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Kellan loves Germany ^^

Kellan: „… I always just wanted to come to Berlin, we went through Frankfurt and I love the greenery ... And I came to Berlin and just all the buildings and the Berlin Wall we went to … and I did a lot

sightseeing, we went to a castle … what is this castle called?”

Us: Sanssouci in Potsdam?

Kellan: “Yes, Sanssouci, that is so cool! And we don’t have much history like that in L.A.,…


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Kellan Lutz on German Morning TV Show (with translation)

I translasted the questions and answers for you [in order] English isn't my mother tongue so please be lenient :

*You know about biting. Where does a vampire usually bite a girl, then?

K: Usually, in that area. but it isn't that important. we can bite at the body everywhere and the transformation starts.

* But you're vegetarian, aren't you?

K: Mostly. Mostly. of course, my role would like to break the rules but we're…

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Granby, quebec, canada Newspaper July 10th

Here is a little translation for those who needs it (I did my best):

A "Granbyenne" crazy for Twilight!…


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Funny Interview with Kellan Lutz! LMAO

gosh .. i had to laugh so much while watching this! :D

damn hot guy .. x3…


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Kellan & Ashley - Photoshoped

Remember this?

I got a graphic tablet and just painted it ..…


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Interview: Kellan Lutz

You can read this in spanish in DIARIO TWILIGHT

Kellan Lutz is a busy guy. The 25-year-old has been working nonstop since finding fame in the Twilight series. He's the new face (and

body) of Calvin Klein underwear, he just wrapped a romantic comedy with



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Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz Facebook layouts

Jackson Rathbone

preview here

Kellan Lutz

Preview here…


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Nikki/Kellan scrapbook project


Would you like to become a part of scrapbook project for both Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz? Sites in cooperation with are going to make two scrapbooks for them and going to give it to them at the Eclipse UK premiere on… Continue

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Kellan Lutz Tweeted To Me !!! <3

I'm having a sore throat,kinda throat infection in more than a week,I even couldn't speak in a few days..

there's a time I really bored with bed rest so I tweet to kellan and hoping that he'll reply me and guess what ?? he replied me !!! I can't believe it..I know it's only a tweet but I'm so happy..he such a really nice guy :)…


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New Billboard today......Looks Interesting......

The billboard featuring Kellan Lutz is meant to evoke the original Mark Wahlberg pose

source and to read more

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kellan lutz joins twitter

lst night kellan lutz got tweeted by ashley green and his first 4 tweets were about how to support and help out and to inform him of new organisations and he tweeted a picture

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How to greet Kellan Lutz.? Give him a hug..

Kellan in People Magazine:


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Oh, Emmett!

I had some fun with the Vman photos. Enjoy!

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Kellan Lutz in Hilary Duffs 'With Love' music video

JACOBS: You’ve covered your bases. You even did a Hilary Duff video [“With Love”].

LUTZ: My agent and my girlfriend at the time both wanted me to go out for the audition. There’s a quote, I think it’s Wayne Gretzky, that says you miss 100 percent of the shots you never take. That’s so true. That’s why I love going out for any audition. I’m very professional, I study my stuff, I work on it, and even if I’m not right for the job, so what? I know I did my… Continue

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New/Old Pictures Of Kellan Lutz

Here are some great new/old pictures of Kellan Lutz looking yummy as ever.

Check out the rest of the pictures after the break….…


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My experience at Twilight Tour

Me with Kellan

Pictures of the Vendors Area and Theater…



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