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In LA tomorrow? Go see Peter Facinelli

Head Over To AFFLICTION If you're in the LA Area June 30th from 4pm - 7pm To Meet Peter Facinelli!!

If you're in, or plan on being in the LA area on June 30th from 4pm - 7pm, then head over to AFFLICTION in Los Angeles, CA - 7811 Melrose Ave to meet Peter Facinelli! He will be doing an autograph signing for his fans and new Twitter followers!

And, don't forget to CLICK HERE to… Continue

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Followed Peter Facinelli on twitter? Now try to win his Twilight chair!

Entry Begins Thursday June 25th 10:00am EDT USA

Deadline to enter Monday, June 29th 8:00pm EDT USA

No purchase necessary

Open to everyone

Presence not required to win

Must Enter to Win

Open to US and non-US residents

Rob lost the bet and must dance on Hollywood Blvd on June 30th. Now Peter Facinelli is giving away his Twilight chair to one lucky fan.

On June 30th, one lucky fan will be chosen… Continue

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Nurse Jackie Promo Pics + 1 wallpaper....Oh Doctor Facinelli

Nurse Jackie is a great show on Showtime. Peter Facinelli is great in it. Watch it and follow Peter Facinelli on Twitter!

Click to… Continue

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A personal message from Peter Facnielli aka @peterfacinelli

Peter says he will gie the back of his twilight chair to a twitter follower if he reaches 500,000 by June 19th. Follow Peter at… Continue

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Exclusive: Peter Facinelli likes to rock the party...See photos of him at Teddys

After an amazing night of winning the majority of all the awards at the MTV Movie Awards, Peter Facinelli hit up an after party at Teddys Nightclub.…


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TwiDads Peter & Billy get some MTV swag and look hot while doing it!

Twilight dads Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke attended the Melanie Segal’s MTV Movie Awards House Presented By Rev 3 - Day 1 yesterday in Los Angeles:

See more photos of this event at Lion and Lamb… Continue

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Screen Shots of the 1st Episode of Nurse Jackie featuring Peter Facinelli + watch it!!

Nurse Jackie is a new Showtime TV series that starts June 8th. We got a sneak peak via member Denise and we screenshot all the scenes with Peter in them. We loved the show but it's definitely not for young ones. There is bad language and adult situations. But it's funny, well written, and sweet. To watch the first episode courtesy of Showtime go… Continue

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Peter Facinelli sends us a personal message

Peter Facnielli sends all Twifans a message via youtube today. He talks about New Moon and his new project where he plays another doctor along side of Edi Falco from the Sopranos called Nurse Jackie. Check out Nurse Jackie clips below. It seems Peter is a funny and… Continue

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Dish of Salt: Peter Facinelli May 11th New interview about New Moon

Watch this one ladies. Peter says a… Continue

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Could you see Robert Pattinson in Dune?

While on a whirlwind trip to LA, Robert Pattinson met with Peter Burg. This got us Twilight junkies speculating about "what the heck for"? Well Peter Burg is working on remaking the 1980's sci -fi movie hit Dune. Haven't seen it? It's awesome.

Movie Synopsis

A… Continue

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3 Important Men to Us in Vancouver with Updates

The Eclipse director flies in and meets Stephenie Meyer and Melissa Rosenburg. I bet he also met the cast to make the transition smoother than it was from Catherine to Chris...awkward. Taylor wakes up early with bedhead. So cute. And the vampire doctor flies out again. Aww bye Peter.

"It’s David Slade, the newly confirmed director of Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight series. Slade recently had to eat his own ass after comments he… Continue

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Go See Peter's Pokerface at a Poker Charity Event in Inglewood, CA

Go see Peter Facinelli play poker for charity. According to the Daily Breeze, Peter will be playing in the poker tournament on Saturday in Inglewood, CA. Go see your favorite vampire doctor bluff with other stars for charity.

"Come rub elbows Saturday with poker pros and Hollywood celebrities at the 1736 Family Crisis Center's third annual fund raising poker…

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Peter Facinelli Brags about outlasting his young co-stars

"I love night shoots. Everybody else is [tired] by like two, three in the morning, which is weird because I'm the old guy!" Facinelli tells PEOPLE at the Los Angeles premiere of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past on Monday night.

"They should be the ones that should be like party hardy all night long," jokes the 35-year-old of his young costars including Robert Pattinson, 22,…

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Peter Facinelli Interview: If I saw Taylor in a Back Alley I would Run

He also talks about fans camping out! And he will be back in Vancouver in…

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Peter Facinelli back from Vancouver...loves Kellan and his REAL kids lol

Peter Facinelli at Sunday's L.A. opening of the musical "Back to Bacharach and David". He is just back from Vancouver with Kellan. Wonder if the party he referred to at Kellan's was the "snuggie" dvd… Continue

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Vancity Allie: New Moon Birthday Outfits Revealed

Tales of a night out in the freezing cold in a Canucks jersey, a mini skirt, and leggings! Vancity Aliie really know how to stalk a set!!! She would have froze to death if it weren't for hot tea runs!

And the best part of the story:

"We saw Peter roll down his window…

And believe it…

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O My Doctor Cullen!!!! Peter Facinelli is one sexy Dr.

Is there a doctor in the house because my heart isn't working right after watching that!!! Warning extreme sexiness!! Fanpire this is dedicated to you.

Find more videos like this on… Continue

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Hey UK...Peter Facinelli is invading!!!!

Peter Facinelli has been confirmed as a guest for the UK’s London Film and Comic Con. It’s on the 18th and 19th July, at Earls Court 2 in London. Click here for more info.

Photo found over at… Continue

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Peter Facinelli grabs a little boob in his new show "Nurse Jackie"

Peter Facinelli plays a doctor again! Doctor Cooper that is. This time he is human and this time he plays doctor and nurse with Edi Falco who is Nurse Jackie. Watch this clip and see him get a little handsy with nurse Jackie. It looks like a great show and it airs on Showtime. Showtime doesn't have a start date, they just say "coming soon".

About the show:

Three-time Emmy® Award winner Edie Falco is coming to a New York City hospital for SHOWTIME's new… Continue

Added by Alison Genet on March 23, 2009 at 11:36pm — 2 Comments

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