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Installment FIVE - The Vampire Ball!!

We finished up w/ the days events and Karen, Becca and I made our way back to the room to get ready for the ball! Becca napped, I got busy with the curling iron and getting out the dress! I was wearing Rosalies Prom Dress (staying with my Rosalie Theme, ofcourse). We were all set it was 845, we made our way to the Ball Room. Waiting outside we met up with characters of all types!

Once inside we… Continue

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Saturday morning I got a late start! Woke up at TEN in the morning, wow I needed sleep, maybe thought I was still dreaming that I had sat up til 2 in the morning with GIL BIRMINGHAM??? OMG! okay, I will put "fan girl" away and get back to the blog, LOL Today was going to be hectic.. Scheduled for today was Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer, Gil Birmingham, Edi Gathegi and Michael Welch (SIGH) Photo ops and autographs and dont forget, seeing the… Continue

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Installment THREE TwiTour Phoenix, Jamming with Candace Charee and chatting with Gil Birmingham!

It's very VERY apparent that these conventions are very fast paced. Once we made it through the autograph line and watched the Hillywood Show finish up, Karen (2curvyamazon) showed up, we got her luggage to the room (Chantelle moved out Friday morning as her room was ready) and Karen camped out with us Friday night as her room wasnt ready til Saturday, I wanted her to join us for the concert and offered her to stay in our room if she would come… Continue

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My Twi Tour Experience Charlies Angels with Catherine and Tweets from Edi???

So the start of our trip was STELLAR.. sneaking the Atlantic Ocean to Gil (see previous blog post), checking in to the WigWam (pronounced wigwom btw) that Thursday and swimming in the gorgeous pool. Rebecca (my 13 year old daughter) and I scoped out the resort. I have to say for $105 a night, this place was pretty awesome! The ladies at the help desk were overly helpful! They printed me off an up to date schedule of events and we headed to the… Continue

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Leading up to Twi-Tour Phoenix - Bringing the Atlantic Ocean to Gil Birmingham

I was devastated... The Twi-Tour I had signed up for was changing by the hour. No Jackson, No Ashley... no. BILLY BURKE?? WTF? So when I saw the announcement that Gil Birmingham would be taking Billy's place I was ecstatic! I began tweting Gil (@gilbirmingham) begging him to bring his guitar and play at the concert! Ofcourse he didnt tweet back, he get's like 800 tweets a day or more I'm sure, LOL... The next day CreationENT posted that Gil would only… Continue

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Are you planning on attending the Twilight Tour in Phoenix, AZ? Are you going alone? With a buddy? With your kid? With your COVEN? THEN I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

DId you attend the one in Atlanta? ARe you attending one in the near future? TALK TO ME GOOSE!

Other Twilight fans and myself are attempting to form a Coven for the folks going to the TwiTour Convention! We are attending the convention in Phoenix in August, but we… Continue

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Convention Etiquette??

So I am new to this meeting celebrities gig...LOL Some of you may already know, I am taking my daughter to Phoenix to the Creation Ent. Convention in Litchfield! It is her birthday present, she will turn 13 a few days before the convention. I want this experience to be PERFECT for her (is there such a thing, seriously?) but I also want this to be perfect for ME. I am the Twilight obsessed one. She calls me crazy, tells people I need a 12step… Continue

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Are YOU Going to a Twilight Convention??

Last weekend I found out that there was a Twilight Convention (hosted by Creation Entertainment) coming in July in Atlanta, GA. I about lost my mind, I was so excited at first, could not believe the stars of the movie would be THIS close to home! (I live in eastern NC) so I began my quest to go! At the last minute I realized that I would not be able to go to the Vampire Ball as tickets to that event were long sold out! :( Sad and seriously upset that I was not going to be able to take my 12… Continue

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Rob Misses Kristen, Texts and Calls from NY

According to The Times of India, a source close to the 'couple' has reported that Rob texts and calls Kristen from his set in NY!

Say They:

Pattinson, who is currently in New York City to shoot 'Remember Me' has been texting and calling Kristen to 'check in'", a source close to the " Twilight " on-screen lovers told OK! Magazine. The teen hearttrob has even invited Stewart to visit him on his film set.…


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Kristen Stewart to have a CGI Bella

Ever wonder if Bella is going to jump from the cliff? How about all those crazy motorcycle stunts? In an article from The Gossip Queen, Kristen (mispelled in the article as Kirsten, I just noticed) shares that the CGI Bella will dive off the cliff!

The article reads:

If you are a Twilight fan you know that in New Moon Bella puts herself in a lot of life threatening situations so she can her Edwards voice in her head. Well… Continue

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OMG Y'ALL Crazy stalker mob girls ALMOST GOT OUR MAN KILLED!

Radar Online reports that our Robert Pattinson got 'grazed' by a taxi while trying to escape a MOB of girls!

Says RO:

Rob Pattinson is quickly learning the hazards of filming a movie in New York City - he was hit by a taxi cab on Thursday while running away from hysterical fans!… Continue

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Lots of Twilight Dates to CELEBRATE *pos.spoilers*

As we all know, June 20th is fast approaching. Edward Cullen would be turnning 108 this year! Aparently there are parties already being planned! HAVE FUN!

Some other dates to keep in mind, I dont have the exact dates handy (I'm at work and my books are at home!) but here are some more reasons to ready the celebration calendar!


Bella and Edwards Anniversary!


Renesmees birthday

Bellas Vampire birthday

Bellas… Continue

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Midnight Sun : Why do YOU want more?

So I am at work, killing time reading Midnight Sun (saved to my desktop from Stephanies homepage) and ITS SO PAINFUL. I can't handle not knowing how he feels in the meadow. I can't handle not knowing what his thoughts are about their first kiss, to hear him tell himself that he is in love with her before telling her, OMG!


So, I want to know what y'all want to know from Edwards perspective. What is your fave moment in… Continue

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I got A LOT of emails and phone calls frome friends that watched the Trailer the same night I did, the whole next day the frenzy continues, so many people PISSED OFF because "Bella sees Jacob phase 'in the meadow'"... Instead of emailing everybody, I am posting this blog for more to see...

The trailer was composed of MANY scenes of the movie, Bella in the Meadow with Laurent, he sees the werewolves and takes off... when you see Jacob phase over her, she is wearing a different jacket!… Continue

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So, sad I know, I have read all 4 books SIX times. Sure I skip around more now, looking for my fave parts, but picking up New Moon yesterday I decided to SLOW it down A LOT... and I had a light bulb moment on page 74.. while laying listless in the forrest, spiraling into a depression alerted by the flashlights of the search party... Bella hears a snuffling in the leaves, sounds big, should she be scared... Bella decides it does not matter... It donned on me today, THAT WAS SAM.. He must have… Continue

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