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New Limited Edition Twilight Trading Card set with signed card by Peter!

Only available at Amazon and you can get it right here at the Twifans Store! I already have all the cards from the inkworks set. Not sure if this is the same set, but I ordered it anyway because I don't have the binder (inkworks was sold out) and I want the signed card!

Who else is going to grab one? Only 5000 total being… Continue

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Jamie Campbell Bower in Rocknrolla

****WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE**** Do not watch this if you are offended by the F-word

Just ignore the text junk at the front and end - I did not make this video - skip to 0:30 seconds to see the clip. Jamie Campbell Bower is "the rocker" in this scene. I just saw this movie this weekend on DVD and recognized him. Looked it up on IMDB and sure enough it was him. Really freaking funny movie. By Guy Richie - same guy who did… Continue

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Michael Sheen as Lucian in Underworld Rise of the Lycans

At least this gives an idea of what our future Aro can look like with long hair and in leather:…


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Woohoo Muse is coming to Raleigh, NC!

I can't believe it! Muse is actually coming to Raleigh again finally (they haven't been here since 2005). They are playing at a football stadium here and we have really good tickets - seats (cause I'm too old for GA), but near the stage wheeee! I love Muse, they are the best band to ever walk this Earth! *does a happy dance*

They are opening for U2 so they may be hitting a location near… Continue

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My Twi-party Easter Weekend

My sis-in-law came into town for Easter weekend and she's a Twilight fan like I am and so is my MIL, so I had them over Friday night for a little Twi-party. We played Twilight the game, drank Mojitos (Twi-hub makes a mean mojito) and watched the blu-ray of Twilight on our ginourmous TV.

The spread

A close-up of the cup cakes with "fangs"

The game… Continue

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Funny Twilight - Buffy T-shirt

Twi-hub gets the credit for finding this. I told him to order it and wear it to the Atlanta TwiTour and he said no because he'd get mobbed by a bunch of tweens. :)

Added by Zhaan King on April 9, 2009 at 1:46pm — 3 Comments

My review of Adventureland with Kristen Stewart (and Twi-hub's take)

Today Twi-hub and I went to see Adventureland - mainly because we are going to Kennywood as part of a road trip this summer (Kennywood is where Adventureland was filmed).

Zhaan's take: It was cute, nice 80s feel (I was a teen in the 80s), funny 80s music, and some humor, but some dark stuff too. I would call it a renter. I thought Kristen Stewart was fine. Nothing trilling, but the movie wasn't thrilling either.

Twi-hub's… Continue

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My review of the Blast magazine dedicated to Twilight

I found this magazine at Wal-mart and picked it up. I am very disappointed in the content. The pictures are good but mostly ones we've all seen before. The "Latest News" below is not so current.

And each write-up on the four books was taken from wikipedia.

But worse of all was the blatant mistakes. I know everyone makes… Continue

Added by Zhaan King on March 30, 2009 at 2:13pm — 4 Comments

More Twi-shopping photos

So we are at the beach this weekend and I did some Twi-shopping. I did see a couple of things I had not seen before.

A chest at Hot Topic:

A car sticker at Hot Topic (got me one!):

More of the music boxes (I already have one of these, but first time I've seen them in the store):…


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Finally, my Blu-ray has arrived!

UPS made my day and finally brought me my Twilight Blu-ray DVD from Target.com. I knew it was going to come with a free iTunes download of the movie, what I didn't know is it also came with a free iTunes download of the special features DVD and "target exclusive content". I don't know what the later is yet, it's downloading now. Don't mind me while I stay glued to my TV for the indefinite…

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Pictures of my Twiloot from a weekend of Twishopping

Since the DVD release parties were this weekend, we went on a hunting trip for new Twilight goodies. Here's what I ended up with:

From Suncoast (affiliated with FYE I think) -

Cullen Crest Pillow (says Twilight on the back)

From Borders -


From Walmart -

2 Tshirts only $10 each!! (and the game I mentioned in a… Continue

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What do you call your man if he totally supports your twilight addiction, but is not a fan himself? My husband has started calling himself a Twihub LOL! He hasn't read the books. He did take me to the movie but fell asleep during it until some teens squealed behind us during the kissing scene. He is definitely not a fan, yet he supports my habit. He buys me lots of Twigifts. He takes me shopping for the latest Twigear. He's even going to the Twilight convention with me!

So what would… Continue

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Wal-Mart Merchandise Photos in Raleigh NC

My husband and I checked out a few Wal-Marts in our area and found some small Twi-towns. Mostly t-shirts, did not find any temporary tatoos which I really wanted. They did have a calendar I have not seen before plus the board game, but each Wal-Mart had slightly different stuff. Here's a few photos:…


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Twilight boardgame unboxed video

Last night at Wal-Mart I picked up the Twilight board game for $15. Here's a video of me unboxing it.

Find more videos like this on… Continue

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Summary of my experience re-reading New Moon

***Spoiler alert - mostly starting near the end of the 2nd paragraph - don't read if you haven't read New Moon***

If you have been following my blog, you know I have been re-reading, or rather listening (audiobook) to New Moon. This is only my second time reading New Moon because it depressed me so bad the first time I read it I kept putting off re-reading it. The first time I read it, I got so depressed I didn't even cry, I just moped for a week while I read the book. Lost my… Continue

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New Moon: OK it is better the second time

So as I mentioned in my last post here, I am re-reading (well listening on audiobook) New Moon. I have put this off for ages because it's so depressing. After bawling my eyes out after chapter 3 and trudging through chapter 4, I now have to admit it is much better the second time.

Instead of rushing through to get to Edward's return like I did the first time, I am really paying attention to… Continue

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New Moon - here come the tears...

So as I mentioned in my previous blog post here I recently started listening to the Twiliight Saga on audiobook, not knowing if I'd really enjoy the experience as much as I did reading the books.

I finished Twilight, so I started New Moon reluctantly. I have been putting off reading New Moon again because it's so depressing to me. I feel all of her pain as if it were mine, which just shows what a gift… Continue

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Listening to Twilight

I've never been big on audiobooks. I usually can't pay attention to them the way I can when I read the same book off the pages. Recently my husband got me all 4 books from the Twilight saga on audiobook. I decided to listen to Twilight first since it's my favorite of the four and because I'm still procrastinating on reading New Moon again - it depresses me.

Well to my surprise, instead of not being able to pay attention to the… Continue

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Twilight Convention here I come!

The Atlanta Twilight convention tickets went on sale today and I got my Gold Package plus photo-ops with Ashley Greene, Billy Burke, and Kellan Lutz. I've never been to any kind of a convention before and I'm really excited about going and meeting up with other Twilight fans! There is a vampire ball one night, music concert and a lot of panels with the stars talking and various other groups. I also saw there was some kind of contest and of… Continue

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Who would you dress up like at a convention?

I'm planning to go to the Atlanta Twilight convention in July. Unless this one is different, Creation Entertainment has been having a dress up like your favorite Twilight character event as part of the convention. I think I will dress up as Alice. Not only do I adore her character, but being 4'11" myself, I come the closest to pulling her off. I look nothing like Ashely Greene so I'll have to go for my idea of the "book" Alice. I do have the replica of the Cullen crest choker she wore in the… Continue

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