ever made...) was like that and I loved her. Stephenie Meyer personally chose who was going to play Bella, so she obviously thought she fit the part. Anyway, I just find it annoying.

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Got you all I am 40!

I have to tell you I turned 40 this December and my best girlfriend sent me Twilight for a gift. I was so aggrevated that she sent me this high school story. But so not to hurt her feelings I had to read it well that turned into an all out obsession and I just finished the final book tonight. I have seen the movie twice and took my husband, son and daughter to the movie Christmas night! lol

Now my 15 year old son is reading the series!

Added by Stephanie Burden on January 4, 2009 at 6:28pm — 3 Comments

Twilight Movie Analysis

Last night, while in the chat with the same group of people aforementioned in Alison's posting, I decided It would be fun to do an assessment of one actor from the movie per week. I myself am an acting major at Columbia College in Chicago, so by default the subject is of interest to me (not to mention my obsession with the series...). Now, when I began this entry I had planned to do an analysis of Kristen Stewart (Bella). As it progressed, though, It turned into something more along the lines… Continue

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Too old to be a twilighter?

So one thing I notice on every Twilight fan site is that I tend to be one of the older folks. I'm 38 and I do not have children so I don't fit in with Twilight Moms either. So are there any other upper 30 somethings out there or even older? Or am I an oddity?

Added by Zhaan King on January 4, 2009 at 5:41pm — 7 Comments

Sunday Night TwiChurch at 8 PM PST, 9 PM CST, 11 PM EST

While burning the midnight chat last night. A group of us chatters (Aimee, Lora "background guru", Erika, Brianna, and I- I may be missing people) decided that CULLENISM was a religion and sunday night chat would be OUR church.

This Sunday will be our first hour session of live chat. Each time we do this we will try to give a subject beforehand so you can get your info on the subject ready.

This week's discussion will be: Jacob Black casting, either Taylor,… Continue

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Jacob/Taylor Video to Help Get Ready for TwiChurch

More bulk up for TwiChurch tonight. See earlier blogs for times. This video is old but as you can tell the subject of Jacob was even being talked about with in the cast. Taylor Lautner is funny. Peter Facinelli with his "Tom Cruise" comment is even funnier. And watch the end for a smooch. Little bit of chemistry with Ashley and Jackson through out the… Continue

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