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Robert Pattinson Looks Wet & Sexy!!!!

Robert Pattinson's super sexy pictures have been unveiled. In one of the photos, the "Twilight" hunk was photographed in wet t-shirt look. In another image, the British actor smiled and donned a jeans vest that showed his abs. "They threw a bucket of water on him!" a source which was on set told Us magazine about Robert's wet look picture. "He was willing to do anything. Didn't complain at all." The… Continue

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Pointers From Joan Jett

Recent reports tell that Kristen was given a pair of Joan’s old shoes as part of her costume, with an insider telling press: “Joan actually used to wear them back in the 70s. She thought wearing them would help with the movie’s authenticity.”

Talking about portraying Miss Jett, Kristen said, “I’m trying to just make myself aware of the time period and what she was going through. So many people… Continue

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As Kristen Stewart cries over the news that she was apparently dumped by Robert Pattinson this week, at least the actress can take solace in the following fact:

There won't be a tiny replica of the actor crawling around her apartment in approximately nine months.

For days, the Internet has been buzzing over the report that Stewart was pregnant with her co-star's baby. Likely ridiculous and untrue? Yes. But would anything… Continue

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Kristen Stewart Receives A Pair of Old Shoes

Kristen Stewart, best known for her role as Bella Swan in Twilight, is currently portraying U.S rock legend Joan Jett in up and coming movie ‘The Runaways.’

The 19-year-old actress was thrilled to receive a pair of Joan Jett’s old shoes and has worn them throughout the shooting of the film in an attempt to look like the raven-haired musician.

These shoes were actually worn by the ‘I Love Rock N Roll’ performer; Kristen… Continue

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Follow Up Report

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Kristen Stewart Pregnant??? OH PLEASE!!!! PART 2


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Harry Potter Casts Are Happy For Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson's former 'Harry Potter' co-stars have said they are happy for the British actor following his success with 'Twilight'. Daniel Radcliffe, who plays the young wizard, and Draco Malfoy actor Tom Felton appeared alongside Pattinson - whose character was called Cedric Diggery - in 2005's 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'. According to Digitalspy, Radcliffe told a press conference: "We really enjoyed working with each other, or at least… Continue

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Kristen Stewart Pregnant??? OH PLEASE!!!!

An "insider" quoted by Australia's New Weekly says, "When [Stewart] worked out she was late, she obviously started to thinking that she could be pregnant. And because of the timing, she thinks Rob could be the father."

Honestly people, this is the most ridiculous gossip ever.....New Weekly can get their a**** sue for false information and for public humiliation . They better get their… Continue

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Twilight Spin Off????

With New Moon wrapping up production and its rushed release set for this November and with Eclipse being production next month, which will open next summer, AND with Breaking Dawn coming quickly after that, what happens next?

The four (finished) books of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga will have all been translated to the big screen. All will be rushed out within the next two years with nothing left to go on. That is of course, assuming… Continue

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The Running Marathon Of Robert Pattinson

Quit cool to watch him run isnt it???

looks like his gaining some extra weight in this pic!!! hmmm!!!

Tired Already??? Darnnn...

Still looking cute

Watch out for that.......paparazziiiiiiii

Time to cool… Continue

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Robert Pattinson, Escape From Paparazzi But Not From A Fan!!!

Julie from Québec writes to say that she was in NYC to try to see Robert Pattinson! Here are two pictures of her posing with Rob. Lucky girl :)

Thanks Julie!

on the other news:

Robert Pattinson took a much-needed break from the fan and media scrum that surrounds him earlier this week.

The actor reportedly managed to shake off his many loyal… Continue

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All The SINGLE Ladies Put Your Hands Up!! If U Agree w/ RPatz Music Career 2B Launch Very Soon!!!

Lots of the teen actresses are doing it- starting singing careers in conjuntion with acting. We see it a lot less from male actors, but now we're convinced. Robert Pattinson needs to start his singing career!

Just listen to Robert Pattinson singing "Stray Dog," and you know what i mean, i was floored. He has an amazing, mature voice. Though he is somewhat of a teen sensation in the acting world, we can see a lot of older,… Continue

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Just In Case You Missed This!!!

Before Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning joined forces on-set The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Runaways, they were in a short film together entitled Cutlass.

Sweet and nostalgic, this film showcases the story of Robin (portrayed in dualist eras by Stewart and Virginia Madsen) and her daughter Lacy as their most prized potential possessions come into arm's reach in parallel periods of time.

Filled with adorable and… Continue

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Scared of Edward Cullen???

Robert Pattinson said that he thinks fans will be "scared" of the film's sequel, New Moon as it gets deeper into the dark side of his character. Robert, 23, plays dreamy vampire Edward Cullen in the hit film series, and has made some revelations on "The Twilight Saga: New Moon".

Talking about the new flick, he said: "It's based on a mixtures of memories and nightmares and there are a lot of surreal elements. Bella has basically gone… Continue

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AS PREDICTED: Robert Pattinson Is Way Up There!!!

It seems like ages ago since Robert Pattinson was a name unknown to the mainstream world.

Ever since the release of 2008's Twilight, he's been more than a blip on the radar; he's been practically steering the course of the radar's coverage.

Through films like How To Be and The Bad Mother's Handbook, Pattinson has been able to prove the capacity of his range - and it is wide. His pre-Twilight pictures, in retrospect, go to… Continue

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The Lates On Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn

Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene revealead that Breaking Dawn will begin filming immediately after Eclipse.

If there was any thought that the current Twilight Saga filming schedule was clipping along at a furious Twilight pace, the news that Breaking Dawn has already slid into pre-production is now putting the stars of the Twilight Saga, which also includes Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Peter Facinelli, into a Twilight shooting… Continue

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Twilight Board GAmes

Looking for another way to bond with your Twilight lovin' tween or teen beyond Monopoly or Scrabble this summer? The Twilight Board game may be the perfect solution.

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