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Some opinions on the Mtv Movie Awards

When I began watching this video, he began to irriate me until he made that comment about Justin Bieber. Why was he so judgy about RPattz cussing? Like he wasn't the only one to say a bad… Continue

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Robert Pattinson over Twilight?????

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Happy Birthday Taylor!!


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Taylor Lautner to star in 'Incarceron.'

 Taylor Launter has landed another film role that doesn’t require him to be partially naked or turn into a CGI werewolf. According to Deadline, the young actor has been cast in the big screen adaptation of the Catherine Fisher novel Incarceron. The film will be produced by Fox 2000 who acquired the rights, and plan on making it a star vehicle for Lautner.


“Lautner will play Finn, who has lived his entire life on…


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Gil Birmingham in Rango

I was watching  The Golden Globes and i saw a advertisment fo rthe new movie Rango and saw Gil! He will be playing Wounded Bird …


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 < VOTE…

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"Dead and Gone" breaking dawn parody

Really cool song!  



Lyrics :Lyrics:


Ay, this a little shout out to all my

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn readers

Anybody who ever had their girlfriend break up with them

Cause theyre not Edward Cullen

Youll understand what I mean

Jacob, this for you pimpin


Oh, I've been reading this series too long

Just tryin' to find out what goes on

Now Im done reading Breaking…


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Help raise money for "Cookies for Kids' Cancer" with Peter Facinelli

You can help raise money for the organization "Cookies for kids Cancer" with Peter Facinelli,Jayma Mays, or Joan Cusack as the three stars are vying to raise the most money through virtual bakesales. You may either buy cookies,Donate money,or support your favorite star by joining their team.With your help we can fight pedatric cancer, and buy handmade cookies from are favorite vampire!!



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Producer reveals twilight was almost a action flick

· September 24, 2010
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in 'Twilight Saga,' Photo: Summit Entertainment

"Twilight": the story of a young girl, an alluring vampire, and the FBI agent hunting them down.

Sounds a…


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The twilight saga characters

One of the things I love best about Twilight is that the characters are flawed. By that I mean that the characters are flawed, not the writing. Their flaws make them more believable, more relatable.Here are some things about are favorite people and creatures.

Jacob Black

Jacob Black wears many hats in The Twilight Saga: he's Bella's best friend, a muscle bound shape-shifter, and a talented member of the Quileute people. Gone are his long raven…


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Edward Cullen

My opinions of Edward Anthony Cullen may be cacophonous but are true. I have nothing against the members of Team Edward.I just want to point out some of Edwards actions i considered inadmissible.1)We’ll point out the obvious first – Edward Cullen is a vampire. he is first attracted to Bella’s blood. Not her looks, or her personality, or her mind – but her blood. It’s bloodlust, folks, in the truest sense of the word. And, let’s be honest: no girl should be okay with her boyfriend wanting to… Continue

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Bree tanner

The other day I was reading The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, I was curious about the Red Eyes or the human drinking vampires,Suddenly as i looked through the Red Eyes of the young vampire I found Myself,A proud member of the team jacob community drifting off into team volturi.I have been a solid team jacob fan since before twilight became popular.But the amazing story of betrayal,terror and trepidation, had me mezmerized but after i regained sanity i realized i found the cullens…


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My Reasons for Jacob

My team edward friends continue to tell me edward is better and jacob Jacob's defense...I'll give you MY reasons why Jacob can be better than Edward. To tell you the truth, we Team Jacob fans are very nice coz we don't hate Edward unlike some Team Edward fans who are so insensitive.


1) Without Jacob, where is the additional spice to the story? His love for Bella makes the story sizzle with a love triangle that includes a vampire, a human and a werewolf.… Continue

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