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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart news round-up

Aside from the The Twilight Saga: New Moon Volturi promotional still frame blitzing that took place earlier today, there were also a couple of other pieces of news that might be of interest to Twilight fans from the feeds.

Perhaps most prominently, the first photographs of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse are in at Celebuzz.

Also, Pattinson's lovely independent film, How To Be, just announced… Continue

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New Moon' Volturi images present interesting body language, what do they signify?

Five fantastic promotional stills of the Volturi clan (particularly, those of Christopher Heyerdahl, Jamie Campbell Bower, Cameron Bright, Dakota Fanning, and Michael Sheen) from The Twilight Saga: New Moon made their way to the surface today, and brought a whole new light to the characters they portray.

The tension contained in some of the characters' body language, too, was quite palpable.

For instance, in Jamie Campbell… Continue

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The new and improved look for Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen from 'Twilight' to 'New Moon'

Of course, Twilight star Ashley Greene is incredibly gorgeous. The twenty-two year old actress could easily traipse around town in a paper sack and still be a thing of significant beauty.

Her character, Alice Cullen, is quite the same, according to the books. Graceful, sweet, beautiful, and charming, Alice is a character that embodies the Shakespearian notion of life as a stage.

Another important feature about Alice Cullen… Continue

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Kings of Leon NOT on the 'New Moon' soundtrack

A very recent spotlight article by Billboard Magazine might leave fans of the Twilight series (particularly those interested in the forthcoming soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: New Moon) in a bit of tizzy.

Says Billboard,

Kings of Leon are pondering the release of another single for "Only By Night" -- Followill is thumping for "Notion" -- but will not, as rumored, be contributing anything to the soundtrack for "New Moon,"… Continue

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 Kristen Stewart Talks “New Moon”

While she’s currently up north in Canada working on the “Twilight” saga’s third installment, Kristen Stewart recently chatted with MTV News about working on “New Moon”.

Due out on November 20th, the Bella Swan sweetheart admits that the much-anticipated “Twilight” sequel was difficult to film.

She says, “[It] is the one book in the series that I was intimidated by — in a good way. That’s the best feeling to start a movie… Continue

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MTV talk about the New Moon trailer and some of the missing elements they think could have been included.

New Moon' Trailer: What's Missing?

Where are the Volturi? Or Jacob's wingman Quil Ateara? We give you a rundown of what we want to see more of in 'New Moon.'

Shirtless Taylor Lautner? In-costume Dakota Fanning? Strung-out-looking Robert Pattinson? Check, check and check. But although the "New Moon" trailer entitled "Meet Jacob Black" gave us plenty of fun things to look at — again, and again, and again — it also… Continue

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New Moon' Brings Wolf Pack Together To ... Eat Muffins?

LOS ANGELES — If there's one thing Twilighters are hungry for these days, it's beefcake. For proof, look no further than the latest "New Moon" trailer, which features Taylor Lautner, Kiowa Gordon and their wolf pack buddies without shirts on. But according to the duo, there's a different, top-secret treat fans should be looking forward to when the film hits theaters in November: muffins.

"I call it 'the muffin scene,' " revealed Gordon, who plays Jacob Black's friend Embry Call in… Continue

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‘New Moon’ Footage to Premiere at Movie-Con II This Weekend (Two brand-new scenes)

“Insert your earplugs now, because this year’s Empire and BFI Movie-Con II is going to include not one, but two new scenes from ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon,’ which we know may cause some of you to faint with sheer excitement.” Empire Online writes. Since this is not coming from some random source that has no credibility, but Empire itself, there is little doubt that this is not one hundred percent accurate, other movie-oriented…

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New Moon Stills

Some of the cleaner versions of stills from the New Moon The Movie website (and don’t forget to check out the World of Twilight section that is now open!)

widescreen newmoon wallpaper…


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Promotional Photos From New Moon Website

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New Twilight saga film fantasy magazine today!

So today i went into borders and found this new life story fiilm fantasy countdown to new moon magazine, it says display until 10/5/09 so i think you have time to go get it yourself, here are some scans of it that i made. Comment!…



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New magazine with small Robbert pattinson tabloid article

Just a small article with robert pattinson in it, *sigh* wonderful...lies...XD no one truly knows how he is feeling other than him.…




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Collection of Twilight/Rob pattinson Magazines animated sparkling gifs

So this is all the magazines i have so far, not much I know but both the twilight saga and rob pattinson are ...*sigh* amazing..XD

I will have more in the future as more come available. MUAHAHA...*cough* Also at the bottom of the page you will find the sparkling gifs i made of the cullens!

Please comment!…


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twilight and new moon enjoy the silence

i found this video in one of my friend's myspace page and i thought it was pretty awesome, so i hope u enjoy it as… Continue

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An Interview With Kiowa Gordon


See him play Embry Call, a member of the wolf pack in ‘New Moon’

SAN CARLOS, Ariz. – “What character do you play in the movie?’” a young female fan asked as Kiowa Gordon posed for pictures. “Embry Call,” replied Gordon, who was recently cast as one of five werewolves in the upcoming sequel to the blockbuster “Twilight” called “New Moon.” The movie and its sequels are based on novels by Stephanie Meyer. The fan screamed excitedly as… Continue

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‘New Moon’ Premiere in Knoxville to Benefit Cause

According to, New Moon will be showing up early in Knoxville, Tennessee. Proceeds of the ticket sales will go to Variety – The Children’s Charity of Eastern Tennessee.

Since 2003, Regal has annually presented a major-film premiere in Knoxville to benefit Variety – The Children’s Charity of Eastern Tennessee. In every case, the top-billed stars have come, including Brendan Fraser and Josh Hutcherson for 2008’s “Journey to the Center of the… Continue

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New Moon Paperbacks - 2 Poster Covers

Barnes & Noble has both versions of the New Moon paperback available for pre-order. There are two different New Moon poster covers. One features Bella, Jacob, and Edward looking down. The other has Jacob holding Bella with Edward’s face in the moon. Check them out… Continue

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5 Things the 'New Moon' Teaser Poster Tells Us

Edward Is Tortured...and suspicious? - Well of course he’s tortured, that’s his general state of mind. Also, consider the fact that he’s supposed to be feeling guilty for leaving Bella and you might even be able to read regretful in the look. Suspicious? Most definitely. Jacob is in the picture now AND he’s a werewolf. We think he’s a little angry too. The obviously defensive Jacob won’t even turn to face him, which Edward… Continue

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Vanessa Hudgens as Leah Clearwater proved FALSE

I know, I know, everyone's talking about how Vanessa might be cast as Leah. I just about flipped, like every other person. I mean, Vanessa is ok, for HSM (*shudders*) but for NM?! You're kidding me! I mean, first they say;

"Omg! She auditioned! Omg!"

and then her rep is all;

"oh no, she never far as I know."

and then someone else says

"But she did!"

and then I'm… Continue

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New Moon + Summit = O.O

2008 was a pretty good year. Two books from Stephenie- BD and The Host, the Twilight movie, and loads of other stuff.

And then, just after the movie is released, Summit confirm New Moon. So, I'm there thinking, OMG, this is great!, when, a couple days later, Summit replaced Catherine Hardwicke, with Chris Weitz, (who directed The Golden Compass). This is a bit of a blow, but I manage to get over it.

And then good old Summit annouces that NM has been slated for November 20, 2009. And… Continue

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