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New Moon Edward's POV (my fanfic), part 1.

I pushed a web of branches and thorns from my path and entered into the dull light of a waning day. What a cliched metaphore this seemed, the waning of my life, entering the dark ages that would now be forever my existence. I could see the huge white house looming before me with no trouble. It screamed emptyness, my family had already left ahead of me this afternoon so that I could run one more errand. My face twisted into a marble grimace as I…


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Lunar rising, part 15

My fork scraped on my plate as I finished off my third lot of bacon and sausages making me wince.

I was fast keeping up with Jake this morning, I'd eaten nearly as much as him but a bit rarer, still I had more of an appetite for normal food rather than blood recently. I must be becoming more and more 'normal' I laughed internally.

Breakfast in the Black household was like a ceremony, most important meal of the day and you could tell.

The tiny table, fit for two at most, was… Continue

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Lunar Rising part 14.

Ooh this is cool I might actually get it posted on time this week ;D

Here it is guys,

The light was just starting to fade outside my window as the captain announced we would be landing at SeaTac airport in a few mintutes, I shook Jacob lightly on the shoulder, "We're almost here, wake up while we get on the next plane." He must have been exhausted, purplish shadows were beginning to embed underneath his eyes and his skin was drawn and tired-looking. I wondered when was… Continue

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Lunar Rising, Part 13

Grr sorry it's late being added, I had a reeeally busy weekend, worked a double shift on sunday then got back and sat down to write the last bit to this part and put it up, only to find my internet wasn't working, talk about unlucky 13! :/

So the internet guy just came by (quite gorgeous btw ;D) and he came to my rescue and reconnected me (:

Here it is at last ;D ...


"Stop twitching Jake." I hissed at him with a sideways glance. We could… Continue

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Lunar Rising, part 12.

"No fair!" I yelled when my hand slammed onto the stone surface for the third time. "You guys have freaky superstrength!" I pouted my lip like a child, I know how much of a sore loser I can be.

"Hey dude, you knew that when you got into it." Man that guy can be annoying! Emmet that is, Jasper had beaten me once and he twice.

"Yes!" Alice shouted from behind us, at the same time Edward hissed "Nice one"

"Ah" I moaned, "come on freaky twins, what is it now?"

"A storm, headed… Continue

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Lunar Rising part 11

"His blood is clean of venom, I can't smell it. Jake! Wake up!." It was Bella, her voice was quiet and strange, like it was all swimmy but I could here her and now she was panicking. Pah so much for seeing the bigger picture.

I tried to find my lips to answer her, how can I not know how to speak?!

"He'll come around, I think he just fainted, that must have been grotesque for him. I guess he's not as brave as he makes out."

Ah there they are. "Hey!" I gurgled. "Am… Continue

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Another Stephenie Meyer story!

I was browsing through my local library when I saw the name 'Stephenie Meyer' on a book spine, obvs this caught my eye because it's a book I've never read and I loved reading the twilight saga and the host, I'm just addicted to her style.

So here's a brief review of this book I found on the internet:

Prom Nights from Hell is a thoroughly entertaining collection of stories from five of the top teen writers in the business. The… Continue

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Lunar Rising, part 10


I was useless. There was nothing I could do as I whirred hopelessly around them. "Edward, they're on their way." Blondie spoke from the kitchen. Good. But what if it's too late?

"Edward, do, do, you have any idea what's wrong?" My lips were trembling so much I couldn't even string a sentence together properly, my body shook as well, prepared to defend. But against what? Something unknown that was causing Nessie to writhe silently on the sofa, how?

"Erm, Jake… Continue

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Lunar Rising part 9.

Okay, here it is, the new Sunday Lunar Rising. (:

I laughed to myself at the strong sense of De Ja Vu. It was wierd how I'd hated high school with a vengence, how I'd never fitted in and here I was again. I'd made the choice to commit myself to an eternity of adolescence and made myself part of the very group of people that fit in that little bit less than me.

I'd been here before, walking down the aisle of boaring eyes, the male's gawking. It was strange to think of my self as… Continue

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Lunar rising part 8

Heyy I sent an email out to everyone that I'm friends about this, if you you didn't get it the jist of it was that I am going to put up more of it every sunday so please come check it out if you want to keep up with the storyline. thanks for reading!

Bella. The day of Charlie's funeral.

"Hey mum, I'm just putting my dress on to go so I can't stay on for long." Renesmee's voice spoke on the other end of the phone. So sweet, I could just listen to her voice… Continue

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Lunar rising part 7.

In the last blog I got something wrong which I forgot to edit. When Jake and Nessie see Bella and Edward it's not on the day of the funeral. It's a few days before. I'm going to go into it and sort it. So Bella and Edward would be home at the time of the funeral.

cheeerrrs for reading, and please please please comment! (:

The few days milling around Forks passed quickly, meet and greet some people I'm meant to know then turn around and meet some more. All the time I got the same… Continue

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lunar rising 6

This is just a rough draft, just a bit that i've just written and thought i'd share seeing as i haven't posted in ages (:

We were coming through the woodland surrounding Forks just as the sun was rising over the mountains, I was on full alert. Renesmee seemed very complacent and quiet on my back, though I knew she was awake because her grip still felt like a vice on my neck and her fingers were still wound in my fur. She must be thinking. Well of course she had a lot to think about,… Continue

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Band Slam, New Moon trailer.

has anyone watched Bandslam? i want to go see it for the trailer but just wondered if its one thats already been on the internet.
If anyone has seen it can you please tell me what's in the trailer?

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I seriously can't stop listening to their album online love them, just wish they did gigs in UK !
hurry up and sign them someone so they can do tours!! ;D
yea so back to the point of this blog, just thought i'd share with everyone this link to listen to 100 monkeys online
if anyone's interested-

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yeea i know they have Eternal Twilight, but that's the only one so it gets sold out like straight away! and i really really want to go to a convention or anywhere where i can meet them lol ;p
so does anyone know of another one they have or whatever??
or at least the date of the UK new moon premiere?

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Can anyone that loves taylor lautner please go on the teen choice awards website ( right here >> ) and pleeeease vote for Taylor on the fresh faced male section, i really think he should win seeing as well, a) he's amazing LOL and b) i genuinly think he deserves it out of them (:

Also Twilight and it's cast are up for loads so let's get together for them to steal it like the MTV movie awards! ;D (Y)

and so yea, that's all! PLEASE vote!

and… Continue

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