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My own "Renesmee-locket"

We all know that Bella gives a locket to Renesmee in Breaking Dawn.

And it says : plus que ma propre vie

This is my own renesmee locket:

I think that means something like "more than my own life"- I can´t speak french.

So my mom decided to engrave this on a locket as a present for my sweet 16:)

I love it and I wanted to know what you guys think about it:

Pic 1: back side, Pic 2: front side…


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Taking a Look at Vampires Through the Years

I was looking through "Vampires Through the Years" at Us Magazine and couldn't help thinking of Renesmee when I saw the picture of Kirsten Dunst as Claudia in 1994's Interview with a on Claudia may be a little lighter but what do you think?…


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So now we know there will be two movies, where should they Split?

Since we all know there are two movies, where should they split? BREAK OUT THE BOOKS!

Well as soon as i read the blog post i did look at BD and tried to figure out what they would do. Would they do book one and then two and three for the rest? But I figured out this; Book one and two are the same size put together as book three.…


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lillys and the white dress


"so i trotted into the bathroom".


The Warm Water Felt amazing against my skin. Ever since i was a baby i loved my bath time, it reminds me of jake, thinking about jake i was remembering the dream i had last night the way he touched me, every lick, every kiss- i was lost in thought when-


"Wash Your… Continue

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Renesmee, Morning Moon [Chapter 2: Part 2]

heyy guys! I apologize to those who actually enjoy my writing. It's been at least--or almost--a week since my last chapter/part. I've just been so busy with shcool lately! I must admit though, I am a bit discouraged. I don't think many people read my stories. I must say; I have been extremely happy with the comments I've been getting. Those of you who have been commenting, thank you oh so very much! I greatly appreciate it! I'm glad people enjoy it because I'd like o continue writing my… Continue

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Renesmee,Morning Moon [Chapter 2: Part 1]

Hey guys! I'm sorry it took me so long to post Renesmee, Morning Moon [Chapter 2: Part 1], but I've been soooooooooo busy lately. Mainly due to acedemic reasons and such. Again, I apologize for the delay. Anyway, I finally have it up! Hope you like it!

-k. lee (:


Chapter 2:

Part 1

“Nessie, what are you doing?” Jacob said, almost… Continue

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Renesmee, Morning Moon [Chapter 1: Part 2]

Hey, everybody & anybody who read my previous story. I really hoped you liked the first one! Anyway, here's the second half of the first chapter! I know I said I was going to try to post it yesterday, but I had alot of work to do. I've got it up today though. And I tink it's pretty long--or maybe that's just me. Anways, hope you like it!<3

--k.lee… Continue

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Renesmee, Morning Moon [Chapter 1: Part One]


It’s been at least seven years since my violent birth—even though I appear to be at least sixteen and I possessed the mind of an older woman. And since then, everything’s been great: My family loves me more than anything, I attend the same high school my mother and father attended at Forks—and I’m quite the popular one there, too! Yeah, life’s been treating me pretty well lately. Except for the fact that within each day I feel as if the feuds between my father and I have… Continue

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Such a funny Fan Fiction!

So HILARIOUS. You must read this, or else I will be very, very upset, pull out my old harry potter books, blow the dust, become a wizard, and cast a spell on you that makes sure you will never watch New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn ever again!!


When Edward and Bella go visit Renee in Florida, Emmett… Continue

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My Fanmade Posters + Stuff (:

For months i've been playing around with pictures, mostly to nervous to blog them because they were too awful, but last night i decided to work with what i'd done, tweak them around a bit, and post what i had. So here they are, my favourites out of the many saved in various files on my computer! I realise some aren't great, but your opinion is greatly appriciated, so please comment!




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Ok So I thought I would share my sis's excitement, Ok so my GrandFather Has a freind who is in the acting business - And I guess he saw pictures of my little sister and knows how much of a fan she is so He wants to meet her, she is going to be going to surrey to meet with him for an audtion and we are so excited... I granddad Is so cool, I would have to say I am soo Jealous.. My mom will be going with her I am still trying to let her let me tag along, maybe she'll let me miss school for it, I… Continue

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Marriage Proposal dropped from New Moon?! *Beware possible spoilers*

I was given a link by Hattie (thanks ;oD ) where New Moon director Christ Weitz spoke to the Edmonton News about some of the changes he has made in the movie from the book.

It is said that some of the rumoured changes are -

* Bella is a DareDevil in the film in comparison to the book.

* Although Edward is supposed to appear to Bella as a voice only the filmmakers have decided to have him in the film as a ghostly figure instead of just a voice. No doubt to get… Continue

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