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Scared of Edward Cullen???

Robert Pattinson said that he thinks fans will be "scared" of the film's sequel, New Moon as it gets deeper into the dark side of his character. Robert, 23, plays dreamy vampire Edward Cullen in the hit film series, and has made some revelations on "The Twilight Saga: New Moon".

Talking about the new flick, he said: "It's based on a mixtures of memories and nightmares and there are a lot of surreal elements. Bella has basically gone… Continue

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The Lates On Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn

Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene revealead that Breaking Dawn will begin filming immediately after Eclipse.

If there was any thought that the current Twilight Saga filming schedule was clipping along at a furious Twilight pace, the news that Breaking Dawn has already slid into pre-production is now putting the stars of the Twilight Saga, which also includes Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Peter Facinelli, into a Twilight shooting… Continue

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Can Twilight Couple Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Reach New Moon?

Will the Twilight couple make it to the red carpet for New Moon? OK! Magazine tips this week that they are set for a feature on the Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson romance along with the break up with Michael for the adorable K Stew. is she heartbroken or right off for Robert?

The magazine reveals, "Kristen Stewart says goodbye to longtime beau Michael Angarano — but is…

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Bufffy vs Edward

Just one of the many reasons I'm glad Twilight vampires can't really be killed with stakes. :)

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Cast Party @ the Blue Water Cafe

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Black & White TWILIGHT: A Collection of Hand Made Photos


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Enjoy while it last....…


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New Moon

First in French......

Now in… Continue

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Its All About Twilight Saga!!!!

It’s the New Moon trailer in French. Interesting to hear the dialogue :)

Book cover Official movie poster…


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Its The Battle of The Vamps

Whoaaaa, everybody is going crazy about Vampires these days....but who's the best among the rest?? Your opinion is much appreciated...!!!!

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Edward Cullen's ancestors: the greatest pre-Twilight vampires [part 1]

While there’s no denying, given the popularity of the series, that the Twilight vampires are compelling, there’s also no denying that there’s a rich and complex cast of vampire characters from pre-Twilight vampire canons. As a long-time vampire fan, I’ve decided to remind our Twilight-infatuated world of those vampires. To do that, I’m starting an ongoing series of profiles of some great vampires that predate Twilight.…


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TWILIGHT & VAMPIRISM: Newspaper claims obsession with sexy vampires is destroying U.S. youth

It would be difficult to find a child or teenager who wasn't aware of the Twilight Saga and who didn't love reading the books and watching the movie(s), however, one Gainsville newspaper compares the current Twilight mania sweeping the nation to fatal diseases and also claims that it is affecting… Continue

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Take it from Buffy, Sookie and Bella: Love hurts when your main squeeze is a vampire

Vampires throughout fictional history have had their blood-sucking scary moments, but pop culture’s latest incarnations indulge their romantic side as well.

With a new season of “True Blood” debuting tonight on HBO and a fever pitch brewing over the filming of “New Moon,” the second movie in the “Twilight” series, it’s time to compare and contrast the women who love the men who love to suck their blood.…


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New Moon Cast: Movie is Like the Book on Acid

The Twilight Saga: New Moon doesn’t hit theatres until November 20th, but there's already a lot of buzz surrounding the movie.

Twilight star Rob Pattinson even confesses the new movie looks "amazing!"

"From what I've seen from playback and stuff when I've been shooting it, it looks amazing. So I think ['New Moon'] should be [good]. I'm keeping it as a surprise from myself."

Judging from the photos of him… Continue

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The Top 10 greatest (and suckiest) Things About “Twilight” The Movie

Okay this may upset the hardcore,loving and devoted Twilight Fanatics out there, but lets hear it from a fan's point of view.....

I am definitely a super-fan of the entire “Twilight” series. How much? Well, let me put it this way. I bought “Twilight” one lovely spring day, went home unaware of my impending addiction… and wound up spending that entire day reading only breaking for the call of nature and when my body literally forced… Continue

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