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Finally chapter 9 is here. This is the end of Twilight. New Moon coming soon.

Chapter 9: Prom

The day of the prom came up fast on Hermione, giving her hardly any time to work on her anger problems.

“You’ll be fine; just don’t take everything people say to heart.” Ron assured as he opened the car door for her.

Ron was wearing the sharp tuxedo that she picked out for him, making him look like a ginger James Bond.

Hermione herself was wearing an ankle length emerald green silk dress with silver stilettos, Alice had promised her a gift… Continue

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Here's the long awaited chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Chase

A shiver ran down Hermione's spine as she watched the two males; one was white and had blonde hair and wore jeans with a bottle green parka coat, the other was black with black dreadlocks, he wore what Hermione could only describe as period clothing, he had a coat that was a dark shade of beige and jeans and the woman was a stunner. She had flaming red hair and chalk white skin with a hint of freckles on her nose, she wore a sheep's skin shawl covering a bright… Continue

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Introducing CHAPTER 7!!! WHOO HOO!!!!

Chapter 7: Baseball

The next evening, Alice was putting make-up on Hermione's face while Rosalie did her hair, this was a little extravagant for just dinner, but apparently Gwen was getting dolled up, so the two young vampires used Hermione as their dressing up doll.

By the time both girls were finished and Hermione was allowed to admire their handy work, she hardly recognised herself.

“Okay, now Esme bought this from Seattle when you weren't looking. She said it was… Continue

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Right I primised ppl an explination and an explination is what you're going to get.

MAIN CHARACTER: Hermione Granger is the one telling the story.

GOOD GUYS: The Cullen Family, the Quiluettes (when I get to that part), Bella Swan, Charlie Swan, Ron Weasley

BAD GUYS: Victoria, James, Laurent

OKAY GUYS: Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Williams, Ianto Jones, the Doctor (yes the one from Doctor who)

PLOT: Well basically Hermione is sent to Forks by Torchwood 3's Captain Jack Harkness to fight a drygor, and she meets the cullen siblings at… Continue

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chapter 6 here i promise if anyone is confused I will be adding an explination on this soon!!!

Chapter 6: The Unexpected Visitors

The first thing that went through Hermione's head was, she's dead, but then how could she be? Death didn't sway.

She opened her eyes to find herself being carried.

“Jasper?” She croaked.

“Carlisle, she's awake.” The swaying stopped and Hermione felt solid ground under her back.

She gasped as the memories of the last few seconds came back to her.

“It's okay, Hermione, you're alright, there is nothing to… Continue

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chapter five here now

Chapter 5: The Drygor

Hermione awoke in the middle of the night after hearing a noise outside, she checked out her window, but she couldn't see anything, she was going to close the window but screamed as Jasper suddenly appeared from out of nowhere.

“Oh god Jasper don't do that!” Jasper smiled.

“I'm sorry. Alice is on her way, she knows she upset you earlier.”

“She did. Alice you didn't have to go, I know what you meant, and I'm honoured that the two… Continue

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chapter four here!

Chapter 4: Explanations on Both Parts

Hermione knew that if she opened her eyes she'd find Jasper leaning over her ready to kill her.

So she wasn't expecting a cold wet something to be placed on her head. She jumped and opened her eyes, only to see Carlisle dabbing her head with a cloth, she attempted to move away from him, but found she was too dizzy.

“It would be wise to lie back down, Hermione. You gave Jasper quite a fright when he found you unconscious.”… Continue

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Right by poular demand, here is the third chapter!

Chapter 3: The Secret of the Cullen Family

Three months later and Hermione was getting used to life in Forks, and she was good friends with the Cullens, Alice and Rosalie in particular.

She was working nights with Dr. Cullen, but she was always early to school, and never fell asleep in class.

The only thing that scared her was the fact that she kept waking up thinking that there was someone in her room, but no sooner did she turn her light on, she found that they were gone,… Continue

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Right sorry everyone I'll upload the first chapter now.

Chapter 1: Goodbye Cardiff, Hello Forks

Hermione Granger walked through the Oval Basin on her way back to work from her holiday with the Doctor; she was pleased to be back in Cardiff

Suddenly something ran straight into her, knocking her flying.

“Oof! Hey watch where you're going!” She called as she got up, she turned to face the creep that had knocked her over, it was gone.

“You're in trouble before you've even got to the door!” Called a voice that… Continue

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Chapter 2: Bella and the Cullens

She got home and lay on the sofa, and before she knew it, it was morning.

“Oh god, I'm going to have to get some sleep tonight.” She got up off the sofa and stretched, then went to get dressed, if she left early enough she could eat her breakfast there.

“See you later K-9!” Hermione locked the door behind her and went over to her car, got in and started the heater, before she drove off, munching on her toast as she… Continue

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