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Jackson Rathbone says Kristen Stewart left Twilight stars breathless in Breaking Dawn wedding scene

On the Red Carpet  chatted with Jackson Rathbone who is out there promoting AIM High  Here’s what he had to say about Kristen Stewart and the wedding scenes.…


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Xavier Samuel looks forward to the birth scene in 'Breaking Dawn'

Speaking to pop Sugar tv , Samuel explained that he thinks the birth scene will be a "pretty interesting thing to tackle."

"I'm always excited to see those guys working, I think it's a really, really cool story, and it'll be really cool to see the final chapter," he explained of the cast. He also mentioned that he's kept in contact with some of his…


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( video ) Celebuzz breaking down the twilight saga :breaking dawn part 1 ( the wedding scene )

Fellow Twi-fans, we’re less than two months away from …


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Kristen Will Have A Nude Scene In On The Road?!

In the book, Marylou does have nude escapades and gets it on with both Dean and Sal. A 'supposed' insider leaked a screencap with a naked Kristen and Garrett Hedlund.



I'm not sure if this is real or a manip,…


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New Rob Interview in The New Zealand Herald Calls BD Birth Scene Insane and Intense


The first time I met Robert Pattinson, a few months shy of the release of Twilight in 2008, he strolled into the lobby of the Beverly Hills hotel completely unnoticed. No one had the slightest notion that his…


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Peter Facinelli Talks About Filming the Breaking Dawn Wedding Scene with MTV


Although he couldn't go into too much detail, we asked Facinelli to describe the heavily hyped wedding scene for us.



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Kick his arse Bella! *Did I say that out loud?*

SPOILER (if you haven't read the books)

A little backyard brawl will be going down in 'Breaking Dawn' (Part 2 we assume).  Jacob is getting a much deserved beat down from Bella in the Cullen house backyard according to Taylor Lautner's MTV First interview.  And like a…


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One time, in Squamish...we went hiking at Lake Murrin & stumbled across a 'Breaking Dawn' set

Click all photos in this blog for HQ.…


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Breaking Dawn Wedding Scene to Take a Week to Film?


According to the fansite @NessieMackenzie:



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Stephenie Meyer chats about 'Breaking Dawn' birth, wedding dress, cast, and how part 1 might end!

Life for Stephenie Meyer has changed, big time, compared to when 'Eclipse' was filmed.  She has up-rooted her family and brought the husband, kids, tutors, and dog along for the ride to Baton Rouge and Vancouver filming.  Now Stephenie can be on set everyday and worry about life at home.  Home is…


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Excerpts From Rob's EW Interview Talks BD Birth Scene, Vamp Bella, and PG13 Rating

Entertainment Weekly has a new interview with Robert Pattinson (AKA Edward Cullen) and he talks a little bit about…


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A Young Rob And A Pregnant Reese In The 'Vanity Fair' Deleted Scene


I read somewhere before that Reese got pregnant before even starting doing this film. The director liked her so much that she and the costume designer just found ways to work around her bump.



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Billy Burke gives us a Breaking Dawn update, talks Catherine hardwicke, the ending of the Twilight Saga, and a Bella & Charlie scene

Billy is currently in Vancouver according to this article and from his hotel room he is doing promotional interviews for Red Riding Hood.  But he can never escape Twilight questions and always answers them....we love that about Billy!




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Parks & Rec Deleted Scene: I'm on team crazy guy LOL

Missed the epic episode with the crazy guy trying to get Twilight in the time capsule?  Watch the full episode here.


Clip via…


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Breaking Dawn - Isle Esme scene (fanmade)

Added by Robkris07 on January 30, 2011 at 1:52pm — 2 Comments

Peter Facinelli says final scene of Breaking Dawn is the "battle" scene + the cast sad on the set

Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 are being filmed simultaneously in Baton Rogue.  Peter Facinelli stopped and chatted with MTV about how it…


Added by Alison Genet on January 19, 2011 at 12:30pm — 97 Comments

Scene Magazine~ "I am blessed to be doing the Twilight movies" says Kellan Lutz

Check out this great interview with Kellan Lutz that came out on January 10th:…


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