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Nikki Reed Talks Bella's Birthday Party Scene

At last night's T-Moblie launch party, Nikki Reed did a lot more than just look gorgeous. She told us about her scene in New Moon.

"The Cullens aren't really in the second book and the studio was trying to stay true to the books," she told MTV News. "I was sort of surprised by the few scenes that I watched. I feel like they're gonna be great, and the movie as a whole will be wonderful and [director] Chris [Weitz] is doing an amazing job.…

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Nikki Reed gives us an Eclipse start date

Nikki Reed is seen here at a T-Moblie launch party last night (May 14th) with her girlfriend Sage. She says the cast has 12 weeks off and has a start date of August 17th for Eclipse. Vancouver gals we now have a real date to work with!… Continue

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Nikki's Busy Day

Nikki Reed goes to Sammy's Camera Store today apparently to buy a new camera. Afterward, she changes clothes and picks up her close friend Sage Dill and the two of them head to Starbucks. Maybe the camera is for the Italy trip?…


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Nikki at Sage's Concert May 12th (Sage & the Dills )

Nikki Reed joined Sage on Stage during the concert, view all photos here at Radar

Radar has this little article about the night

Sage and the Dills took the stage at Hollywood's Hotel Cafe on Tuesday night with a very special guest: Twilight's Nikki Reed. Sage, the lead singer of the band, is best buds with the actress, who… Continue

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Nikki Reed goes postal!! (May 13th)

Nikki Reed was spotted at the Post office today (May 13th). Do you think she is mailing Robert a birthday card?? She looks so cute today.

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Nikki Reed, Kristen's boyfriend make fun of Catherine Hardwicke! lol

This is a funny video posted on Catherine Hardwicke's website with Nikki and Michael making fun of Catherine. And they aren't the only ones to join in the fun. Catherine makes fun of herself. Her "snarky" assistant also joins in the fun with a bunch of other friends.

Find more videos like this on Catherine… Continue

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Naughty Robert 'Seeing' Nikki Reed?

I came across this article from the website to the english gossip magazine 'Heat' ( claiming that Robert was SLEEPING with Nikki Reed? I just HOPE it's not true-here's the full article:

"Robert Pattinson is rumoured to be causing all sorts of trouble on the set of the second Twilight movie – and it's all down to his flirting. Sources from the set of New Moon are claiming that Rob has been seeing co-star Nikki Reed (she plays… Continue

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Kristen, Kristen Bro, Rob and Nikki out in Vancouver

""Just found more new pics of kristen, rob, nikki, and kristen's brother. I think

from sage's show or the pool hall? """"…


Added by Jess (Team Hexagon Love) on April 24, 2009 at 12:00am — 3 Comments

Jen over at Posted her Video from the Metropole!!

"Exclusive MORE Robert Pattinson at Metropole in Vancouver 4/18/09 with Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed

These folks are so good to their fans!

filmed by Jen Grant - RP music fan site coming soon ""

---- Well Jen you… Continue

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More Photos from April 19 Nikki and Rob

No worries, it looks like Sage was there as well, and i've heard they rode in two different taxis, so no worries Ladies!

Added by Jess (Team Hexagon Love) on April 21, 2009 at 12:00pm — 4 Comments

Nikki Reed Sporting Some Snazzy Glasses

Nikki Reed and her best friend Sage returning from Vancouver on April 20th. Nikki has some cool shades on...very movie star if you ask me.…


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InStyle Magazine Shoot - Outtakes FINALLY - *updated with a few more*

I've been waiting around for these, for quite a while!

If i could physically jump through my computer into this photo shoot, it'd be here, but we'd have to get rid of kstew

this one is yummy…


Added by Jess (Team Hexagon Love) on April 19, 2009 at 10:30pm — 11 Comments

Vancity Allie: New Moon Birthday Outfits Revealed

Tales of a night out in the freezing cold in a Canucks jersey, a mini skirt, and leggings! Vancity Aliie really know how to stalk a set!!! She would have froze to death if it weren't for hot tea runs!

And the best part of the story:

"We saw Peter roll down his window…

And believe it…

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New Moon Set Videos at Night with Kristen, Nikki and Rob

Malicious Mandy from Youtube "The SUV carrying Rosalie (Nikki Reed) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) drove by and I video taped. Nikki rolled down window to say hello, we said HI and the girl beside me told her she loved "13" to which Nikki yelled "THANK YOU"

in this video, you can hear robert say hello, LISTEN… Continue

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Nikki, PapaStew, TayStew, and Sage Arriving for KStews Birthday

Nikki Reed, Kristen's Dad, Kristen's Brother, and Sage (I have no idea who she is) come to Vancouver for a special 19th birthday. At least that is what I am betting. This is from yesterday.

"Last night, Nikki and friend showed up at Rob’s, and Jackson Rathbone too, but no sign of Kristen, for a little jam session before bedtime. Oh Twi-hards…I know it’s what you all want. And I’d be so much more popular if I told you that Rob and Kristen… Continue

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Kristen, Nikki, and Robert leaving the set

Thank you Twilight20somethings for having a great set stalker in Vancouver!!!! If I was there I would have a ladder a very expensive zoom lens and a sign that says "Hi you are on candid camera"! or "Say hi to mom". Not sure really but just floating out ideas. What would you do if you were in Vancouver right now??

PS Nikki shouldn't be filming right now so I bet she… Continue

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Marc Malkin tells us the scoop on Robert and Nikki

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Nikki Reed with Robert Pattinson's Car in LA this weekend

When in LA Nikki was seen with Robert's car. Does this add to the rumors or is she just a good friend taking care of his car?

Photo credit

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Nikki Reed Out and About in LA---Free & Easy

Love the free & easy shirt!!!

"Returning back home for a break from filming “New Moon,” Nikki Reed was spotted smoking a cigarette while awaiting her ride at Los Angeles International Airport late last week.

Upon arriving back in LA amidst rumors that she’s hooking up with co-star Robert Pattinson, the “Twilight” actress stopped off for a bite to eat with a friend at I Love Sushi on Melrose Avenue.

The following day was… Continue

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