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ET2 - party news, and NEW NEW NEW mini conventions news UK

ET2 NEWS ----

The themes for all the 3 parties have now been announced.

Friday Night - Baseball Party Night

Saturday Night - Volturi masquerade ball

Sunday night - 1920's New York themed party



Hi all,

We have some great news for you all.

We have been working on guests for Eternal Twilight 2 and all is…

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Massive Events are pleased to announce a new guest to join Billy Burke for ET2 in October.

We welcome GIL BIRMINGHAM, who plays Billy Black in the twilight saga. He will be a really good guest, and lets hope that the relationship between Charlie and Billy, reflects in the actors relationships. We could be in for some very funny talks.

Roll on… Continue

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the "Deal"

A few days a go i was on chat and a deal was made and it CANNOT under any circumstances be changed!!

This deal was made by the one and only NikNik, therefore it is official and correct. The deal is as follows...

Kellan - NikNik

Rob - Kristen

Jackson - Jess' Cullen Martins

Peter - Fanpire Facinelli

Taylor - Hannah

Edward - Bella

Cedric - Shelby / Liz

Carlisle - Liz

Emmett - Ms. Monkey Man

Jasper - Alice

Seth - Ami Clearwater… Continue

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Thank you to all who entered this competition. All the entries were to a very high standard and we enjoyed reading them all, but not everyone can win 1st prize. The first prize goes to the fan fiction that fit the specification perfectly, it has good grammar and varied vocabulary, it makes you want to read on from the very start, even though it is about a very famous chapter in the twilight saga.

Before I announce the winner, make… Continue

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Eternal Twilight 2 - New moon rising (UK convention) between 16th and 18th October has just sold out, so congratulations if you bought a ticket. Any further news about this will be blogged, and I would love to hear from anyone who is going... please comment to tell me if you are.

Current Guest(s) -

Billy Burke - Chief Charlie… Continue

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ET2 - Limited Tickets

Eternal Twilight 2 - New Moon Rising now has a limited amount of time of your life so count your pennies and buy your ticket before they sell out.

From my personal experience ET was the best weekend of my life and it is totally worth the £78 for the ticket. Hurry and buy your ticket before you miss the chance.

With your standard ticket you get an autograph by each of the guests, entry to all 3 evening parties. Admission to… Continue

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Fan Fiction Competition 1st Prize announced...

If you havent heard about the competition then there is still time, go to the groups section and join the fan fiction competition group. All information is there after you have joined it. All prizes have photos up so you can see what you get for winning this FREE competetion.

Closing date for all entries is March 30th

Good Luck

1st Prize has just been announced - If you are the lucky winner you will recieve… Continue

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ET2 - Gold and Silver Tickets SOLD OUT

If anyone is planning on getting tickets for Eternal Twilight 2 - New moon rising then you can only buy standard tickets as gold and silver are sold out

This may seem a little bit tight but there is still a lot to get from a standard ticket - if you get lucky, and sometimes it is more cost effective to buy a standard ticket and buy extras.


Any… Continue

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ET2 - First Guest and Ticket news

Eternal Twilight 2 - New Moon Rising has its first guest. Not actually up on th website yet, but confirmed by the bosses at Massive Events there is a guest.

The guest is (drumroll please)


We all know him for his role as CHARLIE SWAN is twilight. He will be appearing at the convention in October.

Its still early days, and nothing is impossibe with the guest list this time… Continue

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Eternal Twilight - what happened on Saturday

We woke up, had breakfast and went over to the Park Inn hotel.

Outside the hotel was a "look alike" of Bella's chevy even though it looked nothing like the real thing. It was too red and not old looking enough.

So we went inside to get our first autographs done. We were only supposed to… Continue

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Eternal Twilight - What happened on the friday

WOW - Good described the first five minutes and that was just registering.

After we had got lost in Northampton and signed in to our hotel we made our way over to the Park Inn hotel and registered we got our packs that included our passes, a stick of rock, a red apple, some pictures to get signed and some information about the weekend.

We then went to the dealers room and had a… Continue

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ET2 - You may cool it early days, but then you havent seen anything

What is it?

ET2 is the second Eternal Twilight UK twicon. Its full name is Eternal Twilight 2 - New Moon Rising. It is an unofficial convention for fans of the Twilight saga and the movies. It is run by the companies Massive Events and Showmasters. Both are well known convention companies that are run closely together.

When is it?

16th - 18th October 2009

Where is it?

The Park Inn hotel, Northampton,… Continue

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Twilight Quotes: A game of knowledge and ninja like speed

Try this NEW game.

What you need...

- the books

- atleast 3 people

- a chat screen

How to play...

1. Choose someone to call quotes. That person then picks the book they want to quote from and makes sure everyone playing has that book.

2. The person calling quotes calls a quote for example "stupid shiny volvo owner" which is in Twilight. Everyone else has to find out the page number of… Continue

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The New Moon Symbol

MTV News has the scoop on the official name and logo for Chris Weitz’s soon-to-film sequel to “Twilight.” Dubbed “The Twilight Saga’s New Moon” (although the title treatment leaves off the “’s”) the film’s official title art stays true to the look of the first movie while swapping in an orange tint, a subtle crescent moon, and the release date of 11.20.09.

(from the MTV movies blog)

(P.S. yes i know that it has… Continue

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NEW - fan fiction competition - There is a prize

Deadline March 30th

To Enter -

Create your own fanfiction about the Twilight saga. I has to be set in the Twilight world so you can't make everyone human.

It can be from anyone's point of view. It can be your take on something that we know happened or something new the could have happened.

The Fan fiction can be between 200 and 2500 words.

Any questions send me a message and good luck...

Once you have written your fanfiction - add it… Continue

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I'm creating a fan fiction and i would like everyone to read, review and rate it please. If you don't have an account comment on it here.

here is the link...


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ETERNAL TWILIGHT: tickets are SOLD OUT and there is a new guest!!!


Yes it is true - thanks to all who are going!!

Thanks to the fact that all tickets are now sold out, Showmasters have announced a new guest...

I welcome Christian Serratos to join us.

That now leaves us with 5 guests:

- Kellan Lutz

- Ashley Greene

- Peter Facinelli

- Justin Chon

- Christian… Continue

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New Guest for Eternal Twilight (UK twicon)

After losing Taylor Lautner, atendee's at Eternal Twilight were promised a fourth guest, and now, just four days later we have one. Meet Peter Facinelli - Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

We look forward to meeting him.

Added by Fanpire Facinelli (Fanpy) on January 29, 2009 at 8:50am — 1 Comment

All twicons before the fiming if New Moon - Taylor Launer

the chances are if you have Taylor Lautner for one of the guests at a Con you're going to, due to the fact that he has been accepted into New Moon, he has had to pull out of many Cons.

I know this has been confirmed for:

- Eternal Twilight (UK)

- Salute to Twilight in San Fran

For Eternal Twilight, there is a new guest to be announced shortly and i will have the information to you as soon as i have it. Good Luck to Taylor in New Moon, and i hope to see him in… Continue

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