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Stephenie Meyer considered a bright spot for the book industry last year

"Yahoo!'s most recent "Who Knew?" video features Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer, and it reports that, where last year is concerned, she became the "biggest brightspot for the industry" in the face of overwhelming sales declines.

The number one…


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Zimbio: 5 Scenes from the Book That Would Make 'Breaking Dawn' an R-Rated Movie

(Photo by Photo Agency | Illustration by

Zimbio reports:

"For three movies the Twilight franchise has flirted with subject matter…


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New Ashley Greene Photo for Robb & Hugo

Here is a new shooting with Ashley for Robb&Hugo.


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MTV ~ EXCLUSIVE: 'Fame: Taylor Lautner' Comic Book Preview

See the rest…


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PattinsonOnline Bel Ami Book Project

The ladies over at Pattinson Online (the site that followed Robert Pattinson way before anyone ever heard of him) has started a charity project to support Robert Pattinson in his new movie, Bel Ami. They write:

“A few months ago we were approached by Fandemonium Publishing, an imprint of Bibliolife, to create an exclusive fansite version of the novel Bel Ami by Guy de Maupassant[note: the reason this is possible is that the…


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Kiowa Gordon Dishes On Being A Werewolf And A ‘Comic Book Nerd’ ~ Interview with TheFablife

We hopped on the phone this week with Twilight Saga star Kiowa Gordon, who is best known for playing Jacob Black’s werewolf BFF Embry in everyone’s favorite uber-franchise. Did you know Kiowa scored the role (out of thousands) at an open audition, after Stephenie Meyer - his friend from church - encouraged him to give it a go? That should tell you how much talent this kid’s got tucked away in his…


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Book Bella vs. Movie Bella: An In Depth Discussion

Before we get to the meat of today’s blog, post I would like to take minute to discuss some Eclipse news this week, especially the Oprah show where Robert Pattinson, Kristin Stewart, and Taylor Lautner were guests.

Twilight Cast On Oprah:

At the risk of sounding like a complete Valley Girl, I was super psyched to see that Rob, Kris, and Tay were going to be on Oprah. Everyone knows that once Lady O is kind enough to bestow and…


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Exclusive 'Fame: Taylor Lautner' Comic Book Preview

Now that we've seen comic book biographies of twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, it's only natural that the next alum of the franchise to get the comic treatment is Taylor Lautner, who plays shape-shifter Jacob Black in the big-screen adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's novels.

Arriving on shelves in August from Bluewater Productions, "Fame: Taylor Lautner" promises to…


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Whose hand is that?

I was looking the New Moon Companion Book pictures again, and I felt curious about this one. Whose hand is that?

Bella is wearing the green shirt that she is wearing in Italy, right? and the only person who wears a light green shirt is Mike in the cinema scene, only in the pictures known so far.

Also that person is wearing a ring, that looks a lot like Bella's, with a white gemstone. So, it makes me think that it MIGHT… Continue

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Twilight Large Print

I finally found the Twilight and New Moon copies in Large Print!

very white compared to the normal print :)

Same Cover but it looked scratchyy??

White Back and already bigger print!

wow starts at the VERY top. my mom has bad eye site and she loves this hahaha

is it the same… Continue

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Alison winning Stephenie Meyers Eclipse Prom Dress Video!!

Alison Winning Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse Prom Dress!!! I have my connections, even if i do live all the way in Australia!! Enjoy and Congratulations Alison!! You beat them GOOD!! And that dress looka AH-MAZ-ING on… Continue

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If you are a Robert Pattinson fan, you may wanna check out one of his previous projects which was aired in the UK. It's called 'The Bad Mother's Handbook' and was made about 2-3 Years back. In it, Rob plays the total opposite to our sexy vampire lothario Edward Cullen and plays a Nerd. Yes, you did read it right. I know there's a possibility that this sort of blog may have been posted in the past but it's for those who haven't had the chance to view this. You can catch this on Youtube and I've… Continue

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