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Dear Summit, I have a solution to Rob's "CRAZY" Fan girl problem.

Dear Summit

I am writing to you as a concerned Twilight Fan and Blog Owner. To put it simply...I am concerned with Rob's safety and mental health. It can't be good for our favorite Vampire/Sex Symbol/Hair Touseler, to remain constantly couped up in his fancy shmancy hotel. So, being the devoted fan that I am, I have devised a solution to the problem. Please see Exibit A and B

Let… Continue

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Indy Twilighter Reelz Channel Twi Con Corespondent Update

Well...I'm not a finalist, and they didn't show me (that I seen) But that's okay. The finalists that were chosen all auditioned while I was there and they are very deserving gals, and I wish each of them the best of luck. Thank you all so much for all your comments wishing me luck!! Doing this audition was fun and I don't regret trying. Thanks again, and don't forget to go to and vote for your favorite…

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Indy Twilighter Auditioned For Twi Con Correspondent for Reelz Channel

So on the 27th of May I traveled all the way from Indiana, to New York and auditioned for the chance to be the coorespondent at Twi Con 2009 in Dallas Texas for the Reelz Channel. Monday (tomorrow) the 29th, they will announce the top "6" finalists. Originally they were only going to have 5. Tune in and watch the finalists announced, if I'm lucky enough to be one, I gave a big shout out to Twi Fans, when asked what fan sites I go to/belong to. It was a really fun experience and everyone that… Continue

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Indy Twilighter Invades Vancouver...Day 4 The Grand Finale!!!!!!

Day 4...ahhhh good ole day So we spent the first part of day 4 was Mother's Day. After shopping we decided that it was our last night in town, and since everytime we had spotted the cast it was a paparazzi frenzy we couldn't have penetrated if we'd wanted to..we decided to do that evening, what girls do when they're on vacation...get all gussied up and P-A-R-T-Y!!!! (At least girls that are 21+) So we did just that, the hotel made us reservations at Gotham Steakhouse.… Continue

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Indy Twilighter Invades Vancouver...Day 3

So....what do ya get when you cross 2 girls from the city + a really nice rental car + a mountian...the video I want to warn you in advance...watching this next video, may cause a loss in brain cells. I promise I'm not really and idiot...or a blonde (no offense to blondes) due to my Native American background my hair is very dark almost black. On day 3 we wanted to take some time and explore some of the mountains, so we ventured in/near Minnekada Park. **Pluse they had filmed… Continue

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Indy Twilighter Invades Vancouver...Day 2

Visiting the set of Jacob's House:

On May 8th, day 2 of our adventure in Vancouver our first stop was the set of Jacob's house. There was no filming going on but security was still present. There was also no sign of set dressings or props, all signs that a movie had filmed there was gone. There was also another vehicle that had furniture in the back of it and the furniture was being moved into the house??? The fist part of the video is from May 8th, we went back a second time on May… Continue

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Indy Twilighter Invades Vancouver...Day 1

Soooo....our plan was to fly into Seattle and before heading to the Canadian border, go to Forks and La Push. You see this trip was about more than visiting the set sites for New Moon and maybe running into a cast member. My gal pals and I have a myspace page called "The Bucket List" For the longest time all of us had talked about all of these things we've always wanted to do. One day we came up with the "Bucket List" idea...some of you may have seen the movie. We all agreed to start… Continue

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This Indy-Twilighter Invaded Vancouver...and it was a BLAST!!!

So I arrived in Vancouver May 7th, not really knowing what to expect. My daughter and I are both fans and when it was made official that filming for New Moon would begin in March, in Vancouver....I began planning for the trip. My expectations weren't to Vancouver and visit the sets...if I could find them, and maybe by some chance run into a cast member or at least spot one It seemed as if May would never get here, but last Thursday I headed off for Indianapolis… Continue

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