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Care to Dream a little Twilight Dream? Renesmee & Jacob...

With the conclusion of the Twilight Saga as written, I've been doing a lot of dreaming of how the Twilight story could…


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'Breaking Dawn' composer Carter Burwell tells the story behind "Renesmee's Lullaby"

R, E at piano

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2composer Carter Burwell (who also handled the scores for Twilight and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1) has…


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Stephenie Meyer tells story of creating only known gay ‘Twilight’ character played by the Saga’s producer

You’ve never heard of a gay character in the Twilight books or film series — until now.
Speaking about her brief cameo in Breaking Dawn—Part 1 as a guest at Edward and Bella’s wedding, Stephenie Meyer gives Entertainment Weekly a juicy quote not included in her new…

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Robsten Fanvid : The story , The Evidence

Amazing vid by Robstenville@MaryAnnRobsten on twitter 



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Fan story from her encounter with Rob & Kristen at the Chateau Marmont Feb ,24

 R /K were spotted at several Oscar pre parties and they eventually went to Chateau Marmont to have dinner. Fan claudiaciuffo was there and tweeting from that night.…

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High School Reporter :“Twilight” Saga more than just a mythical love story for girls

A very nice article called" Twilight Saga more than just a mythical love story for girls" by Richard Phillips , for his High School Paper "…


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Awesome Fanmade Trailer for Jacob & Renesmee's Story



A fanmade trailer for Jacob & Renesmee's story. The creator titled it Eternal Flame.



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Exclusive from KStew Defenders: Their 'Isle Esme' Journey with new 'Breaking Dawn' filming info + videos & photos

KStew Defenders are located in Brazil. They have been keeping us up to date Isle Esme news. Now they share their story of the location, filming, and their journey for Twilight fans.

From KStew Defenders (translated and posted with…


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Fanfic recommendations?

Hey guys! I'm Laura :). I was just wondering, does anyone have any recommendations for good fanfics?

I've read a few…

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Melissa Rosenberg expands on the the Breaking Dawn story ~ Good or Bad thing?

Popcorn Biz reports:

Fans of the “Twilight” films are going to have a little added story to sink their teeth into.

The previous movie adaptations of Stephanie Meyer’s vamp-lit juggernaut…


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Will Baton Rouge see Edward Cullen riding a bike around town?

I guess the cast will be in Baton Rouge for a good long time. Besides the entire casts mass exudos of LA this week with pets and tons of suitcases, Robert needed transportation, that's how long they will be in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

Did Robert Pattinson buy… Continue

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Still slowly getting work together

Yeah, I'm still doing this writing story stuff. And sadly I have been ensnared by the love romance stuff. So yeah, going to write that stuff but obviously in a different light & not about vampire & werewolves & such. (Or...IS it?! O_O).

So yeah, soon I'll get some stuff down I can add up on here.

So, to a be a little research or whatever you want to call it, anyone out there PM me any little romance stories or what not. Nothing like sexual dirty or whatever, just any Normal… Continue

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My Vampire Lover

CHAPTER ONE: Never Will Let You Go

Tracy looked down at the beautiful man in her arms. She saw the incredible hair, hair that made her fingers ache to touch it. She saw the lips, sculpted, sensual. She saw the eyelashes, closed, fanning down to his beautiful cheekbones. She saw the stake in his chest, the stake that was just in her hands.

Vachon was gone. And she killed him.

"No...Vachon...Javier...." Tracy stammered as she held him tightly. This wasn't right. Vachon can't… Continue

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My Love Life Story :( but im ok now

Chapter 1 -The Vandals

I sighed, gazing out the window. Times in my life that I felt hopeless--now. One of the days that i feel at my worse. Why?

I'll summerize it for you. I'm upset, mad and pretty darn frustrated. Family, friends, love ones, classmates, school. It's

still 2:46 PM and I already feel like giving up. While gazing out the window, I saw birds flying. How I wish I was a bird.

Free. No…

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Robsten...On or Off?

Hi Twifans,

After last night's BAFTA awards, there have been many rumours circulating whether Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are dating or not.…


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Bored at work and this came out of it....PLEASE READ

OK so...I was soooo incredibly bored at work with nothing better to do so just started writing and a little story thing seemed to come out of it, tell me what you think:D There aren't any titles or chapters or anything yet but there will be soon!

The smell of it, the taste, the way it races around the body inviting you in. I never thought much about it until I met him. Nothing is more thrilling or exhilarating than his blood. No one can hear it quite the same as me, it draws no one… Continue

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My Life With Bella

I was a vampire and Bella had to soon find out i didn't know how to tell her.... It was like a nightmare to tell her i was a vampire after letting her love me she soon had to find out i was a vampire. I honestly was upset about everything and didn't know how to tell her i went to my brother and then to my dad but they didn't help either. after school one day she went into the woods i followed her and she said this "Your impossibly fast and strong, your skin is pale white and ice cold, your eyes… Continue

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The story of Cullens

The story of Emmett

The story of Rosalie...…


Added by Bianca on November 6, 2009 at 3:30pm — 4 Comments

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