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New Moon Movie Still: Edward & Bella in class

Here is a New Moon still/scan of Edward and Bella in class. How hard would it be to focus on school if Edward were in your class??? Anyway, I edited this to make it look good/bright and as clear as possible.

Original Photo: source


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Check out the new info, from the tabloid XD

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Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene Leave Vancouver

free image host free image host free image host free image host Continue

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Do you reakon Bella and Jacob should end Up together??

Damn!! I just wrote a blog but its gone now. I don't have time to write it up again. But the title is self-explanatory. Let me know what you think. I'll be keen to hear from those that think they should of ended up together.


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Weekly OK! Magazine for you all to judge and criticize, all that have fun

Also article about the taylors! As well as the actress who plays leah clearwater

Click for large versions to read…


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Us For Always

The minute I saw you, I couldn’t breathe.

My heart stopped in my throat, and how weak I became in the knees.

You walked in with your crowd, the wind gently rustling your uncontrollable hair, and it was over when our eyes first met.

We tried so hard to stay away from one another,

but my heart was taken, as well as yours, and I knew you were what was forever.

So many times our eyes would meet, I’d blush deep red, but you’d regretfully look away.

You tried so hard to… Continue

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OK! magazine articles about rob and kristen

Yes i know its a tabloid but they have good pictures!

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Only Freshmen - Jacob and Bella in Eclipse

I just thought that this song was in a way so fitting for the relationship of Bella and Jacob in Eclipse. It might be just me, but I thought that it was just so fitting, the way they could've had a relationship, and how Jacob really felt about it. This really is in Jacob's point of view.

Thank you to TwilightInspiredMusic on YouTube for matching this great song to Eclipse for… Continue

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An interesting and insightful article from an older Twilight fan - The beautiful story

I myself am a young teenage Twilight fanatic, but an older obsessor, Sparkling Bites, wrote a very inspiring article about what The Twilight Saga has done for her. Take a look.

Falling In Love With Twilight

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I bought the first book. Simple curiosity prompted the purchase. “Twilight’’ was everywhere. Kids were reading… Continue

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Is Nikki Reed's name tattooed on Paris Latsis's hand?

We all know that Nikki Reed and Paris Latsis are now a couple, but did Paris tattoo Nikki's name on his hand? Take a look.

Thanks to @KStew411 for the… Continue

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Two never before seen necklaces: Team Edward or Team Jacob?


Twilight fashion week continues at MTV! Above is a preview of more of the goodies that will be released form the Nornstrom New Moon clothing and accesories line!

“Start saving your pennies, folks, because these necklaces will soon be on sale at a Nordstrom near you, to help celebrate the opening of “New Moon” in November. I hope you guys are enjoying “Twilight Fashion Week”… Continue

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Twitter Tracker for iPhone and iPod Touch

Available at the app store in iTunes

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perfection, and pain

Perfection, and pain

His perfection

brings pain to my heart.

His eyes, are so sensative,

and dark.

Fire burns behind those eyes,

that melts my heart.

His lips look as if they were

molded by god himself.

And his body, his face,

were chiseled by angels.

From hard marble of love and


All this...

Is beautiful...

But it pains… Continue

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New Pictures of Rob, Kristen, and Taylor from the VMAs

Here are some more pictures that were taken at the VMAs. Enjoy...

Thanks to for the… Continue

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Robert and Kristen - Cold Desert

This video is so sad. Everyone is hounding Kristen and Rob about their relationship. Whether they're together of not, the paparazzi is being rediculous. Just listen to the questions that they're asking these two. This video really makes you see the struggles they go through every day, and it's set to an amazing Kings of Leon song, which I thought was fitting for these two as… Continue

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Rob and Kristen Still in Control!

You may be seeing less and less Robsten lately, but those behind the Twilight scenes sure aren't. One of our very in-the-know sources dished to us that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are hardly being nonchalant about their feelings with each other.

"Everyone who wasn't directly involved in the whole situation obviously speculated about what was going on between them, but lately it's become clear to anyone who works with them—Rob… Continue

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Kristen and Taylor Talk About Their Break-up

Thanks to, we have a brand new interview with Kristen & Taylor! Be sure and check it out below...

MTV: He is very huggable. Tell us about one scene that you read either in Stephenie Meyer’s book or in Melissa Rosenberg’s screenplay that you were like, “Man, that’s going to be tough to pull off,” and tell us how you were able to figure it out.

Stewart: “New Moon” is riddled with all of that. I think… Continue

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Rumor Roundup: Are AnnaLynne and Kellan Back Together? Robsten Engaged?

First up, is AnnaLynne McCord having dumper's remorse? Kellan Lutz recently flew down to Las Vegas to spend the weekend with Miss McCord, sparking rumors that the on-off couple is back on.

"He has been really trying hard to win her back," says a close friend of the kinda-couple. "He's been stepping it up."

After making a major dating faux pas by neglecting to get AnnaLynne a B-day gift, Kellan tried to make it up to her by… Continue

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Breaking Dawn (Dead and Gone Twilight Parody)

Well, I was on youtube just randomly looking for anything Twilight really when I stumbled across ImReallyWhiteYo's channel.

I listened this, LOL'd and fell in love with the parody... Then I had to listen to Edward Cullen Heartless. XD

This kid did AWESOME with these! Go watch!

**BEWARE of spoilers** (Just in case someone hasn't read some of the books, which I'm sure everyone… Continue

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