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Found an X rated twilight toy on twitter...

TO ALL THOSE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 THIS SITE IS NOT FOR YOU, WARNING THIS SITE IS FOR ADULTS! I understand if this is not accepted for blogging, just found it really funny

check out this link, it actually sparkles...if you havent figured it out yet, its a sex toy

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The Aliens Have Spoken!

Photomanipulation i did making a crop circle haha i wanted to try to do it in the shape of one of them but it got frustrated XD so here you go

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Taylors biggest week ever!

Article for Taylor lautner and how this last week has just been huge for him!

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Check out the new info, from the tabloid XD

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Oh it cant end! NOT YET

I just realized that since eclipse is almost over...that...that breaking dawn is the last then it will be over. What the hell are we going to do!?

Will the websites continue?

All the blogging, what will happen, just fanfics?

I mean of course iw ill follow most of the actors and actress' to new movies but...what about twilight...will they go to cons still, will they go to twi cons?

Or will it just end?…


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Deep breaths...just take deep breaths...

Have to relax, no reason to get upset...

If your wondering what im talking about, I just saw some post the exact same magazine scans i posted what two days ago i think, full length, huge, able to read, all that...and it wasnt in the featured blogs...however today i look through the front page as every other day and i see full blown issue of the same exact thing i had posted, in my last blog post, the ok magazine articles about the new leah clearwater and so on...kinda p***** me… Continue

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Weekly OK! Magazine for you all to judge and criticize, all that have fun

Also article about the taylors! As well as the actress who plays leah clearwater

Click for large versions to read…


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Newest addition to my collection for twilight merch!

The special edition people magazine that is.


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OK! magazine articles about rob and kristen

Yes i know its a tabloid but they have good pictures!

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Ok so here is your proof XD im playing myspace vampires by zynga...and im fighting people..when this pops up...i was literally speechless XD

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Adam Lambert Jumps On The Twilight Train

The nominations for the American Music Awards

kicked off early Tuesday morning in Beverly Hills and, sure enough, Twilight snagged a Best Soundtrack nomination. Presenter Adam Lambert revealed to that he’s a big fan of the teenage vampire flicks and even plans to go as a bloodsucker for Halloween!

Twilight To Face Miley Cyrus At The AMAs

“I’m going as a glam-pire,” Lambert told at the AMA nominations at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “I love… Continue

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Just arrived on my front porch, Stephanie meyer signed skateboard THE HOST

YES! Finally it arrived, my "the host" skateboard signed by the author of said book, stephenie meyer , from hobo skateboard co. Arrived just like 20 minutes ago! XD im so happy, sine it was back ordered i even got a free tshirt woo XD This goes with my collection, the two tshirts i have also 'signed' by stephenie meyer. Of course she wasnt going to sit there and sign every product, they did print the signature onto the design but i dont care, i love this book XD…


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Got my new moon illustrated guide thingy! Newest to my book twilight saga collection

Got it yesterday while i was volunteering at a pumpkin festival, got home to find it on my bed, awesome lol I dont want to read it though until i see the movie haha

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Saw a jacob black look alike here in tacoma, wa

So were driving around downtown Tacoma, out of the corner of my eye i see this guy crossing the street, look over and i swear to god i actually thought Taylor lautner was walking there at first, i mean you could see that he was not infact him...*sad* XD but it was so weird,the way he stood, the size of him, his hair, some of his features, he didnt have his nose or eyes, but he looked so much like 'Jacob black' XD and it was in Washington which i thought was just another cool thing...random yes… Continue

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Full sci fi magazine NEW MOON article inside this blog!

OMG PHOTO BUCKET NEEDS TO LOAD FASTER, this upload took two hours!


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robert pattinson and kristen stewart fighting?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart enjoyed a rare night out on the town in Vancouver over the weekend.

The couple/just friends/cast mates were spotted leaving a steakhouse where they enjoyed a cozy 3 hour meal together.

Later, when they arrived at their hotel, they ran from the cab and made a mad dash for the elevator where a few people were waiting to go to their rooms. As they were waiting for their lift up, RPattz was profusely apologizing to KStew when she snapped… Continue

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HQ new new moon stills

80+ new moon stills can be seen here

below are just a sample!…


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iRob edits i made XD

i was bored! It wasnt hard, and i likes em XD

follow me on twitter!

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Got the other version of the books today haha

So im in line at best buy and see both second versions of twilight and new moon, snatch em up pay and were done, i only had to pay 1 dollar for them because i had best buy bucks saved up or whatever they are called WOOO

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