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Simple Rob wallpaper I made

Works for me and its my fave pics from the new shoot

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This is a real mint one dollar bill with the picture of celebrity placed over George Washington's face. The celebrity's name is written on the name plate. This is legal and negotiable tender, and this process has been permitted by the Treasury Department since 1967! Each bill comes in a clear plastic currency holder!

Image and information from …


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My ucnle knows kellan lutz!!!!!!!!

So my uncle Andy, of Smallz and Raskind found here his photography website is a photographer in LA.


He said he knows kellan really well, and that he has done a few shoots with him.  I died when i found out...he also did nikki reed and ashley greene at some time as well.  ANYWAYS Here are two of the pics they took of kellan :D



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First look at Kellan lutz as poseidon in Immortals!

Source is me and EW magazine

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Edward kills bella early...

This is fan art made by me! I AM THE SOURCE

The original image is property of summit entertainment and all who worked/filmed/made this original image possible from the movie eclipse


I just thought...what would it be like if he had just said fine ill do it.



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This song is ROBERT PATTINSON to all fans..."killing me softly with his song"

Song and lyrics posted youtube is the source and the artists and such :) I thought it worked great for rob

Strumming my pain with his fingers

Singing my life with his words

Killing me softly with his song

Killing me softly... with his song

Telling my whole life with his words

Killing me softly... with his song

Hi, yo yea yea. now this is wyclef refugee

el boogie up in here (doo dooo doo doo)

one time one time one time


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Image of a man licking Robs ear lobe....

hahaha just saw this picture looking through moviefones pictures on facebook here click here for picture …


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Source is me and the link to the place where you learn more about


WIN A TWIBOT! click here to do it



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Fan art from me of Rob

Little something simple i did....SOURCE IS ME!

I made this using an image of robert pattinson found on google! I did not take the original photograph and the person or people who did get the credit for that. I just added the effects and framing.


Thought I would share :D  link here to full size on DEVART PAGE…


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LIttle wallpaper of rob i made for Tumblr

little something i made of the two great things, robert pattinson, and the color orange XD  i made this for my tumblr page which is here... it fits my screen perfectly, sorry if it doesnt for you, however here is a smaller version with watermark so you can kinda see what i was going for lol


Click to see it larger



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Screen shot of AGED ROBERT PATTINSON From wfe trailer!

source is me since i screen shotteded it lol


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Robert pattinson Arrested...for being to charming?

This is not made by me, the image is a link to its creator, i asked permission to share it and they said yes :)

Edward Busted by ~Mango84 on deviant… Continue

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How to be schedule on Sundance channel for november!

How to be schedule for November on Sudance channel SOURCE:

Robert Pattinson (TWILIGHT) stars in Oliver Irving's surreal comedy as a struggling musician who moves in with his emotionally distant parents

after a break-up. Paralyzed by depression, Arthur seeks solace in

new-age self-help books,… Continue

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TV Show Psych gets in on the vampire book franchise :)

"we find him (Shawn) passed out drunk in the Psych offices, listening to a cheesy doctor vampire audio-book called Internity."

The book involved vampires and shapeshifters from what they explained adn what you heard from the audio book during this episode, i found it rather amusing, couldnt find any pictures of the damn book though and they do show it lol but yeah… Continue

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Fame robert pattinson comic just arrived "cover b"

Source is me, no i didnt crop the fame part off its how it came

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Blister in the sun twilight sparkle edward music video!

I am the source i made this video please comment and check it out full size and clarity on you… Continue

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Taylor lautner GQ magazine! Full articles

i am the source i scanned this, enjoy



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If you ever get a chance..listen to the new moon soundtrack on a walk in the woods. Especially here in washington state. I never realized how much this cd fits in with the areas here. I just went on a little hike through some wet lands and woods while listening to my ipod and the new moon soundtrack popped on and every song fit with what i was seeing, it was like i was reliving the movie just on a walk because it was so perfect. Just thought i would… Continue

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PHotomanipulation of rob i made

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