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Peter Facinelli Dishes on Vampire Baseball and Carlisle Cullen Bookmark and Share

Peter Facinelli is on a family road trip driving up the West Coast in an RV with Jennie Garth and their three daughters heading to the Vampire Baseball Game in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, July 4. As Carlisle Cullen, Peter has become a Twilight fan favorite and spoke with him Friday while he took a break from driving and Jennie cooked up bacon and eggs for the family breakfast in the RV. How is the trip going?

Peter… Continue

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TWI/TOUR 2009: SALUTE TO TWILIGHT CONVENTION is making a stop in CHICAGO on OCTOBER 2-4, 2009 and we can't wait! Today we've added a new great guest to our line-up which now includes:


PETER FACINELLI (Dr. Carlisle… Continue

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We're very much looking forward to the upcoming stop of Twi/Tour 2009: Salute to Twilight Convention coming to one of our favorite cities: MINNEAPOLIS on JULY 17-19, 2009. We have a jam-packed, non-stop weekend of Twilight themed entertainments including the appearance of SIX fabulous… Continue

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Is New Moon the last helping hand for MySpace?

According to a report of Examiner, MySpace is slowely going down. Is the New Moon Fanpage the last help?

We all know that twitter, faceboock and co are growing. And because of this fact MySpace is loosing users.

Are Perter Facinelli, Micheal Welch and Edi Gathegi the savior?

Read… Continue

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Oh Dear God! -- Peter Facinelli and Rob DeFranco Single Ladies Bikini Dance

This is what us twitter followers fought so hard for.. here we go.... AHHH disturbing and funny!… Continue

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Peter Facinelli v Rob Defranko

So I don't know if anyone's heard about this yet but Peter Facinelli and Rob Defranko made a bet that ends Friday. Basically, Rob D. bet Peter that he couldn't get 500,000 followers on twitter by Friday. IF Peter wins, a) Rob has to dance (and sing)down Hollywood Blvd to "All the Single Ladies" in a bikini, holding a sign that says "twitter me" and a sticker that says "Team Carlisle" and a sticker on his rear that says "Team Edward" :) and b) Peter will give the back of his directors chair from… Continue

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Last Word with Peter Facinelli

Who says there's only Team Robert Pattinson and Team Taylor Lautner? OK! is a big fan of another Twilight hunk, Peter Facinelli. We chatted with Jennie Garth's husband and he opened up about a few of the last things he's done recently.

Last Time I Said "I Love You":

To my wife this afternoon.

Last Romantic Thing I Did for Jennie:

We went out to lunch together on a nice little romantic… Continue

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Follow Peter Facinelli on Twitter... NOW!

Peter Facinelli bet Rob DeFranco, the guy who made his Twitter skin and IPhone app, that he could get 500,000 people following him on Twitter by June 19th. If Peter loses this bet Rob gets to win Peter’s chair from Twilight.

On the other hand if Peter wins, Rob has to walk down Hollywood Blvd in a bikini singing all the single ladies with a sign that says “Twitter me”. Peter has promised to take video. No idea what LAPD will do.… Continue

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Peter Facinelli KTLA Interview

Apparently, according to "Peter Facinelli", the newcasters were not fond of him saying "prick" on liveTV. HA HA

Find more videos like this on… Continue

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HAPPY (Video) MONDAY (Why? because I can..)

What better way to start out your Monday, then with a little Twilight/New Moon/Cast love... So, I was going through and saw some videos I thought you all may like..

First up.. Kristen Stewart being stalked by the Papparazzi during her H&M Studio time (poor girl, but she does well)

SUPER funny interview from Michael Welch and Christian Serratos about Robert Pattinson (keep an eye on the background as… Continue

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Behind the scenes look at Nurse Jackie (with Peter Facinelli)

This is a REALLY nice behind the scenes look at Showtime's new series, Nurse Jackie. It stars Edie Falco and our very own Peter Facinelli. WARNING: Rated a very high PG-13 for Some sexual content and language (nothing too bad.. promise..)

Find more videos like this on Twifans

You can download this PLUS the Pilot episode FOR FREE on iTunes right… Continue

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HUGE Atlanta Twi/Tour Update!!

Well, at least I think so..

If you have NOT bought your admission tickets yet, you are in for a HUGE surprise when you try to get them..Why? well, because the GOLD and the PREFERRED tickets are completely SOLD OUT!!! That's right, not only did ATLANTA sell out the Big Gold Package.. the next best thing, The Preferred Package, is also sold out....



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Nurse Jackie - For non US peeps!

Lately I have been a little frustrated with the lack of Peter that us Brits can get... Nearly all his stuff is region 1, I knew the same would probably be true of his latest series Nurse Jackie.

Now he has tweeted on his official Twitter that Nurse Jackie is avaliable free from I tunes... However although it shows up on the UK version of the site you cannot download the content. However after talking about my distress at not being able… Continue

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Have you ever wondered??

I was looking at some other peoples blogs, and one said about Kristen and Rob both looking at the internet together laughing. Has it ever crossed your minds that they have looked on twifans? Since twifans is one of the biggest websites for Twilight lovers I bet they have! Then i let my imagination run away with me and thought well maybe they set up an account, and were talking on it! i know they wouldnt have much time at the mo but its still a possibility when you think about it. It doesnt… Continue

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I know this will probably take a back seat to the MTV awards and the New Moon Trailer, but for those of us attending the Twi/Tour in Minneapolis or Atlanta, this is HUGE!!

We're happy to announce some great opportunities for fans visiting the TWI/TOUR 2009: SALUTE TO TWILIGHT Conventions coming to ATLANTA (July 10-12, 2009) and MINNEAPOLIS (July 17-19,… Continue

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Twilight Costumes.... In Atlanta!!


We have a special treat for those coming to Twi/Tour Atlanta on JULY 10-12, 2009. Along with our amazing line-up of guests (JACKSON RATHBONE, KELLAN LUTZ, ASHLEY GREENE, BILLY BURKE, AND PETER FACINELLI) we are happy to announce the addition of this new fantastic exhibit! It's something every TWILIGHT fan will want to see! For those who do not have tickets yet for the… Continue

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Twi/Tour Atlanta Update (July 10-12)!!

A note to those who are still not set ticket-wise for the eagerly awaited TWI/TOUR 2009 stop in ATLANTA on JULY 10-12, 2009 at the fabulous WESTIN BUCKHEAD HOTEL: Our top of the line GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGES will be sold out and removed from sale on MONDAY MAY 25, 2009 5PM PACIFIC TIME (if not sooner).

The… Continue

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*UPDATE* Twi Tour - Australia!!

I have an update for all the Australians out there..


Chaske Spencer, who will be playing Sam Uley in New Moon has been announced to appear along side Peter Facinelli at the Twi Tour Conventions in Australia.

Chaske Spencer

Chaske Spencer is a Native American Indian or First Nation descendant of Lakota (Sioux) Nation His first name, Chaske, means "first-born" in the Lakota… Continue

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How peter stays close to the Family..

While he's away on location for Twilight's sequel, New Moon, in Vancouver, Peter Facinelli often connects with his three daughters and wife of 8 years, Jennie Garth, 37, by videoconferencing on Skype. So when the girls wanted to see dad in the Twilight DVD, "my wife put on the movie" the actor, 35, tells Us, that his youngest, Fiona, 2, "kept talking to me when I was on the screen, so she said, 'Daddy isn't talking… Continue

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