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Taylor Lautner Says: "It's About Time Jacob Got In There!"

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MSNBC has a small piece on New Moon, where they focus on the new romance between Jacob Black and Bella Swan in New Moon –

“I wanted to get ‘Twilight’ over with, let Edward have his time with Bella and get moving with ‘New Moon,’” Lautner, 17, told Life & Style. “It’s about time Jacob got in there.”

The clean-cut Lautner added 30 pounds to his frame to help him unseat Pattinson… Continue

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Rachelle Lefevre Talks "Hannah Montana" at Twicon San Francisco 2-22-2009

Rachelle gets asked about Edi Gathegi and Taylor Launter singing Hannah Montana and here is her funny answer from the Salute To Twilight convention February 2009.

Find more videos like this on Twifans

Here is the singing that she was asked about in case you haven't seen it!…


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Taylor Lautner’s Secret Girlfriend’s Kiss and Tell

Wow Taylor Lautner fans here is some new info to drool over.

Taylor Lautner recently appeared in the 'Caught Up in You' music video for young cute singer Cassi, and now she’s telling Twist magazine that “he’s a great kisser.” She went on to say, “‘He’s definitely not a bad kisser! It was more than just a peck.

The video shoot in which the kiss… Continue

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Happy 17th Birthday Taylor Lautner from

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We hope you aren't spending your birthday lifting weights!!! Even though we appreciate the results. Thanks fo making an amazing Jacob Black.

Love ,

Add a special birthday wish or share photos and… Continue

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It's Taylor Lautner's 17th Birthday tomorrow, I want to celebrate by...

TAYLOR LAUTNER Pictures, Images and Photos

I am going to start a post in the morning and please everyone in the comments area add more to the blog. *NOT this blog the one tomorrow. Either a cool picture, or warm wishes, or a digital card or video. Let tell Taylor how happy we are that he is OUR chosen Jacob… Continue

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Taylor Lautner doing musical Martial Arts in 2003

Taylor Lautner musical form at the 2003 ISKA world martial arts championship.

~Music - Paul Oakenfold - Gamemaster

What a funny, cute video of a young Taylor Lautner! I am now sure he can do any human wolf moves before they cgi him for 'New Moon'!!!

From… Continue

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Taylor Lautner Eye of the Tiger Guitar Hero

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5 New Taylor Lautner photos from J-14 photoshoot

Hi Bella...Happy Valentine's Day, screw the conversation hearts!

In my mind that's what Jacob is saying in this pic channeling through Taylor Lautner.

What so you think he's saying?

See the other 4 photos at… Continue

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All twicons before the fiming if New Moon - Taylor Launer

the chances are if you have Taylor Lautner for one of the guests at a Con you're going to, due to the fact that he has been accepted into New Moon, he has had to pull out of many Cons.

I know this has been confirmed for:

- Eternal Twilight (UK)

- Salute to Twilight in San Fran

For Eternal Twilight, there is a new guest to be announced shortly and i will have the information to you as soon as i have it. Good Luck to Taylor in New Moon, and i hope to see him in… Continue

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Team Taylor woo hoo

Source The Fan Sites Continue

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Looking Like Jacob Black to ME

Hitting the weight-room for a midday workout, Taylor Lautner was spotted going to the gym in Los Angeles, California on Thursday (January 22).

The “Twilight” hunk was decked out in all-black Nike gear, looking serious as he made his way past paparazzi and inside for the day’s sweat session.

Kristen while at Sundance had this to say about her New Moon love interest coming back.

“I’m so glad they didn’t have to… Continue

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Taylor Lautner Getting Ready For the Gun Show

I don't like the spitting picture but other than that he looks bigger to me! I wonder what kind of car that is and what his workout music is.

Taking full advantage of the beautiful SoCal weather, Taylor Lautner was spotted on his way home to his Los Angeles pad on Tuesday (January 20).

The “Twilight” stud looked beefed up as he passed the paparazzi in a black t-shirt, black jacket, black shorts, and black sneakers. He’s…

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Edi Talks Taylor Lautner Video


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Well this sure is overdue!

So even though this is EXTREMELY late to be commenting on, but it definately deserves being said anyways, so here goes:

TAYLOR LAUTNER IS PLAYING JACOB freaking BLACK IN NEW MOON! you applaud (unless you liked michael copon that is *shudders*)

and i must tell you i was ecstatic!

i was on my way to (my favorite fanblog) and for some reason, it just wouldn't load.

hmmm, i'm thinking, this is an OUTRAGE! (this was on… Continue

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Michael Copon Dishes on Video Wanting Another Role in the Twilight Series Other Than Jacob

Find more videos like this on Twifans Exclusive!!! Here is a video interviewing Michael Copon. For a brief time the man everyone loved to hate, looked as if Michael Copon were going to get the big break of his career when producers for Twilight weren't sure Taylor Lautner would be able to bulk up and be manly enough to continue to play the role of Jacob Black for the sequel, New… Continue

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Girls Taylor say Someday He Will Sign Panites LOL

Sit through the commercial to get to the good… Continue

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Taylor Lautner's & Ashley Greene's Prom Stories From Teen Magazine

Photo Mario Chavez

Taylor found a new buddy! That’s Ashley’s dog, Miller, he’s holding.

Ah, prom. It can be awesome — or, it can be...well, less so. Think it's any different for celebrities? Let's find out!


TEEN: You tested out of high school early and are already taking college classes, but did you get to go to your prom?

Taylor: I did! At my school juniors and seniors both go to the prom. It was fun. I forget where… Continue

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You Want to Put My Shoes on Taylor? Aww

Taylor Lautner was interviewed by Access Hollywood while grabbing a bunch of free stuff! “I get into the gym every single day, seven days a week, two hours a day, eat as much as I possibly can,” he told Access at our 3rd Annual ‘Stuff You Must Lounge’ at the Sofitel LA hotel on Saturday. “[I’m] going crazy.”

Oh the life of an well known actor can't be all bad. I would love to grab free stuff because people want you to wear it so it sells. Wouldn't you?

Taylor… Continue

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This is one reason why i'm glad that Michael Copon isn't the new Jacob Black!

Ugh! I didn't want him to be Jacob Black in the first place, but after reading this interview, I'm really glad he didn't get the part! He's such a jerk! and look what he got.....NOTHING!!! haha! WHOOT TAYLOR LAUTNER!! Read this interview and tell me what you think.

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