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Kristen Talks About Rob at Cannes With Istoe- Brazil * I'm very proud of him and he's proud of me *

How was to be at Cannes with On The Road at the same time your boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, was there for Cosmopolis?

I'm very proud of him and he's proud of me. We've already gained so much for being at Cannes, the biggest film festival in the world.



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Fan Made : Edward & Bella ~breaking dawn || tell me why

This is amazing, perfect, EPIC!!! I love it so much!! The song, the…


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Fanmade video : come back to me please, baby.

Incredible ..very beautiful…


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Edward, Bella & Jacob || Color me blue i'm lost in you...

so beautiful & amazing XOXO..u have to check it out  ……:)


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Beautiful "Edward & Bella Breaking Dawn" fanmade video : Lay me down

Beautiful video,this song is perfect for it!Very Beautiful !!




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Nikki Reed Posts hillarious new pics . ( If me and Fu Manchu had a kid...)

Nikki Reed's photo: If me and Fu Manchu had a kid...
Nikki Reed's photo: And if that kid had a sibling...



this is hillarious ..xD funny



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Beautiful Tyler/Mallory Manips!



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Did you miss me ;o)


What up Twihardiacks (I made that up just now... do you like it ;o)... Your fav Twi~Blogger is baaaackkkkk...

Sorry to bail out at the last minute at the end of last…


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Fanmade video: Happy birthday Taylor Lautner!

So like in my country (in Latvia) in February 11 already, I will post my Taylor's birthday video now...



This video is made by me, so feel free to check out my YouTube…


Added by TLautnerFan (@ YTube-testsxtome) on February 10, 2011 at 9:00pm — 9 Comments

MTV's Pick Me~Laura Whitmore describes Robert Pattinson as "hungover, shy, and lovely"


The Bray native, who landed the high-profile presenting job thanks to a TV competition called Pick Me two years ago, was the envy of girls the world over after meeting Twilight star Robert Pattinson.



Added by Alison Genet on October 22, 2010 at 11:18am — 3 Comments

2 Taylor Swift songs ~ you tell me which one is about our TayTay?

Back To December

I'm so glad you made time to see me

How's life, tell me how's your family?

I haven't seen them in a while

You've been good, busier then every

Small talk, Work and the weather

Your guard is up and I know why

Cause the last time you saw me

Still burns in the back of your mind

You gave me roses and I left them…


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Catherine Hardwicke at “Let Me In” premiere

Our Twilight director, Catherine Hardwicke attended yesterday the premiere of the film 'Let Me In' in LA.

Tks to…


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New/Old pics of Rob at 'Remember Me' premiere in London

Hi Guyss!!!!

Today I'm here to show you new/old pics of Rob at 'Remember Me' premiere in London!

A brazilian friend was here in London and went to the premiere and told me everything about it!!!

Now she sent me the pics so I can share her special moment with you!…


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My Beliefs and Principles

*If I were president for a day, I would: give all the people money. O.O


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the eclipse soundtrack

hey folks.

so, finally i've seen eclipse last weekend(triple feature <3), wonderfull movie.

i think an important part of thoose movies is the soundtrack.

new moon has a great sound i think, way better then twilight, but eclipse beats every in my opinion.

not only the score, the songs were chosen perfectly. my favourit songs of eclipse:

the bravery - ours during graduation scene

sia - my love during the scene were bella says she will marry… Continue

Added by Ronny Jahn on July 19, 2010 at 11:49am — 4 Comments

Standing Kisses with Rob: Which do You Think is the Hottest so Far?

IMO Any intimate scenes with Robert Pattinson is always hotter whichever movie he may be in. ;D

But after seeing a new Water for Elephants still of Rob and Reese Witherspoon... I started to recall other standing kisses Robert had with his co-stars...

Now, which do you think is probably the hottest?

This still…


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Amazing 'Remember Me' fanmade video: Flowers for a Ghost

Subscribe to… Continue

Added by Alison Genet on June 10, 2010 at 1:08am — 9 Comments

After Breaking Dawn Ends

This is a little short story of what i think would or should happen after breaking dawn ends because Stepenie Meyer never really tells you what happens. Please tell me what you think of it and comment.


It's been 10 years since the Volturi came to visit us, we haven't heard anything from them but Edward thinks that they…


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