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KSTEW's Interview w/ Mirror UK ~ Kristen Stewart: ‘At school I got, “Oh, she’s such a b****” just because I was an actor’

Twenty-year-old Kristen Stewart has been acting since the age of nine, but it wasn’t until she landed the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight series that she became a mega star – a status she’s not entirely comfortable with. Known for being moody and awkward in interviews, and sparing with the smiles, Kristen hasn’t always had a great relationship with the press. Coupled with her dislike for lying, she’s struggled to show the side her fellow…


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RPATZ Interview w/UK Mirror ~ Robert Pattinson: ‘In my next film, I screw over women… Edward wouldn’t approve’

Robert Pattinson appears a little befuddled. The Twilight heart-throb has come straight from a night-shoot on the movie he’s filming, Water For Elephants, into our interview. In real life, Rob couldn’t be further removed from the character he plays in the Twilight saga, Edward Cullen. He’s warm, funny, and, in sharp contrast to Edward, very relaxed. There are no pouts and fiery-eyed stares from Pattinson. He and co-star Kristen Stewart will…


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Jodelle Ferland On Her Eclipse Role: 'There Was No Way I Was Going To Say No'

Jodelle Ferland is creating buzz as Bree Tanner in Eclipse, you know, the…


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It starts with a choice: Bella chooses the man, I choose my review of Eclipse


Edward and Bella:

Leg hitch, check

Romantic kissing throughout the movie, check

Tender moments from the book, check

Were they believable in the romance department, check (more so than any of the other movies, I have my opinion as to why)

Jacob and Bella:

First kiss awkward and forced like the book, check

Second kiss passionate, check

Was I shocked that second kiss was actually a couple kisses in one,… Continue

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Who do you think is going to be on the Macy's 4th of July show from Twilight... I know of one...

I know Charlie Bewley (from undisclosed sources, no I am not a stalker, yet) is planning on making an appereance on the show... for me that is done and closed reason to watch... everyone else is just frosting on my *Team Bewley cake*... ;o)

The info is below... who is your guess to be there?

All-New, Sunday, July 4 at…


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THIS IS CRAP do you know how many people there are out there who devote their time to reading the twilight saga? do you know how many people are on Team Jacob or Team Edward for a specific reason? do you know how many people create sites so that REAL TWILIGHT FANS can interact? and more importantly DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE OUT IN THE WORLD SAY THEY ARE TWILIGHT FANS WHEN THE ONLY WATCH THE MOVIES? OR HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE ON TEAM JACOB BECAUSE HES HOT OR ARE ON TEAM EDWARD BECAUSE THATS WHO… Continue

Added by Taci Lautner on April 12, 2010 at 1:05pm — 6 Comments

Kelly Clarkson - Empty as I am

We all heard about how big a Twilight fan Kelly Clarkson is, and that she wrote a song for the New Moon soundtrack.

That song didn't make the soundtrack, but we can now listen to it on youtube!


Empty As I Am

It's not like I don't feel love

The taste of it's warmest touch

It's not like I lose sleep

It's like I don't sleep at… Continue

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kelllan lutz, neek reed and rachelle lefevre interview

Later I´ll upload an HQ… Continue

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This was always the way I planned

Yes, my intention

Jake looked so brave, a bold, hot man

Lost what little bit of discretion

It's not what I'm used to

Fire instead of ice

Got this crush all on you

Ever since New Moon


I kissed a wolf an I liked it

The taste of his heated wolf lips

I kissed a wolf just to try it

I hope my Edward don't mind it

It felt so wrong

It felt so right

So much better… Continue

Added by decode16 on April 22, 2009 at 1:36pm — 1 Comment

New Moon: Who am I to say?

This video has a song that is so beautiful and moving. Love the editing and thought I would share. What do you think of this?

From the video artist Paperflowers08

Wow, this one was hard...I don't know why but this took me two months. I just didn't know how to go on with it. But I got so many nice comments so I finished it:)

Oh, and I know Steven Strait isn't the…

Added by Alison Genet on April 14, 2009 at 12:03am — 5 Comments

I got Twilight

Yay I got Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then my 11 year old sister ruined my Buzz by stealing the dvd after she told me that Twilight was rubbish =( Please leave comments on how to get heer back she has hidden the film and my mum is on her side !!!! Help!!!!!!!I'm thinking of murdering her do you know any ways to do that lol!!! I want twilight back!!=(

Added by X♥JaSpEr♥LoVeR♥X on April 11, 2009 at 10:24am — 1 Comment

Bella & Edward Video by Stina...Say (All I Need)

Find more videos like this on Twifans

From the artist: I have been having a lot of trouble finding the right song, and so thanks to my brother he made me listen to this song, and BAM 7 hours later a video was made. Haha. I really like this song, and in the beginning of the official music video for it there are the clock chimes and… Continue

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Pictures of Rachelle Levefre on "How I Met Your Mother"

Here are photos from Rachelle Levefre on the tv show "How I Met Your Mother" with Neil Patrick Harris. I haven't seen the show but from what I can tell they are on a date. They get to smooching in the back of a moving van and then decide to close the van doors to get more intimate and the van starts moving.…


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TwiFans on

Heyho Alison, TwiFans and all Germans on here!!!

A few days ago you added the german twilight fan page to you affiliates.

Thanks again!!!!

I talked to our Admin about it and today he postet about this Page! ;)

"Because there is not much news today to report about, we thought we share with you a really interesting Project.

One of our Partnersites is the american Site TwiFans. is a Community wich is…

Added by Jess aka Akii on January 25, 2009 at 9:36am — 3 Comments

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