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I know this isnt about twilight but just look at this picture with this cute little puppy!!

What a cute little poppy hes a chihuahua.

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What to you think? Is JACOB and BELLA going to KISS in the movie???? come see the probabilities!!!!! dont you just stay there reading only the title!

OK, firs t in the book, it says, lets review it: they where in Bella's kitchen, he got close to her, she didn't now the h*** Edward problem yet, so she was falling a little bit in love with Jacob so she let him get close and we can prove that i mean look at that picture.

So, they were going to kiss, but then the phone rings and interrupts everything just like it happens in all the movies. That's when Edward calls to see if its true if Bella… Continue

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What would u do if some body like jacob jumps into your room in the middle of the night??

I would fall n then spend all the night looking at him sleeping. Of curse bella didnt di that. but, what would u do?

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OFICIALY 100 DAYS FOR NEW MOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes there r 100 days left for d movie

. alot of great things will happend in this last 100 days, like the new trailer of new moon

the brend new calendar of new moon

the new comic book of stephenie meyer

and some new moons merchandise things like candy stuffs,

bookmarks,… Continue

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Team Edward or Team Jacob? Quiz

You say "Im team Jacob" or " Im team Edward" But lets put that on a test. Answer the following questions:

YOU HAVE TO WRITE THE ANSWER ON A PAPER! Then If you want too, you could write on the comment what team are you. Good Luck!! =D

1. What store at the mall are you most likely to shop at?

A. Eddie Bauer

B. Bloomingdale's

C. Nieman Marcus

2. In a game of touch football, what position do you play?…


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HE WAS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor Lautner, the little jacob that used to played with bella. lol

We remember him from The adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. And look, he still had the Six Sag!!!!

And Cheaper by the dozen 2. He got the roll of Elliot.

So Jacob has so much history, first he was a normal boy, a marcial artist, then a little shark, and now a big Bad Wolf. And Edward was just a… Continue

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Does this looks familiar to you?

This is from courrage the dog with the faces of Rpaz n tay. When I saw it I think that finally they make a really cool n funny picture. If you like the picture you can take it. And to keep twifans lafs up you could join some bodies from others tv shows and put twilight characters faces. so, what to you think and what to you think to join?… Continue

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Its been told that they will start filming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in August 17.

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10 reasons to love jacob black

Added by Cristi26_PR on July 17, 2009 at 1:46pm — 2 Comments

Lets tell the true, there both so cute!!!

Steven Strait was going to audition for the roll of jacob black but taylor gotted first. And they bith look like alot.

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Could this be Edwards doble?

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To you want to see the second new moon trailer? Then get some tickets to see the Band Slam movie in August 14. Because The Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer will run in front of all showings that opening weekend.

Added by Cristi26_PR on July 9, 2009 at 9:33pm — 2 Comments

to u remember this picture??? well then look d real picture!

Now look realy close

in the left pic he looks bad

in d righ pic he looks moderated

this is a Taylor Lautner… Continue

Added by Cristi26_PR on October 8, 0209 at 5:30pm — 1 Comment



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