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The real me

The Real me

The real me hides behind stories and poems,

the real me hides behind many disguises,

the real me,

is some one that no one really sees,

like a mask,

that no matter if you remove it or not,

you won't ever…


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Hello again

I seem to find myself far from the Volturi at this point. I have been many places in the recent past. I actually have acquired a rather... otherworldly tittle. I am now queen of the underworld! I married one of Hades' many sons... Jakob [lol the name is rather... odd]. I do not remain in the underworld all the time, i am on the surface world quite a lot. I have many duites and many guards... Hades does not like me that much. I will try to blog more, i… Continue

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The Volturi

I have reached Voltura and the city is amazing. I met Aro, Marcus and Caius, they're terrifying. They excepted me into the guard and i have been following Jane around for a few days. I have not gotten used to the feeding habits of them yet though. I have not changed. I will give oyu more details when I have the time.

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More Present

Well bugging Paul didn't go so well. I outran Alice when she tried to cut me off but, then Jacob. Told me today wasn't a good day. Ohh, well i tried. Tonight is the night i pack to leave for Italy, i am going to see the volturi again, possibly become part of the guard. I will never eat like they do though. The cullens made me a crest necklace, to show that i am always welcome. I might go back someday. but for now there is to much going on between the Pack and the Cullens, i find it best not to… Continue

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My present

So i got turned when i was 17 and have been that way ever since. I am a nomad and go where i want, i use a laptop. I see the Cullens sometimes, and the Pack, but mostly i am just nomadic and go everywhere. I have seen the Volturi, they scare the crap out of me! maybe i will blog some of my adventures and stuff but i am not in the mood right now. I feel like going and bugging Paul. he's fun to bother, he has a temper and I can out run him!

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MY Vampire History

Well in my small little caption on my page I described how I was turned and how I made the switch between human blood and animal blood. That isn't all of my history. I had a family before Victoria turned me, I had a home. I had a sister and a mother but, when you get turned that all changes. After my first encounter with the Cullens I still had no idea of what kind of world I had gotten myself into. That night after meeting the Cullens I tried… Continue

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