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Together we'll disscus html nd C ++ is that stolen by bella??? Bella caught on youtube with womnizer parody<</body>

Okay so there are rumers that bella is now taken her fam to the extream is it true FIND OUT NOW! If you go to youtube you can see that bella made a musc video called womanizer parody. She is in the act and now is working with p princess you can subscribe to her when you would like. But for now it is true or maybe is it bella?? well it is i knew she wanted more. One thing is just not enough for any body any more. So idf you go to youtube subscribe and maybe you can get bellas phone number maybe… Continue

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^-^~A story in thi dark is it TruE???<<<>>>


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~The dark and the light!~ What the diff between them?.....................

There are people that say they belong in the dark but do they? They say all they see is evil that is not ment for pppl'es eyes~ And when they are in light they say that some one is watching over them. But who? pple say that they see things and hear. But do they? The other day i was in the living room My tv turned on aT niGhT could it be the devil could it be god who knows for sure? So really day and night are they same expose that they fact that one has light and the other is dark? ^-^

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~~?!People Say they should walk on this EaRtH AlOne!?~~

People that hate there life and also they say life is justa game. But really they are srry. People SAy that earth is just a game and they are tired of playing. Is it possible that the saints that pple are saying r true for a fact? Anyways pple always will walk on this Earth alone. There is no such thing as a real friend... :( Or is there??>>><....................


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This site is cool KIndA ThiS SitE is way better although online life has a new chat room isterd btw. And you get gold and make an avitar. ErWiN the web master is very rude. He says he likes t rough and stuff like that. And he thinks he is cute??> ^_^ Well then Supossed that the fact I lked Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat site my charma will bite ppple right in the A**. Hehe I like that they have html codes here on this site Lol new feature u should so.

{img]Url here {/img] And a pic…

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~HaVe A hApPy EaStEr~

Hope you all have fun here on this site. I like it here I am proud to be a blogger lol. But ANyways Happy Easter. I hope you have a super fantastice and totally awsome day................

^-^ I hope you really enjoy it. Rawr :]

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