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NEW MOON: So Badly Done It Is Insulting to Fans

I haven't posted here in awhile because I didn't at ALL like what we were hearing about how NM was being developed, and was ticked off because Summit was allowing Weitz to put the entire Twilight franchise at risk by his stupid, lazy and clueless choices for NM. Once the movie came out, I didn't want to lessen the enjoyment of those who liked NM. However, with the rapid fall-off of movie viewer numbers, I think I'm not the only one who was disgusted to the point of being insulted by the… Continue

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New GUERLAIN-HOMME "Animal Instinct" mens cologne ad is a total rip-off of the RP-Edward look!

First picture: Renne Castrucci in the "Animal Instinct" ad

Second picture: Renne Castrucci as he basically appears in ads usually.

Check it out. I was flying home from Australia today on Qantas and in the seat-back in front of me there is a magazine of duty-free stuff you can buy from Qantas by ordering it right on the plane. It's a very well-done catalogue, using gorgeous glossy… Continue

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"Burton confirms Dark Shadows; Edward Cullen cries a little"


I thought the title was hilarious!

But, hmmmm....Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins may give RP a run for his money. Nah, never happen. If Dark Shadows doesn't start filming until 2010, then Twilight films will be all done and shown.

Johnny Depp is a pretty smart guy...he actually had the rights to DS (through his company).

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"DARK SHADOWS" starring JOHNNY DEPP!! Let the drooling being!!!

First Picture: Sleepy Hollow from

Second Picture: Fan created image of Depp as Barnabas Collins, from Heroes with Fangs website.


Anyone who has seen the 1970s soap opera, "Dark Shadows," will remember it for (at least) 3 things:

1) How cool it was to have a vampire soap…


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HELP Create Activity on a Vampire Movie/Book Message Board

A political website that has an extensive message-board system, HuffingtonPost, has a blog and message board regarding the vampire phenomenon. There has been very little activity, and if you are interested, your opinions would be, IMO, a welcome breath of fresh air.

Here's a tiny url for the blog/folder:

You have to register, but it's really easy. If there is enough interest in vampire movies/books, they will have more blogs/messageboards about… Continue

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Michael Sheen to play Aro

I read that Michael Sheen (played David Frost in "Frost/Nixon") will be playing Aro.

I don't know about this choice....It's such a critical role. Aro represents the old, decaying power vampire structure, stuck in old traditions, unable to change. The Cullens represent an evolving vampire colony, willing to evolve with the rest of the world.

I would like to know why they are not harvesting some of the incredible young Italian actors for the Voluri roles. It would have been… Continue

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What is your favorite vampire detail given by Stephanie Meyers in the books?

All four books are so rich with cool details about the vampires in SM's world.

My favorite is that the vampires have clear, bell-like voices after the transition.

I had never thought about it before, but it makes sense. After they transform, the vampires' bodies become hard, cool, almost marble-like. If their bodies change in that way, their vocal cords would, as well. In humans, vocal cords are like other tissue--soft, pliable, kind of rubbery. But if that changed to more… Continue

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