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'Interview With A Vampire' author bashes 'Twilight' author.

The Players: Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series which features sparkly vampires who long for people to love; Anne Rice, author of Interview with the Vampire which features conniving vampires who long for people to kill.




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My boyfriend surprised me saying that he'll pay for both of us to go to the Twilight Convention in LA which is in 2 weeks. I live in Hawaii and flights are soo SOOO expensive! I did all the calculations for the trip and its gonna cost us about $2,500-$3,000!!!! Which we have just barely enough to pay for.


Should I go to this LA Convention or wait for the BD Part 2 convention, if they even do one? I think they will hold it next year, it'd be stupid not to. What do you…


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It's not exactly a secret that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are an item, but the two have made it a point to never discuss their relationship publicly -- until now.

During her photo shoot for British GQ's November issue, the 21-year-old said she hopes to explore more of the UK while filming Snow White and The Huntsman, "because my boyfriend is English."…


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When boys or guys hate on or dislike Robert/Edward, I say this to them....

"Are you jealous that girls would rather have sex with a fictional character instead of you?"



Gets them every time.

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Shine on Yahoo! examines make-up free K-Stew.

"Kristen Stewart's skin is downright amazing, but it's somewhat comforting to see dark circles around her eyes. Maybe one to many late nights with the…


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Robert has adopted a puppy!!!!

"Robert Pattinson has adopted a stray dog to keep him company when he lives in hotels.

The British actor took home the pup after visiting a shelter in Louisiana, where he has been filming "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn." Pattinson says he's counting on his pet to keep him company since friends refuse to visit him while he's staying in remote locations.…


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Twi-Party Ideas Please!!

Im going to host my first twilight party and I need some ideas on decoration, food, music, videos, and games etc. I already got some ideas but I need more.


Please let me know what your ideas are and give me a links on websites.

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Happy VDay present!!

My Valentines Day present from my aunt. The whole box was decorated with Edward and some Twilight pics. Inside was FULL of…


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Ok, I was watching the PCA last night, and the part when Queen Latifa told Taylor, Kristen, and Rob to stand up and to have the People give them a hand and everyone gave them a standing ovation, I started to cry, hysterically. To make it even worst, I cried in front of my boyfriend/fiance. He cuddled me and asked whats wrong, and I ignored him. As if he was Alice Cullens 'brother from another mother', he said "You wish you were there, dont you". I said "Yes".


See here in…


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My Birthday Cake!

my birthday cake

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