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Some Good Stephenie Meyer Quotes

Here is a list of some good quotes from Stephenie. My favorite is this one:

Inspired by a dream she had about a "normal girl and a beautiful vampire that was in love with her and wanted to kill her," Meyer said she created the story for an audience of one.

"No one was going to read it except for me. That's probably why it comes across as so intimate," Meyer said. "It was a story I wrote for one person to be exactly what I wanted to read at that point in my life, the escape… Continue

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Jackson Rathbone live on the radio

ok, so is anyone as gutted about that as me?!
for those of you who don't know what i'm talking about, jackson rathbone was meant to apear online on a radio programme, but he didn't call in for what ever reason.
so they are going to have the interview with him at 9pm (american time instead.) which is great, if you live in america, but if you live in england like me that means the interview is on at 2 in the morning! which has annoyed me slightly! :/

any one else a tad gutted?

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Wanna Smell Like Twilight

I was in Hot Topic yesterday and they asked me if I had the perfume yet. I said what perfume!!!

Get at Hot Topic

Qty Price Each

SKU… Continue

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IMPORTANT----Jackson Rathbone Live on Vamp Radio Today at 4 Pm EST----IMPORTANT

If you are a Jasper fan like me, you won't want to miss this!!!!!!

This is internet radio all about anything vampire. Vamp Radio will have Jackson Rathbone who plays Jasper Hale in the movie Twilight will be on live for the first 30 minutes according to their website.

Call in and ask him questions directly!!!!!! It doesn't get much cooler than that. I just listened to the radio show from yesterday and they said… Continue

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Current Best Seller List WOW


By The Associated Press –

Key: F-Fiction; NF-Nonfiction; H-Hardcover; P-Paperback

1. "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) (F-P)

2. "New Moon" by Stephenie Meyer (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) (F-P)

3. "Eclipse" by Stephenie Meyer (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) (F-H)

4. "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" by J.K. Rowling (Arthur A.… Continue

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Is Twilight a Religion?

With Twilight the movie out and broadening an already large fan base, some may fear that the new Twilight-obsessed fans may be a little shallow or uninformed due in part to the fact that with a movie out, why do they have to read the book? Some dedicated Twilighter's who began reading and worshiping the series before the newly massed popularity, brought about from the movie, are some what offended when a fan of the movie seems to only think about how hot Edward is and doesn't value themes that… Continue

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My Twi-fiction

Twi can be added to the front of ANY word. It's so awesome. Twi-mom. Twi-hard. Twi-hater. (Though god forbid any of those exist.) Twi-tastic!

ANYWAY! On to the shameless plugging of my Twilight fanfiction (or Twi-fiction).

Needs is a spastic series about the development of Quil and Claire's relationship. It starts from when she's around five and progresses there. It's a little jumpy in the story and I haven't… Continue

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Vintage pics of Robert Pattinson

Photo Credit

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5 Facts about Taylor Lautner

5. He’s from Michigan

Taylor was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 11, 1992. His family moved to California when he was ten years old so that he could pursue his career in acting.

4. He Knows Martial Arts

Taylor began training in martial arts at the age of six. Within one year Taylor began winning tournaments and was invited to train with karate champion Mike Chat. At the age of eight, Taylor won three… Continue

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Blind Item Revealed today

This blind item was posted out today on Crazy Days and Nights' And revealed on

Do we think it's true?

What film brother/sister duo in an upcoming blockbuster film are having to keep their relationship secret because of fears that the general public will not make the distinction between film and real life?… Continue

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Some German Twilightmoments

Hi Twifans!

My name ist Caitlin, I’m from Germany and 20 years old. I live in a small town near Kaiserslautern, also called K-town, maybe someone knows that city because of the airbase in Ramstein (few minutes away from it).

I’m attending university since summer 2008, studying German and history, in a few years I’ll be (hopefully) a teacher.

The Twilightvirus got me on Christmas 2007, as a present. Reading it was the first thing i did in 2008- and with that moment, I… Continue

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Ice + Hiking in Chucks = Ow.

You'd think I'd know by now. Everyone keeps telling me "you can't hike without hiking boots" and "that's really bad for your feet," but I HATE hiking boots. They're bulky and gross. My chucks work just fine. Lord. Every time someone says "you can't hike in those" i have to respond with a very mature "Oh yeah? Watch me!" and go sprinting up the path, which of course is laced in ice because it's January in Colorado, (actually, it was like, 50 degrees today. Not bad at all.) Then I obviously have… Continue

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Cam getting hitched?


I don't like how they word everything but it's news for us anyways!


Twilight star Cam Gigandet (who played "fired" vampire James) will apparently marry his pregnant girlfriend, Dominique Geisendorff.

Even though they were just about to break up.

According to Cam's father, Jay Gigandet, "Marriage is… Continue

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Exhaustion and a New Year

I'm totally exhausted. I was up until three watching Ghost Whisperer. :x It's my newest addiction. I'm up to season three so far! Which means that soon, I'll have no more episodes to watch. How sad.

In order to avoid my duties (that I created for myself), I started surfing the 'net. I'm going to start doing some more advertising for my project. I've been obsessively checking to see if they've uploaded the 'Belt It Out For Billy' video. They haven't. I keep refreshing… Continue

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Twilight Badge

Twilight Badge

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Music for New Moon/Eclipse, my humble opinion

Check out Chiodos. I think they are perfect for the next soundtrack. I can't believe Stephenie hasn't added them to her listening to list.

Their lyrics are perfect. Take a listen. I will try to get some songs on my page today, I have to figure out how to change them to the correct format.

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Do we want a live chat area?

Let's vote shall we!

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Edward Fanfiction

I've just started this fanfiction, I will post more as I write.

The story is about Edward's life right before he was changed and will continue on for his beginnings as a vampire as well.

I awoke to the sound of my mother singing in the kitchen along with the clanking of dishes and pans, the smell of bacon accompanied the sounds nicely as my head escaped back to the real world from dreams about the war. That seemed to be the only thing I dream't about these… Continue

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Happy New Year!

Just thought i would try writing a blog and wish everyone a happy new year for 2009! =D

Hopefully it should be awesome! I leave school this year :O (For the god knows what time considering i am a vampire XD)

Talk to you all soon. I'm new to this so hopefully i should pick up on what to do as i go along lol!


~Kelly x

Added by Kawee on January 2, 2009 at 9:57am — 1 Comment

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