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TwitterTime With Chris Weitz - Part Eight

Our Twitter Main man chrisweitz was on a roll tonight. And he was extra funny.

TJGx Hey @chrisweitz - whose idea was it for Edward to be a visual thing in NM and not just the…

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TwitterTime With Chris Weitz - Part Seven

In case you missed ChrisWeitz on Twitter today (some tweets were from Friday night). The fun times continues... Oh I know you like my related pics for tonight's post. lol Bella has *wicked* plans.

@TwiFans:Do you have the faux fountain from New Moon in your backyard? #twilightperks” it broke when I swam in it at the wrap party…


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TwitterTime With Chris Weitz - Part Five


Tonight's session with ChrisWeitz . It was pretty short.

Ahymhee @chrisweitz just noticed on #newmoon, bella punching jacob hurt much while punching paul was nothing... same wolf but diff attack? Jacob's jaw was clenched with deep emotion


jeihlynn0921 @chrisweitz i want to ask if in the future you still want to work with Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stew and also Taylor Lautner?…


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TwitterTime With Chris Weitz - Part Four

It's ChrisWeitz's Twilight-Tuesday in Twatterlandia.  (NewMoon whatever!- lol)

ETA: Added a few more

LMCullen@chrisweitz BTW the fandom LOVES Edward's "Sex Walk" in NM, when he arrives at the beginning. Does Rob walk like that in real life? LOL
No, I had to teach him. Off camera I was saying "Yeah,… Continue

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TwitterTime With Chris Weitz - Part Three

And we're on part 3 of Twittertime with ChrisWeitz . More Rob and Kristen questions...more lols.

Oh and he has a twitter topic sched now. OMRP! lol

"Monday: M-ovie discussion. Tuesday: T-wilight stuff. Weds: W-hatevuh. Thurs: Th-rilling observations. Friday: F-ailed attempts at humor. Wknd: Mixup round"

If you missed Part 1…


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Old Pics of Kristen With Miles Simone

Photobucket Photobucket


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Fan Encounter With Mackenzie Foy in Baton Rouge?

From the fansite NessieMackenzie:



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New Jodelle Ferland Interview With Salt Lake Magazine

Salt Lake Magazine had the opportunity to interview Jodelle Ferland, who plays Bree Tanner in the Eclipse movie, when she was in Salt Lake City, Utah during the Eclipse dvd signings over the weekend.



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OTR Update: Bonding Time With The Boys of 'On The Road' - Kristen's 'Bodyguards'


August 28th Ezeiza Airport

Jerry Cimino, the Beat Museum curator and a Beat Angel relates "I mentioned to Sam and Garrett how I'd seen the video clip on YouTube of Kristen Stewart flying into Argentina and how the mob at the airport just…


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Help Chaske Spencer With A Good Cause

Chaske Spencer (AKA Sam Uley) along with some other celebrities like Brittany Snow & Drew Seeley have partnered with the JED foundation to draw…


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Billy Burke Has Been Spotted in Baton Rouge: Fan photos!

Some fans have been lucky enough to run into Billy Burke AKA "Charlie Swan" in Baton Rouge.…


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Peter Facinelli Teams Up With Master Card and Home Depot ~ video

Peter Facinelli, eco-friendly actor most known for his roles in Twilight and Nurse Jackie, teamed up with MasterCard and The Home Depot to share tips on how anyone can be more environmentally friendly. During the month of October, Home Depot consumers who use their MasterCard now through October 31 to buy ENERGY STAR appliances -- refrigerators, clothes washers, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, water heaters -- 10 percent of the proceeds from those…


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Huffington Post ~ Twenty Incredibly Serious Minutes With Kristen Stewart

Huffington Post reports:

Foulmouthed and feral, the kohl-eyed stripper-prostitute portrayed by Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys is a battery of neurotic tics: she nibbles her fingers, scratches her undefined lips, and shakes one foot mechanically. There are bruises on her calves from…


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Tweeted pic of Alex Meraz With The Cast Of 'NBD2'



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Appears more than the Volturi are complicating Kstew's life!

As if Kristen Stewart doesn't have enough complications in her real and fictional life...she can add another one to her list. You thought that the constant media attention was hindering her from living a normal life? You are absolutely correct. However, we just found out that Twilight, which cast her into the limelight and opened so many doors and opportunities for her, is actually haulting her from futhering her career. Well,…


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Writers Guild Of America’s Interview With Melissa Rosenberg!

The Writers Guild Of America recently sat down with Twilight Saga screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg.

In the interview they discuss the script for Eclipse and what she finds most difficult when it comes to writing a script -

You’ve said you thought this current film, Eclipse, would be easy at first. Was that partially because you knew Breaking Dawn, your two-part adaptation of the final films…


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New/old Pic of RPatz With a Fan at a 100 Monkey Show in 2009...

Source via Source

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Michael Welch Spends a Week With the USO...

The USO is a special organization. It provides, among other things, entertainment for our troops and their families. Anyone who is in the military can tell you that money is tight; servicemen do not make tremendous salaries. So, to have a Hollywood star come and entertain is quite the treat, especially when you are a continent away from home!

In talking about his visit, Michael Welch said “Traveling…


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NEW Robert Pattinson Interview With Paris Match — Scan and Translation

PM: In Paris, last Novem­ber you were really scared by the crazi­ness. How do you feel today Robert Pattinson?

Rob: I feel bet­ter. I’m start­ing to get used to Hol­ly­wood. It all seems just as crazy to me,…


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