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This is my manipulation, so i am the source

I was bored! Special days the wolf pack turns into different

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Emmett In jellystone park!


Alright that is the source I did not create this, but I thought i had to share with everyone, please go to that link and let them know what you think, this is so funny, the link if you missed it is right above this text where it says "source is here" seriously you get a better view of it also, large view…


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New moon Collectors edition of OK! magazine scans from me!

So yeah check it out someone wanted me to post this for them so here you go.

Lots of stuff AND YES I KNOW ITS A TABLOID! lol


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Peter Facinelli Cancled his mall meet and greet for my mall

Im so upset..I saved up money to go to this and get an autograph and picture with him and he cancels? Ugh..this sucks so much...I was so excited to meet him...I wonder what was up that made him cancel..I dont know...bah im pissed..

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Its actually funny, his publisist is like "fnck you ryan, rob were leaving lets go" XD and rob is all like "Oh NEW MOON HAHAHA" XD watch it, she doesnt actually say that just to let you know! But his reaction is just priceless and so is… Continue

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Q&A: The Twilight Saga: New Moon Star Robert Pattinson

Seemingly overnight, Robert Pattinson went from playing Voldemort's roadkill in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to being the immortal half of one of the hottest screen couples of all time. He spoke with TIME about how he landed the role of Twilight's Byronic vampire Edward Cullen, what it's like to be a generational crush and how to walk unmolested along the streets of Vancouver.

You took on an edgy vampire movie and it's become this. Did you… Continue

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Twinfans number one twi site for OK MAGAZINE! And robsten info!

Yeah totally check it out.

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Win the shirt off of Robert pattinsons back from a scene in new moon!

Found this on twitter from a friend

I want to win Robert Pattinson's shirt from NEW MOON @Shakefire! PLEASE RT!!

Seriously yeah enter there all that! XD i did haha


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FULL Vanity fair robert pattinson DEC issue, HQ scanned by me, enjoy the full article

That is right, i just got this today, and i scanned the entire thing so that you can all enjoy it even if you cannot afford it. Full article HQ images scanned by me so i am the source. Other than the actual magazine of course.…


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Great Robsten and taylor pictures, as well as new additions to my mag/book collection!

So happy i was able to get these today, any wants full articles let me know i get em

Source is me because i scanned them

So yeah enjoy vanity fair cover and EW cover as well as some EW pics from inside.…


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I cannot get to a hot topic to get the pastport to italy password for today!

Seriously there is no way i could get there even if i had a car, im sick, i cant even think straight with the head ache i have right now i might even end up going to the ER when someone gets home, anyways I just cant get this answer

Whats the password for the Passport to Italy (Hottopic sweepstakes) for reconnect?

This is what it says

Days turn into weeks , weeks into months, and before long the bond once shared between freinds is lost to the passage of time. How… Continue

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Jacob black (taylor lautner) as the super hero, the hulk!

Another photo manipulation i did
lemme know what you think XD i thought it was funny, he says in new moon "you dont want to make me angry" or something like that, made me think of the hulk

Added by Meagan (maewolf) on November 11, 2009 at 9:40pm — 10 Comments

Robert Pattinson as the "Hot" grinch?

Photo manipulation i did, i couldnt help it! He just had that look to him in this picture haha i love it

Source is me, I did not take the picture, i found the original online, however I did do all the coloration's and wording and such, so the manipulation is sourced by me


I still like him, and think he is the hottest man ever to live so far, and is amazing, and will continue to feel this way forever, even if he gets weird looking as he… Continue

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Peter facinelli tweets about hand holding and costars!

and here is the picture
That peter himself posted on his twitter

well i find it amusing...XD


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Yeah, newest magazines for the series of movies/books whatev lol got them today to add to my collection!

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MY twilight obsession is killing me

Ok so i think as of today i am overly obsessed and done with twilight...ok probably not but thats how i lately its hard to even come to the sites, its the same stuff over and over and its getting annoying lol because when i start to see robert as a slightly attractive guy and not the god i had seen him as...thats sad XD I think i need a break or new moon needs to come out faster or something, i dont know what needs to happen but i feel like im over dosing and withdrawling at the same… Continue

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Rob asks for a hug!

Little photo manip I did of rob, then something i put on a picture of jake and bella, kinda funny

Added by Meagan (maewolf) on November 4, 2009 at 1:29pm — 17 Comments

Signage to show Dr. Carlisle will be here for signing!

Little update about the peter facinelli signing. The one at southhill mall in puyallup washington.

I was told to wait about another week to get specific details on the event from south hill malls website, so i will be updating in my blog to let people know.

I took this picture at the mall today, november 3rd 09, at hot topic.

Added by Meagan (maewolf) on November 3, 2009 at 1:52pm — 3 Comments

Since someone asked. ROBSTEN SPLIT! Ok! magazine article

So here it is. Scanned from my scanner to the internet...enjoy.

Obviously the source is OK!… Continue

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