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Stephenie Meyer on a return to ‘Twilight’: 'I get further away every day. I am so over it.’


In a Q&A with Variety about a return to Twilight, Stephenie meyer said: “I get further away every day. I am so over it. For me, it’s not a happy place to be.”

When the interviewer pushed for more info and asked…


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Stephenie Meyer on a ‘Twilight’ world theme park: ‘It would be so boring’


While speaking about her latest film Austenland which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer touched on the possibilities of a Twilighttheme park.


The conversation sprung up because Austenland, as the title suggests, takes place in a Jane Austen theme…


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Top 5 most swoon-worthy moments in 'The Twilight Saga' . . . so far

Check out Twilight Exmainer's list of the top five most swoon-worthy moments of The Twilight…


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FanMade : and so the lion fell in love with the lamb - Cold



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Lyrics to It Will Rain.....


If you ever leave me, baby

Leave some morphine at my door

Cause it would take a whole lot of…


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My new tattoo.

Just have to tell everyone i got a "EDWARD" tattoo on my arm today,it goes from my elbow to my wrist and it's written in old english text and coloured in two shades of blue. I'm so over not having a web cam at the moment or i'd show a pic,I'm so thrilled iv'e wanted it since the beginning of the year, when i got my puppy and named him Edward!

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Emmett Get's Bella Drunk ***FANFICTION***

It was going to be a 'One Shot' but then I decided I enjoyed writing this story to much to just end it there. Now lets see what happens the next day, Bella's first hangover, and Emmett facing the consequence's. No copyright intendid. SM owns everything.

Bella's POV.

I awoke with a major headache. I could tell it was past morning,…


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Emmett Get's Bella Drunk **FANFICTION**

Emmett Gets Bella Drunk

Set during eclipse! :) I write stories or fanfic, about what I want to read, and i have read some like this, but not in detail. so enjoy :)

It was always a bad day when Edward was away, Alice had forseen nothing out of the ordinary this weekend, and so I'd insisted that he take the to go hunting with Carlise and Esme…


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The top ten “Twilight” movie moments so far ~ with video

Blast Magazine reports:

The Twilight movies have possessed the interest and passion of millions, but what are the best moments? Well, first we have to ask if we’re watching the movies to get lost in a world of true love, transcending friendship and hunky mystical creatures; or to laugh at ridiculously awkward moments, contorted expressions and corny dialogue.



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the house were they flim the WFE flim at

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Breaking Dawn ~ What we know so far... *lets break it down...* ~ Popsugar

The most highly anticipated movie from The Twilight Saga is of course Breaking Dawn. With all of the rumors and speculations in the air, one can only guess as to what the final decisions will be. Well Pop Sugar has a break down of what we know so far.

As racy as that tropical island honeymoon sex scene in “Breaking Dawn” has the potential to be, the movies will stay PG-13, a Summit Entertainment executive…


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breaking Dawn Shooting in LOUiSIaNA?


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