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New/old pics of KStew and TayTay at the Berlin Press Conference

A TON more pics at the…


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KStew's interview with Austria's *News* magazine ~ Scan and translation

Translation by @Tama0026

“Hey guys, I’m no demi-godess.”

Kristen Stewart. About the “Twilight” hype, her desire to visit foreign countries and why she’s gonna learn arabic in the near future.…


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Diablo Cody and her sidekick RPatz...

Diablo Cody (writer of Juno fame) has just started her own Internet talk show called Red Band Trailer(Note: It is definitely an adult themed show with non-PG-13 language and themes, and would not be considered work safe.) that you can catch on YouTube. Robert Pattinson in the pillow form of Edward Cullen plays a role.

According to the…


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KStew in German "In Style" magazine ~ August issue - translated interview and scan

Translated interview by @KStewlicious: (please credit if u repost)

Kristen Stewart wears jeans, a black and white squared shirt and a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses in her hair when she arrives to the interview in the four seasons hotel in Beverly Hills. Shooting Eclipse, which is in theaters since 15th July, she was wearing brown contacts but in real…


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Couple more RPatz pics and info from WFE set yesterday....

Robert Pattinson suited up on the set of Water for Elephants in LA today. The intense emotional scenes they were working on take place at Cornell in the book, so UCLA stood in for the upstate NY university. The movie wraps filming soon, but first the…


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WFE star Christopher Waltz talks RPatz, Oscars and his fav co-star (sorry, it is not RPatz)...

"Oh, I don't know. I don't think about Oscars."

—Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz, who is currently filming Water for Elephants with Robert Pattinson, on whether Rob will follow in his and costar Reese Witherspoon's footsteps one day.

Waltz, who we caught up with after the Green Hornet panel at Comic-Con, is playing the villain type in both flicks (big surprise), but he joked it's always "the other guys…


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My day is now complete.... New/old pic of the Oh.So.Hot Xavier Samuel and the Oh.So.Hot Charlie Bewley....

New/old picture of Eclipse vampires Xavier Samuel (aka Riley) and Charlie Bewley (aka Demetri) outside of the Today Show in NYC earlier this month!


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Sabrina Frank (Vera in Eclipse) talks RPatz and KStew ~ Glamour (Germany) ~ translated

Sabrina Frank was cast as Vera in 'Eclipse', Rosalie's friend in her back story. Her part was eventually cut from the film. In an interview with Glamour (Germany) she talked about Rob and Kristen.

Rough translation of the part where she mentions by KstewRobFans :)

Glamour: Did you notice the Hype around that Robert Pattinson &…


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Twilight mention and pic from SD Comic Con

Green Hornet and Green Lantern booths were a hot commodity. So hot, in fact, that at 5 feet tall I had no luck getting anywhere near them. But I did get to see some Volturi cloaks at the Summit booth, which made this Twilight fan very happy. However, the creepy doll versions of Edward and Bella for sale left a little to be desired.…


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Part 3 ~ *Finally, the set of Taylor Lautner's movie Abduction and to think I did this all in heels....*

So, one wrong set, one base camp that my 5 year old had the inside scoop on but failed to inform me ;o), and about 5 miles in total for the day walking in very high heels… I arrived at the set for Abduction… which mind you is only a couple streets over from me…

But of course, right… *final facepalm*…

So, while I did not meet any stars yesterday (really was not expecting to) I…


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Some pics of Kellan and BooBoo at DoSomething Awards last night


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Which is cooler, the car, RPatz or the fact they went to In and Out...??

RPatz and TomStu cruising in an old Chevy to In and Out Burger - July 17th

Added by Aidinslevel on July 19, 2010 at 9:40am — 4 Comments

Christian Serratos Interview Huffington Post ~Talks RPatz, Twilight, Nudity, and a Twilight Musical

As the ardor cools for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, it’s easy to forget all the humans except that most desired one Kristen Stewart’s Bella. But there are the others, from the ever-surging Anna Kendrick’s as head geek Jessica to Billy Burke as dad Swan.

And then there’s actress Christian Serratos’s bespectacled Angela Webber, who kind of reflects the film’s own core…


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Robert Pattinson &Tom Stu cruising in an old Chevy - July 17th

Rob and Tom pal around next to an In & Out Burger in a very cool Chevy. If this is Robert's new car and we get to see him driving it around...flat line dead. My heart can't take it!

PS they didn't go to the Birkenstock store thank god!…


Added by Alison Genet on July 19, 2010 at 8:30am — 28 Comments

RPatz in Ok Magazine (Turkey) ~ scan and translation

(This is a bit long due to translation)


Robert Pattinson is on the news again with the release of his most recent movie Twilight Saga: Eclipse. In this interview young actor talks about Uma Thurman and Reese Witherspoon with whom he worked with in his two new movies, and how he works with his lover Kristen Stewart on set.

- According to…


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