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Dakota - the homecoming Princess!

Before we see her as bad vamp Jane on screen this November 20, let's cheer on with Dakota Fanning as she leads her group out to the field and yes, the girl couldn't get anymore lucky as she's this year's homecoming princess too! (Ah, how sweet to be talented and young...)

Dakota took the field to perform with her cheerleading squad before being named homecoming princess Friday night in LA. She smiled big and proudly donned her… Continue

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HQ pictures from the new Volturi section


Added by Taty Bernardes on October 14, 2009 at 11:04am — 14 Comments

Our photos from Montepulciano

This is our pics from Montepulciano.

we use to call our BELOVED MR WEITZ with this name OMO DE PANZA OMO DE SOSTANZA wich means in english sort of man with some fatty belly is a man with great qualities. . . we love him

HERE a focus on this pic, we got the family that was looking at edward before he try to show up under the sunlight…


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E! News Now takes on New 'New Moon' Posters


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FOUR new 'New Moon' posters in HQ

Click on the pic to see all the four NEW and HQ posters from New Moon.

Source: Robert Pattinson - Online . com

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The New Niley!

Neither Dakota escapes from Perez Hilton gossips.

The next generation of power couples is slowly starting to take form!

Pint-size Hollywood golden kids Dakota Fanning and Freddie Highmore (Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland), were seen having a dinner date on Saturday night in Beverly Hills.

Even at their young ages (Dakota is 15; Freddie, 17), they have already had the kind of… Continue

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Dakota Fanning + Freddie Highmore = Cutest. Thing. Ever.

If you thought Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner were a match made in tween heaven, think again.

Full-blown thespians Dakota Fanning and Freddie Highmore reportedly had a dinner date in Beverly Hills Saturday night. Squee!

At 15, the increasingly adorable Dakota has already gone toe-to-toe with the likes of Sean Penn, Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise and, oh yeah, Robert Pattinson(!) in the upcoming Twilight sequel. Lest you forgot, Freddie, 17, has a… Continue

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Date Night For Dakota!

Well isn't this the cutest thing!

Dakota Fanning - star of the upcoming The Runaways with Kristen Stewart - had a date with Freddie Highmore at Il Cielo in the BH Saturday night... and it looks like they both had an enjoyable time!

London-born Freddie starred… Continue

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New photos of Dakota in The Runaways set

Dakota Fanning is cute as a baker.

JustJared have the cute photos of Dakota in The Runaways set donning an apron. "Dakota Fanning puts on an apron outside a cupcake shop as she films a new scene for The Runaways on Tuesday (July 14) in Los Angeles."…


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THE RUNAWAYS Movie Set Pictures with Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning

Check out some pictures of Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in costumes on the set of RUNAWAYS, thanks to JustJared.

I am really liking their new look, I think it sets the tone for the movie. This has definitely got me intrigued to see the movie.

The Runaways is a coming-of-age biopic about the '70s teenage… Continue

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Cool Video:::KStewart and Dakota Fanning Jamming on The Set of The Runaway

Someone with access to The Runaways set in Los Angeles wandered around with a hand-held video camera shooting footage of whatever they came across and then threw it on YouTube for the world to see.

The video starts out tame with hair and makeup stuff you'd just assume skip. Then it shifts to a skating rink where Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart can be made out as Cherie Currie and Joan Jett, respectively, jamming on the stage for a few seconds while cameras… Continue

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Break Time For KStewart and Dakota Fanning

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning ditch their on-screen rocker personas on the Los Angeles set of their new movie The Runaways.

Still wearing her heavy make-up and bleached blonde wig, Dakota wrapped up in a comfy yellow dressing gown and some fetching fury slippers.

Kristen – who plays Joan Jett in the movie - opted to relax in cut-off jeans and a Joy Division tee.…


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Just In Case You Missed This!!!

Before Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning joined forces on-set The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Runaways, they were in a short film together entitled Cutlass.

Sweet and nostalgic, this film showcases the story of Robin (portrayed in dualist eras by Stewart and Virginia Madsen) and her daughter Lacy as their most prized potential possessions come into arm's reach in parallel periods of time.

Filled with adorable and… Continue

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Kristen & Dakota Hard at Work

Looks like Kristen and Dakota are best buds on set today.

Finally we get to see some of their costars.…


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Dakota runs away with Cherie Currie

Radaronline reports on Dakota meeting the real Cherie Currie.

In the new movie, The Runaways, Dakota Fanning plays the great Cherie Currie, lead vocalist for the iconic ‘70s rock band of the same name. So it’s only fitting that the actress and the legend are getting to hang out together during production. Hopefully Dakota has also… Continue

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An Open Letter To Dakota Fanning

So, we love you. The adoration campaign began way back when you played the Reese Witherspoon mini-me in “Sweet Home Alabama.” Now that you’re 15 and all growns up (by the way, the smile looks great—we know, the braces phase is never fun), we wanted to pass along a few bits of advice on how to survive the scene that is Young Hollywood. Mostly, it’s easy: See what Lindsay Lohan is up to? Do the exact opposite, always. Oh and a few more… Continue

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Another Dakota Fan Encounter

A couple girls over at HGE found Dakota in Vancouver

They also had this to say

"Hello! My name is Ashley and I’m in Vancouver on vacation with my friend Kiera and we had the beast twiday today! We were sitting on a Vancouver street and saw Ashley Greene just walk by us into her hotel!! It was awesome! But we were definitely too star struck to ask for her picture and she was talking on… Continue

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Look They're Talking About Our Queen Bee Alison!!!

Look out, trouble is in town. The Volturi cast of New Moon has swooped into Vancouver to start shooting scenes in the highly-anticipated Twilight sequel.

Dakota Fanning, who is set to play Jane, a sinister vampire with an angelic exterior, arrived Tuesday. Immediately thrust into the fan-demonium, she happily signed photos and posed for pictures outside her hotel before doing some sightseeing and grabbing a bite to eat.

Michael… Continue

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