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Stephenie Meyer day in Forks, WA runs September 12-15th; details here

Stephenie Meyer Day is an annual celebration in Forks, Washington of the world-renowned author of Twilight Saga, Stephenie Meyer. It is because of these books that Forks – a town characterized by heroine Bella Swan as being under an “almost constant cover of clouds” – has been made into a tourist…


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You can be named honorary Forks Mayor Contest!!

You can be named honorary Forks Mayor for the day and win a Forks/Twilight themed gift basket (est. value $100 donated from the local business community) for having the best answers to the following questions.

1) What one thing about the Twilight series will you treasure for the rest of your life?…


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Twilight France shares 2 more 'Twilight Guide' pages: LaPush & Forks Map Illustrations

Click images to enlarge.

Thanks to Twilight France for sharing 2 more pages of the Official Illustrated…


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Virgin Airlines has fares as low as $69 to Seattle, WA...Can we say cheap Forks girls' trip!?!

For anyone in the San Francisco & Los Angeles areas, we have a suggestion for you!  BUY your ticket to Seattle, WA. by April 8th!!!  Virgin Airlines has…


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KEEP CALM AND....Twilight style

Since we are watching the superbowl and listening to all the yelling at the TV next to our football "experts".  I thought it would be fun to do a KEEP CALM…


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Are you a Twilight Superfan?

I love these ladies...can you… Continue

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Thug Life in Forks

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Thug life in Forks.



I'll read yo' mind

I'm a vampire sucka

All the shawties wanna look

into my eyes (muthaf**ka!)

100+ years pimpin'

all my tricks n' hoes

You want a diploma?

I got a hundred of those.

My clan's here in Forks,

We gotta… Continue

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Does Twilight Hotel Room Leave the Light on For ya like Motel 6?

Yes that's right! There's a Twilight-themed room at the Pacific Inn Motel in Forks, Washington.

Would you want to stay in this room while checking Forks, WA out? I would! It would make the trip so much more Twilighty. Here is what the room has:

They have the Twilight logo on the Towels, posters on the walls, Twilight pillows, the light panels have Twilight pictures on them and the entire room scheme is red and black. There are also… Continue

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Peek A Boo Robert ...we see you

A lucky fan snapped pictures like a mad lady and thank god one photo was good and here it is!

“I was at the forks high set today. It was crazy. So many fans. I took a few picks but this is the best I could do from Robert.”

Thanks… Continue

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New Moon school is in session and Stephenie Meyer is the Teacher!!

Bill Keay, Vancouver Sun

Stephenie has been seen at the mock Forks High School set today in Vancouver says the Vancouver Sun.

VANCOUVER — Several dozen students and fans gathered at David Thompson secondary in Vancouver Tuesday hoping a for a glimpse of the stars on the… Continue

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We Have Forks High Cafeteria Set location pics!!

More set pictures! Thanks to an awesome post on IMDB from The_Merc_With_A_Mouth, we have some new set pictures that are from the cafeteria set that they are rebuilding in Vancouver. Looks just like the one in Portland! (Even with the different flags!)

Well I have further proof. They have added round tables.

Another thing they have done is add country flags in the Cafeteria.

Anyways I have 100% proof they are filming New…

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F@!k the Forks!!! LOL (this post is PG-13 for language and sexual content)

Here is some real boyfriend/girlfriend Twilight drama going down in the WTForks households!!! I love the drama and I love that their boyfriends have put up a site F@!k the Forks in protest to their ladies Twilight obsessing ways. BTW Jason don't get any ideas if you know what's good for you!

Ever so dearest WTFly ladies, (she is talking to us)

The day we have all been dreading has finally come.

No, Edward…

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WTForks: Dreams Do Come True!

I found a cute blog of one Twilight fans experience that was a dismal Twilight DVD party to a dream come true the very next day!

Hey guys, after last nights turn of events (total disappointment) I was a bit down and out that me and Josie ended up at the most wack release party in LA BUT today was a new day and a new Twilight appearance!!! This time around at Kitson on Robertson Boulevard with Ashley Green, Kellan Lutz & Rachelle Lefevre.… Continue

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Forks: A Twilight Lover’s Paradise

One journey of a Twilight Fan's trip to Forks!

we went on to the Forks Hospital where there is a parking spot reserved for Dr. Cullen. And it’s right in front of the emergency room entrance which probably isn’t the greatest place for it because there were a ton of cars crowded around taking pictures. And… we joined in.

I have always wanted to go. After reading this I am not sure it's as much of a necessity as I made… Continue

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Twilight Trivia: Who are these people?

Here is ellusive Twilight trading card #55. You can purchase the twilight trading cards at any Hot Topic. there are 72 cards to complete the the series. Then there are cards that aren't listed that make a large puzzle piece. I have all the cards now but it took me over 30 packages of cards to get this one. Card # 55 titled "Forks in Fear" pictured above.

I said yea # 55 finally and then I get and and say huh??? I recognize these… Continue

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Stephenie Meyer Day!

Source The Town of… Continue

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Will New Moon Shoot on Location at "Kalama" aka Forks High School?

The filming of Twilight brought money to the Kalama School District but are they ready for more. Chris Weitz visits the school to see the location first hand and talks with the school's superintendent.

'Twilight' sequel brings producers back to Kalama

Thursday, January 22, 2009 12:17 AM PST

By Leila Summers

KALAMA — Film crews could return to Kalama High School this spring to shoot footage for a sequel to the hit… Continue

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A Twilight Dad Speaks...

Some things you should know before heading to Twilight Central

Editor’s Note: When this Forks boy takes two daughters, three friends and his wife to the birthplace of Twilight while celebrating his anniversary, you learn a few things, some of them that even matter.

1. On a holiday weekend with extraordinary good weather for good measure, expect to see more young girls than at a Miley Cirus concert. We found them everywhere, in front of signs,… Continue

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