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Do we expect too much from superstar Rob?

Firstly, I am a HUGE Twilight Saga and Rob Pattinson fan, no doubt about that!

Lately I’ve read hundreds of magazine articles, blogs, Twitter updates etc about fans requests and lengths they will go to, to catch a glimpse of Robert (and that’s kinda my point). How much should we expect from superstar Rob?

Just yesterday a comment was made by Larry Holzer (reporter for;

“The fact that he (Rob) barely acknowledges the fans does not bother these kids. Whenever… Continue

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The Problem: Gordon Brown's Lack Of Charisma

Article from TOTALFILM poll just for fun !

The Man For The Job: Edward Cullen (Twilight)

Why He’s Better Than Gordon Brown:

Just look at him.

Edward could deliver a speech declaring that everyone in the country has to give him 99% of all their stuff in a… Continue

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Twilight secrets..............

I was reading an article about a mum who was in her fifties who felt she had to keep her obesession quiet from her husband (who wouldn't approve! - DUMP HIM haha) and I thought it would be interesting to find out if there are other fans out there who have little Twilight secrets, or rituals. Maybe things you don't tell your best friends / partners / husband / wives etc. about, I'm sure there are ! Come on let's have them.....let's have a giggle and get them out in the open, lets… Continue

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My small problem with Breaking Dawn....It maybe yours too !

It's hard for me to rate the Twilight Saga in any kind of preference order, as each one is unique and evokes a range of great emotions. It's only until I reached approx 3/4 of the way through Breaking Dawn that another emotion / feeling set in.......The emotion I felt was disbelief and disappointment ! ......and it happened around about the time that Jacob suddenly decided to phase in front of Charlie and let the cat (or Wolf) out of the bag with absolutely NO repercussions from Charlie. Was it… Continue

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